Versailles no Bara - 9: The Sun Sets, the Sun Rises

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:9: The Sun Sets, the Sun Rises
April 27, 1774: While Mme duBarry's ladies-in-waiting are marvelling at a priceless piece of jewelry the King has given her, word comes that the King has collapsed while hunting. The nation's best doctors are at a loss to explain the cause. DuBarry dreads the thought of losing the source of her wealth and influence. Finally an attendant notices telltale blotches on the King's face--he has come down with smallpox! Oscar is disgusted to overhear noblemen and women discussing whether they should continue flattering the critically ill King, or shift their attention to his successor, Louis-August. Mme duBarry sees Oscar, and asks her to patch things up between her and Marie Antoinette. DuBarry pleads with the King to hang on, but his Priest demands that if he expects salvation he must banish her from Versailles...
Another excellent episode. How the mighty have fallen! DuBarry confesses some of the things she has done, but feels no guilt, and intends to rise again.

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