Versailles no Bara - 10: A Beautiful Fiend, Jeanne

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:10: A Beautiful Fiend, Jeanne
June 11, 1775 sees the extravagant coronation of Louis XVI at Reims cathedral. In contrast, poverty-stricken Rosalie is nearly run down by a carriage, in which she is shocked to recognize her missing sister Jeanne. She follows it to the mansion of the wealthy Brandvillier family. Later, after losing her job, Rosalie swallows her pride and goes to the mansion to ask Jeanne for help for their ill mother. But she is betrayed by her own sister and recieves a savage whipping from Nicholas de la Motte, Jeanne's lover. Walking home, she bumps into the drunken Count Mirabeau, who propositions her. She slaps him, but the thought that prostitution may be the only option left to her leads her to wave down a carriage and beg the passenger to "buy me for just one night!". The passenger is Oscar...
Though a bit overdone, with characters being stereotypical 100% evil or 100% good, I found this to be an intriguing episode which gets the job done of establishing a contemptible new villainess to replace Mme duBarry.

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