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Dragon Knight
Watch Upon entering a deserted town, swordsman Takeru is caught for stealing food. Upon viewing him, a young woman named Luna believes him to be the destined man to save the area. With Luna in tow, Takeru heads to a demon-filled castle to recover six jewels and the captured female warriors.

Dragon Knight 4
Watch Years have passed since the army of Humans was defeated by the troops of Lushifon, the dark ruler from hell. In a jail, Knight Kakeru, the only survivor, is waiting for the end of time, longing for his beloved Natasha who fell into an abyss and he wasn't able to save her ... and then, finally, a beautiful elven woman named Marlene sets him free and gives him a black stone of magic power that allows him to go back in time (under his new name Eto, as he will meet his former self) to change the course of events - and especially to try to convince that same Marlene that what she did back then was wrong... that's where the story starts from!
Dragon Knight 4-ever Watch See Dragon Knight 4
Dragon Knight: Wheel of Time Watch See Dragon Knight 4
ドラゴンナイト Watch See Dragon Knight
ドラゴンナイト4 Watch See Dragon Knight 4

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