Versailles no Bara - 11: Fersen Departs for the Northland

Title:Versailles no Bara
Episode:11: Fersen Departs for the Northland
The coronation of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette results in an upsurge of optimism. Marie feels freed from her virtual imprisonment as a Crown Princess, and is delighted that she can carelessly assign important government positions simply by making reccomendations to the king. Oscar is promoted to Colonel and appointed Grand Commander of the Royal Guard, thanks to Marie's request. Like Count Mercy, however, Oscar is troubled by Marie's careless appointments and extravagant spending in an era of financial troubles for France. Marie ignores countless people who request audiences, but grants a special one to Count Fersen. Oscar goes to see Fersen, and advises him to leave the country. On the way home, she and Andre witness a chilling episode involving The Duke deGuemenee...
Oscar cannot help noticing the shameless corruption of the French nobility and the desperate poverty of the poor.

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