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Title:Phantom the Animation
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Reiji's life is changed forever when he chances to witness an assassination. Rather than getting killed as well, he's drugged and kidnapped. The organization who perpetrated the murder erases his memory and gives him a choice - work for them, or die. Reiji chooses to live under his new name Zwei and is trained to be a highly skilled killer. Another assassin named Ein, a girl whose code name is Phantom, is assigned to work with Reiji and the two form a bond amid the bloodiness of multiple assignments. Over time, their constant teamwork changes their relationship and they become closer. They may have no past, but could they dare to hope in sharing a future?

[OVA, 2004, 3 episodes, 28 min; Animation by KSS, R1 Licensed Media Blasters]

Also see TV adaptation - Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

The names "Ein", "Zwei" and "Drei" for the leads are German words for "one", "two" and "three", indicating they are considered mere numbers, not individuals. The six "Zählen Schwestern" girls are named German for "Counting Sisters", following the same idea; their individual names are the German words for the numbers 4 through 9.

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1:50min OVA Opening - YouTube Video
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Watch 7 6 6 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1932#1552]
(Watch-/ Avoid+)

Looks like this take on Phantom covered the events of what would be considered the first half to the 2009 TV series take, only with settings and events changed plus the pacing being rushed. Ein seemed more likeable than she was in the 2009 remake with what was seen of her in the second OAV of this series. Yet with the OAVs being rushed as they are, the series doesn't establish any kind of mood or offer enough to connect with the characters. Not to mention I get the impression this series was made on a low budget considering the still frames, rough character designs and lack of fluid movement in action scenes. While I did ditch the 2009 take on this series due to its shallow characterization, the series at least setup its dark mood with better-looking character designs and fluid animation to boot. If you really are craving an anime adaptation of this series to check out, then stick with the 2009 adaptation instead of this rushed job.

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Watch Jan-Chan [series:1932#967]
Originally created as an advertisement for the visual novel game Phantom of Inferno (wiki), this 3 episode OVA was R1 Licensed by Media Blasters and sold as a stand alone OVA DVD, as well as being included in the computer game.

The visual novel is described as being rich with detail and history, whereas the OVA comes across as being flat and stale. Don't expect much in the way of answers as the series is clearly formulaic and devoid of any creativity or surprises. Its intent is to introduce the main characters and offer a faint flavor of the game (which it does - just barely).

Episode 1 - The brain-wiped Reiji is trained in the arts of combat, gun play and assassination under the guidance of Ein, his emotionless and deadly senior female trainer.

Episode 2 - Now paired up with EIN, Reiji (now known as Zwei) must prove himself by completing a number of high profile hits. During this time, the two seem to get closer and begin to share something that resembles a friendship.

Episode 3 - The organization comes to doubt the loyalty of Master Scythe, the scientist who chemically wiped Reiji's memory and has been running the assassin program. Scythe has disappeared with EIN and the organization approaches ZWEI to enlist his services to help kill them both. While they offer him a disk with his history or memory, ZWEI has hopes of appealing to EIN and somehow save her from what he sees as being an impossible situation.

While this series is not an AVOID, it barely ranks a Watch. It is not really worth going out of your way to watch unless it has some special appeal.

One reviewer attempted to compare this series to Gunslinger Girl and Interlude, but I think that would be an insult to two noteworthy series. IMHO it is like trying to compare the synthetic Velveta cheese product with a nice French Brie.

Duty done ... a review has been posted .... I am not very inspired ....

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