Dragon Knight 4

Title:Dragon Knight 4
Dragon Knight 4-ever
Dragon Knight: Wheel of Time
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R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
Years have passed since the army of Humans was defeated by the troops of Lushifon, the dark ruler from hell. In a jail, Knight Kakeru, the only survivor, is waiting for the end of time, longing for his beloved Natasha who fell into an abyss and he wasn't able to save her ... and then, finally, a beautiful elven woman named Marlene sets him free and gives him a black stone of magic power that allows him to go back in time (under his new name Eto, as he will meet his former self) to change the course of events - and especially to try to convince that same Marlene that what she did back then was wrong... that's where the story starts from!

[OVA, 1999, 4 episodes, 30 min, based on some computer RPG; see also: Dragon Knight]
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  • Drama: Med
  • Comedy: Low
  • Action: Med/High
  • SciFi: Med
  • Ecchi: Softcore
Let's start with the downsides of this four episodes OVA from 1998/1999.
Firstly, each of these four episodes contains one hentai scene. Totally unnecessary if you ask me, doesn't add a bit to the story; at least the scenes are not too explicit and disturbing - and while some of the adventurers are very young kids (with sword and sorcery powers nonetheless!), these H scenes only 'feature' an adult Eto with four different, not too young women. Yet these scenes will make the series hard to endure for a younger audience (this show was rated "ages 16 and up" in Germany) that might have loved Lodoss Tou Senki (OAV), Tenkuu no Escaflowne, X (Movie) or Tenshi Kinryouku and could well have enjoyed this show as well. It's a pity.
The violence level isn't much different from the one of Lodoss Wars... fighting isn't what this story is really about.
Then, the story has too many 'named' characters for the short time of 120 minutes. So many of them won't be developed in any depth (oops, pun not intended ;-), and the story development has to be what drives this mini series forward.

But then, the story development is really fascinating, and I think they performed quite well here under the given restrictions. Both Eto and Marlene turn out to be interesting characters, and Kakeru and Natasha have to sort out their (yet immature) relation... I have to take care not to write spoilers here, but all is not what it seems.
Without these H scenes I would have recommended this one to at least "rent" for epic fans who like an interesting story development... maybe some of the readers can turn a blind eye on these scenes and then enjoy the show? For that's what I did, actually - and more so than with the Angel Sanctuary or X movies! Not bad for a show in free TV after midnight...

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