Strait Jacket

Title:Strait Jacket
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Notables: Animation - FEEL
R1 License - Manga Entertainment
In a world where magic and technology coexist, both sciences are used in the fields of medicine, warfare and research, but with differing results. Overuse of magic is forbidden as it causes mutations which transform the user into violent, uncontrollable and unstoppable monsters. Rayot(to) Steinberg is a lone wolf ‘tactical sorcerer’ dedicated to destroying these demons. Armoured and plated in his metal "mold", a strait jacket designed to keep him human, he walks a fine line between magic and madness as a rogue monster killer.

Based on the novel by Sakaki Ichirou.

Three OVA episodes.
Animation by FEEL.
R1 License by Manga Entertainment.

1:42min Promo/Trailer - YouTube Video
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Watch 9 8 8 6 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1753#1552]
The premise to Strait Jacket seemed like a fun one in the form of an alternate 1899 where sorcery was incorporated into everyday living. A shame though that three OAV episodes are not enough at exploring the expansive world of this series such as how magic is incorporated for other areas of society, the radical division that created havoc throughout the series and what led to the discovery of sorcery and its successful integration into everyday use. This issue also extends onto the characters of this series as while there are attempts at fleshing out prominent characters Leiot and Issac, not understanding the full backgrounds of said characters makes it hard to connect with them. This is especially prominent with Leiot as the OAVs make enough mention of him as being a man living to atone for his past sins. Yet with his character seemingly behaving like your run-of-the-mill gung-ho badass and not having much else in personality, it's hard to really even connect with the guy.

Much of Strait Jacket's focus is put on the grotesque transformations of people into monsters, their gory slaughter of any nearby victims and their eventual demise by Leiot. This is quite likely the OAV's attempt at trying to cover up its shortcomings in the attempted fleshing out of plot and characters. While sporting slick enough visuals where they appear like a TV anime with above-average animation quality, this distraction doesn't do enough to keep me from picking through Strait Jacket's shortcomings. It's worth a rental for a quick watch if you crave action and mindless gore. But beyond that, it isn't worth buying nor watching more than once.

Last updated Thursday, May 26 2011. Created Thursday, May 26 2011.
Rent 8 8 9 0 8 0 KBanger1 [series:1753#1694]
I've seen the whole thing from top to bottom and I believe it is a worthwhile rent. It's supposed to be about a guy named Steinberg who is considered to be a "tactical sorcerist" (No, that is not a misspelling, sorcerist is what he is called.) Well, I can't really go into detail because then I will spoil the entire story. If you're into fantasy mixed with a little sci-fi and a lot of gunplay, then check it out.

Storywise, it's not about just Steinberg but to another guy like him. Isaac, another sorcerist shares a particular past. One does his job to become a hero. The other does it because he's trying to atone for his past sins (almost like Vash The Stampede in Trigun). Although, the plot leans more towards Steinberg, it crosses with Issac and makes things a bit more interesting. I do like the non-chalant attitude of Steinberg which reminds me of Spike from Cowboy Bebop. In fact, the english voice actor Steven Blum does the voice for Steinberg so there's a bit of knowledge for you dub fans. The technology used in the story is infused with magic so it's like watching Tekkaman Blade with a bit of incantations. That I find to be the catch with the anime. It's not uncommon to mix fantasy and sci-fi but in this anime the mix tends to be more focused with the sci-fi aspect.

Overall, it not a bad anime to say the least. Certainly a rent for those who like this mix in genre although it goes well anyhow. The only thing it lacks is a better story length. I think this could easily be a series if wasn't so short. It felt a bit rushed and there was barely any background for the characters. It's a good effort with that little drawback but still worth renting.

Last updated Monday, March 02 2009. Created Monday, March 02 2009.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1753#967]
After seeing the first episode, my only comment would be, this is a very violent-n-bloody steampunk story!!

This appears to be a clone of Devil May Cry, but then again DMC is a clone of .....

Last updated Wednesday, January 09 2008. Created Tuesday, January 08 2008.

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