Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever

Title:Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever
Triangle Heart
とらいあんぐるハート -Sweet Songs Forever-
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Notables: ISHIMATSU Chiemi
SAIGA Mitsuki
TSUDA Shouko
Fiasse Crystera is the headmistress at the Crystera Song School in England. She and the school have been receiving threatening letters, some promising to kill Fiasse. As such, the school hires the McGaren Security Service Firm, run by Fiasse's childhood friend Elise McGaren, to help protect her. In addition, Fiasse wants two other friends of hers to help protect her -- Takamachi Miyuki and her brother Kyouya. Kyouya is an instructor at the Fuwa Mikami School in Japan and his sister is an expert swordswoman.
After training with their mother in Hong Kong (who's on an anti-terrorist force), they agree to go to England. Meanwhile at the Cafe Midoriya, run by another relative, some female members of the Fuwa Mikami School work and help as best they can. Meanwhile, Elise tries to get Fiasse to call off the scheduled concert tour for fear of her safety, but Fiasse will have none of it. Her peace-inducing music must be sung no matter what.
Who is behind the death threats? Will Fiasse and her female music students be able to tour unharmed? Will the girls at Fuwa Mikami School all be able to get along? Will Elise be able to get over the past and work with her childhood friends?

[OVA, 2003, 4 episodes, 28 min; based off a video game of the same name]
[edit] The ↗Nanoha franchise:

Main story of the game: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha spinoff:
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Iren, Feng, Tsuk, Phyl, Fias, Tou, Elli, Miyu, 99
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Watch 8 8 7 8 6 7 Xenoknight [series:628#2967]
This OVA was good but nothing super special can come to mind to mention except the excellent animation and regular amount ot blood. The fighting scenes were the only real reason to watch this title (for those who didn't play the game) and the sound quality and music were exemplary considering the foundation of the story is about a head singer in a song school. LOL..

Some issues were the fact that the OVA would "extend" every detail! The kind of things like characters sitting down to have a chat over some tea and the story wouldn't progress until all the tea was finished! There were several scenes with this overall idea of not progressing until something miniscule was completed.

I was half-asleep through ep 3 until I heard the screams and gunfire action start to kick in. I thought to myself, "shouldn’t Kyouya and Miyuki's fights be switched", as she is fighting a top level killer while Kyouya was only dealing with a handful of peons! Besides that, watching Kyouya move at lightening-like speed was the big thing for me as he would kill with little to no expression on his face. He was truly a "G" and wasn't someone to mess with unless you didn't value your life that is.

Good stuff with a solid emphasis on fighting and violence.

Some other titles that might feed your appetite for violence in the OVA universe - Phantom the Animation or Strait Jacket.

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, October 27 2008. Created Saturday, October 25 2008.
Rent 8 8 7 7 8 9 Devil Doll [series:628#752]
[Score: 76%]
  • Drama: Med (this is a thriller after all)
  • Comedy: None (this is a thriller after all)
  • Action: High (full of high-speed battle action, mostly with swords)
  • SciFi: None (plain old earth, normal people)
  • Ecchi: None (kawaii girls, but still... none)
I am not a fan of action and fighting. But only four episodes, and the chance to see the super-kawaii Hanaukyo Maid Tai drawing style (with all types of neon hair colors - really!) applied to some older characters this time, made me give this one a try.
  • Episode 1 sets up the stage and presents a lot of characters - too many for my taste (I watched this episode twice in a row to remember at least most of them), so there could not be enough time to make use of them all (same problem as with Dragon Knight 4 - and both are based on H games! But you will find nothing about that in this OVA, really). Still, we learn a lot about Fiasse's friends here, and how far the opponents are willing to go. And it is not quite clear how well the 'joint forces' (Miyuki, Kyouya and Alice/Erisu - that not-so-Japanese woman being the most interesting character of the show; like AstroNerdBoy I had problems to like the other leads) will cooperate to stop them.
  • Episode 2 is creating some additional problems, as the scenario would not be really interesting if everything went too well. But it provides a good progress of the story without too much butchering (you can't really name this a "fight").
  • Episode 3 is dedicated to the first concert of the tour in Japan. It would spoil the story to say more - but yes, "thriller" is the correct category.
  • Episode 4 of course answers a lot of questions (more than the average anime ending does); and some (but not all) of them are really nice. You don't learn who the opponent was but what he was after, and that's enough in this case.
Even the fighting scenes were okay, except for too much hype (in the midst of a battle you get three lines of subtitles with the name of the next move a fighter is about to make in slow-motion, bah!). But what can you expect when the opponent's motto is "Let's see which one of us can kill more skillfully"? So prepare for barrels of tomato sauce being spilt all over the place... this one really isn't for the younger audience.

All in all, it's not really bad. It is just too short to be really interesting, to provide enough character development, and to make me think. Given these restrictions, some of the open questions didn't allow for interesting answers, they had to take simple and predictable ones (I'm okay with not exploring the villain more - we do learn the two most impotant details about him, and we learn about the "childhood relation" at the very end of episode 4). And only a single category made me rate "very good" (9 points). So I don't really adore it. But still - watch it if this is your genre; I have seen much worse 'butchering animes', such as Spriggan or Kite). I rewatched this series in the meantime and upgraded the score to a low "Rent" now.
At least that "Miyuki fansub" is excellent, explaining lots of cultural details and background story parts that would otherwise 'overrun' the viewer (like the complex family relations between the leads), some of which seems to originate from the computer game.

Last updated Tuesday, September 26 2006. Created Thursday, February 05 2004.
Unevaluated Arima Souichiro [series:628#1098]
Triangle Heart 03v2 has just been released on Monday, December 08, 2003 by miyuki-fansubs.

Last updated Friday, December 12 2003. Created Friday, December 12 2003.
Unevaluated 10 10 10 9 9 BarrenSoul [series:628#859]
so far the only way to get this is BT for subtiles(use google and search for miyuki-fansubs).
So far so good! it looks like it could really be something. Agust 22, 2003
episode 2 on it's way! sept 5
sept 6.
episode 2 has a nice fight scene :-D but other than that it's about kyouya and erisu (i think) interacting (no comedy in this one)
it's not dead! episode 3 is downloading now!
Jan.21 04
Bad news! this ova is ONLY 4 episodes!!!! even though i havn't watched the 4th one completly it said final >_< SOB this should have continued

Last updated Wednesday, January 21 2004. Created Monday, August 18 2003.
Watch 8 7 8 7 6 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:628#436]

The setup episode made this seem like a mystery-thriller anime title with some traditional kick-butt Japanese swordfighting from the brother and sister duo of Miyuki and Kyouya. OK, maybe this was accurate, but it was so poorly done that it just barely kept me watching.

Since this is based off of the "H" game of the same title, all of the cute girls you could "put it in" with are included, though most are only in cameo roles (if I read things correctly, there were 12 girls in the game). So there is some wasted time giving all of these girls screen time. As to the story, the first episode did some nice setup work, but then went nowhere with it. It would have been nice to see how all of the four main characters met as kids and what all they did as kids. We get some glimpses of this, but that's all. So there's nothing to help us see how close they'd all been other than their saying, "we were childhood friends". Then there is the tie with the villian which really isn't explored either. We are given the facts and that's about it. Quite frankly, I ended up being bored by the whole thing. Copious amounts of blood aren't going to change my mind, nor are the fancy sword techniques used. The sword stuff can be cool, but because I ultimately didn't connect with any of the characters, I didn't care about how they fought.

For an OAV, this had some surprisingly weak animation. There were lots of pan-and-scan shots as well as shots were there was minimal movement. This is even more surprising since there were at least three "H" games in the series, a radio drama, several music CD's, dakimakura (a special body pillow), and more. So it seems the franchise was somewhat successful.

Bottom line: had the characters been better developed, the mystery better done, and the story as a whole better potted, I would have enjoyed this. As it is, it isn't anything special.

Last updated Monday, March 01 2004. Created Monday, August 18 2003.

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