Dragon Ball: The Path To Power

Title:Dragon Ball: The Path To Power
Dragon Ball: The Way To Become The Strongest
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This is the famous 10th Anniversary movie that was released in 1996. Done in GT-style animation, the movie re-told Goku's meeting with his original friends (Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha, Kame-Sen'nin, etc.) and his battle against the Red Ribbon Army.
74 minute movie.
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Watch 8 7 8 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:726#1552]
Made in mind to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Dragon Ball, Path to Power mixes together events from the early episodes of the series and the Red Ribbon Army saga to create this 80-minute compilated and rushed film where Goku and pals try to find all seven Dragon Balls. This film suffers from the same problemsas the first and third movies in the fact that the compressed take on events from the TV anime kills any natural flow of events and any buildup or humor that can be felt from character gags and events from the series. Only notable kudos I can give this movie is its better quality animation where the drawing style is similar to what was employed for Dragon Ball Grand Tour with more vivid color and smoother detail. This is probably worth a single watch if you're a Dragon Ball fan, but you aren't missing out on much here.

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Watch 8 7 9 6 7 6 Jer Alford [series:726#614]
This was the final animated film of Dragonball(so far!), and was really a remake to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the anime. Taking place in what could be considered a parallel universe from the regular Dragonball anime, Path To Power retells how Goku first met up with Bulma, Yamcha, Roshi, and the others. This is kind of an extended edition of the very first Dragonball movie, Curse Of The Blood Rubies, except in this version the enemy they have to fight is the Red Ribbon Army, which was one of the main bad guy groups from the original Dragonball series. A pink-haired teen Bulma meets Goku in the mountains and gets him to come along with her to search for the Dragonballs, of which Goku already had one. They meet the shapechanging pig Oolong, and then his old schoolmate Puar the cat and his master, the desert bandit Yamcha. Bulma, Goku, and Oolong are forced to confront the Red Ribbon Army to get the other Dragonballs. In doing so, Goku befriends the Frankenstein-looking Android #8 who Goku calls Eighter. They then meet Master Roshi after rescuing a turtle friend of his. He gives Goku the Flying Nimbus cloud, and Bulma the next-to-last Dragonball(after she gives him a peek at her panties, of which she didn't know she wasn't wearing!). The Red Ribbon Army attacks again and captures everyone except Goku. He storms to their secret base and trashes the place. The head of the Red Ribbon dies at the hands of his subbordinate after it was learned that he wasn't going to use the Dragonballs to rule the world but to become taller. His subbordinate then takes off in a giant mecha and proceeds to give Goku the fight of his life. Path To Power was a decent film, and kind of a good starting point for people who never really got into the first Dragonball anime. The character designs are much more graphic in this one making them seem alot less chubbier than the did back in the mid-80s. This movie isn't exactly a neccessary addition to most Dragonball movie collections, but at least worth looking in to.

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