Versailles no Bara - 7: Who Wrote the Love Letter?

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:7: Who Wrote the Love Letter?
Engrossed in his hobbies of locksmithing and hunting, Crown Prince Louis-August has been virtually ignoring Marie Antoinette. He admits to Oscar that he doesn't know what to do concerning Marie, since she "acts according to her emotions" whereas he is shy and self-conscious. Tired of being confined to Versailles, Marie is delighted to learn of a masquerade ball to be held at the Paris opera house, and decides to go incognito without her husband's permission. Oscar learns of this escapade at the last moment, and has no choice but to go along as a bodyguard. At the opera house, Marie has a wonderful time, able to forget her status, and is intrigued by an extremely handsome man...

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