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Chiyoko Millenial Actress Buy See Sennen Joyu
Millennium Actress Buy See Sennen Joyu

Sennen Joyu
Buy Fujiwara Chiyoko was once a major movie star who dominated the Japanese cinema world. Thirty years ago, she abruptly disappeared from the screen and from public view. One of her greatest admirers, Tachibana Genya, a documentary filmmaker, has traveled to the isolated mountain lodge where she makes her home to interview her. He presents her with an old key that once meant everything to her, and as if that key had opened a door to her memories Chiyoko starts telling the story of her life, interweaving moments from her past and future and passing through the boundary between reality and the movies that had made up so much of her life, guiding the audience through a millennium of Japanese history.
Triangle Heart Watch See Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever

Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever
Watch Fiasse Crystera is the headmistress at the Crystera Song School in England. She and the school have been receiving threatening letters, some promising to kill Fiasse. As such, the school hires the McGaren Security Service Firm, run by Fiasse's childhood friend Elise McGaren, to help protect her. In addition, Fiasse wants two other friends of hers to help protect her -- Takamachi Miyuki and her brother Kyouya. Kyouya is an instructor at the Fuwa Mikami School in Japan and his sister is an expert swordswoman.
とらいあんぐるハート -Sweet Songs Forever- Watch See Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever
千年女優 (Japanese) Buy See Sennen Joyu

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