Versailles no Bara - 8: Oscar In My Heart

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:8: Oscar In My Heart
Andre has a disturbing dream of an angry Oscar saying she never wants to see him again. Being nothing more than a Royal stablehand, he fears that her noble status and rising rank will carry the two of them farther and farther apart as time goes on. Marie, feeling like a prisoner in a gilded cage, wants to be allowed to do some horse riding, and the Crown Prince finally gives permission. But her horse bolts and Oscar narrowly saves her, being seriously injured while Marie is knocked unconscious. Hearing of the incident, the King is furious and Andre is blamed for the accident, even though he was dragged by the runaway horse and was nearly killed himself. Oscar is shocked to learn that Andre has been condemned to death!
A neat episode. The way Andre's friends take risks themselves to save him is both exciting and touching. Also, Fersen learns something very interesting about Oscar...

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