Dragon Knight

Title:Dragon Knight
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Upon entering a deserted town, swordsman Takeru is caught for stealing food. Upon viewing him, a young woman named Luna believes him to be the destined man to save the area. With Luna in tow, Takeru heads to a demon-filled castle to recover six jewels and the captured female warriors.

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One OVA episode (~30min)

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Watch 8 7 8 6 0 0 KBanger1 [series:53#1694]
In a land where evil exists, a hero will emerge. In comes Kakeru, the legendary swordsman who has come to save the day. If saving the day means taking lewd photos of half naked women and getting their measurements (amongst other things) then I would believe Kakeru would be the ideal choice. In any case, this OVA doesn't really have much to offer. I did own the vhs copy of DK but sold a few months ago in a garage sale. I'm basing my review on that tape since I never had a chance to see it on DVD. The art would have you fooled to think that this would be a great anime from the start, but when it came down to the dubbing, the whole thing went south for the duration of the movie. Quite frankly, this was probably one of the worst short animes I have seen. I did enjoy Doug Smith playing Kakeru with his over the top voice. It fits so well with Kakeru because the guy is nothing more than a pervert. Plus, this was the first time I heard Smith in anime which got me viewing other anime with his name in it. It makes the anime a whole lot funnier when he really gets into the character. He was the reason I kept on going with the anime and why I didn't lower the rating to avoid. Ecchi lovers may or may not enjoy this since it's a very short anime. Regular anime buffs may not enjoy it at all. I did enjoy enough to watch the sequel (which is far superior than it's predecesor). I'm just disappointed with an anime where it looks good yet lacks on length and story. This is one of the most rare cases where I watch something that looks really good but ends up disliking all of it. If you have seen the sequel to this anime, I suggest you watch this OVA to get some of it cleared up.

Last updated Sunday, September 17 2006. Created Sunday, September 17 2006.
Rent 5 6 5 3 4 Dingle [series:53#35]
If found this show quite funny. It is a very soft core hentai. Their are some great one liners and the characters are humorous. If you are looking for a good funny show that is not very graphic, this is a good show to get.

Last updated Thursday, July 27 2000. Created Thursday, July 27 2000.

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