Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

Title:Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
End of Eva
End of Evangelion
Evangelion, The End of
新世紀エヴァンゲリオン劇場版 THE END OF EVANGELION
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Notables: ANNO Hideaki
Animation - Gainax
KOYASU Takehito
OGATA Megumi
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
R1 License - GKIDS
SADAMOTO Yoshiyuki
TACHIKI Fumihiko
TATSUKI Fumihiko
An alternative ending to the TV series, replacing the episodes 25 and 26 by a movie which now answers many of the questions left open in the series: Now that the last angel has been defeated, what will happen next as NERV has lost its purpose but still has control over two EVAs powerful enough to destroy the world as we know it? Will SEELE allow Ikari Gendou to stay in control? And what was all this story all about?
[Movie, 1997, 86 min]
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:71#628]
I watched this over a year ago, and was left with the feeling that somebody at Gainax was saying to all the people dissatisfied with the ending of the TV series "Okay, we'll give you one more sensible episode, but only if you also watch another bizarre conclusion in exchange!"

Last updated Monday, March 24 2008. Created Monday, March 24 2008.
Buy 8 9 9 10 Big Fire [series:71#2441]
So i watched this again for the 1000x time last much as i hated the second part...some huge main character...WTF?!?! i really liked the first part...I mean what is not to like...less mind jobbing, more fighting...but just like Evangelion the TV are like HUH? what? and if you want to understand or come up with a conclusion...suite yourself...i would rather touch upon what i liked...fighting and lots of it...where the TV series ending made you fall asleep faster than sleeping pills, this can keep you on the edge of your seat...unfortunately somewhere in the middle...they ran out of creative juices and gave us another HUH? ending...oh well at least you got to see some fighting...btw, the beginning was a big HUH? for me as i didn't care to see a whole bunch of japanese people(not anime) walking around...That said, this is still my prefered ending to the choices i have been given and i am still a HUGE Evangelion fan.

Last updated Monday, March 24 2008. Created Monday, March 24 2008.
Watch 9 9 8 7 5 Ggultra2764 [series:71#1552]
End of Evangelion is a movie sequel to the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV anime, meant to serve as the true continuation of the plot depicted from episodes 25 and 26 of the TV anime due to negative fan outcry to the original TV versions of the mentioned episodes. With the Angels defeated, SEELE launches an all-out attack on NERV headquarters to seize control of it and seek the resources they need to trigger Third Impact. Meanwhile, Shinji is in a regressive mental state due to prior events of the TV anime and Misato must track him down to both save his life from the intruding military forces and have him pilot Eva Unit-01 again to prevent SEELE from fulfilling their plans with Third Impact.

Much like the TV anime before it, End of Evangelion is yet another controversial part of the anime medium since there is division over how fans interpret the events of the ending and what preference they have for its ending between the original TV series ending or End of Eva. Some also see it as Hideaki Anno giving a middle finger to the fans in response to the negative backlash and death threats that he and Gainax received in response to the TV anime’s ending. I suppose in regards to preference, I would prefer the ending provided with End of Eva given that it actually continues the plot of the series unlike what the TV anime provided in its final two episodes, though that’s not saying much as Anno’s story direction still makes things a much bigger mess with the film’s plotting due to his continued insistence at pushing his existentialist beliefs with the film.

Outside of a certain infamous scene between Shinji and Asuka that I’m not gonna dabble into, the first half of the film offers a mostly solid and engaging spectacle as NERV tries to fend off against UN military forces, manipulated by SEELE, attacking their base. The battle is depicted as an uphill struggle for NERV throughout as they lack the resources to adequately fend off the large-scale military invasion launched by SEELE. In addition, Misato finds herself having to knock sense into Shinji’s inactive mental state when all hell is breaking loose on NERV and Asuka has her moment to shine in fending off UN military forces and the mass-produced Evangelions when she realizes the true nature of her Eva unit.

However when the second half commences, everything with End of Evangelion’s quality goes down the toilet. Anno resumes his insistence on exploring his philosophy with much of the second half focused on Shinji’s angsting and self-loathing in a rather incoherent visual spectacle, the boy being a pathetic mess throughout much of the movie and still coming to the same flawed solution to his problems that Anno pushed from the ending of the TV series. The actions that result with this also lead to making Shinji much worst of a character compared to the TV anime’s resolution, though the visual sight of what transpires is probably one of the few highlights to seeing End of Eva’s second half.

Visually, End of Evangelion is easily a considerable improvement over the TV anime. There is more consistent animation quality with the designs of characters, mechs, and settings; and there is noticeably more fluid movement shown onscreen as well, the visual highlight being Asuka’s battle with the UN military and mass-produced Evas during the later part of End of Eva’s first half.

Overall, End of Eva’s positives only come from the spectacle that comes from seeing the conflict between NERV and SEELE escalate to the point when things eventually get catastrophic with everything in the film. The first half of the film is engaging to see, but things quickly go downhill by the second half due to Anno continuing to force his beliefs into the film and coming to the same messy conclusion that resulted within the first series. For those saying that the film is a middle finger to Eva fans complaining of the TV anime’s ending, I guess I would be in the camp that think this way with End of Eva.

Last updated Tuesday, July 16 2019. Created Tuesday, February 26 2008.
Buy 9 9 8 9 10 10 Anonymous #2111 [series:71#2111]
Neon Genesis Evangelion:The End Of Evangelion can be described as an alternate ending to the original NGE series. Due to bad fan review (and also that Gainax and Mr.Anno recieved numerous death thearts;some of them can be seen after white flashes near the middle of the movie)Gainax and the director Hideki Anno launched a project to create a proper ending to the series. The movie is divided up into two parts each is an alternate episode to the orginal series last two episodes. The first part Episode 25 "Air" is roughly the same thing shown in Death & Rebirth. The second part Episode 26 "My Purest Heart For You" is more or less the apocaliptic completion of the series and is given a conteravesial ending. For those who may be a little lost on where the story stands it begins right after the events of episode 24. SEELE is attacking NERV for the control of EVA-UNIT 01. Due to the fact that the Spear Of Longinus was launched into the moons orbit by EVA-UNIT 00 during an Angel attack SEELE has decided that EVA-UNIT 01 will be the key that will initiate Third Impact. Asuka has recovered from her coma after realizing her mothers soul has been with her inside her EVA UNIT the whole time. However Shinji is still in a state of shock and after a rather touching scene between him and Misato he runs back to pilot EVA 01 and stop SEELE and the JSSDF. It is after this point that most of keep scrathing your heads thinking "What the hell is going on here"and some of you should. End of Evangelion's ending is not the easiest thing to get but with a little thinking and help you can make some sense of whats gong on. In truth END OF EVA bhows the apocaliptic completion of the Human Instrumentality Project and the end of human exsistance as we know it. In "My Purest Heart For You" Rei merges with the second angel Lilith and becomes one with her thus Instrumenality occurs when all the human souls are brough together and there bodies turned to LCL. At the end it is clear that Shinji rejects Instumentalty and frees himself from the collected human exsistance, Asuka fowllows later as she recits the last line in the movie "How Disgusting" which could mean the fowlness of the Instrumentality Project. In acuality the ending is left for interperation for the fans and gives then a simialr yet more satisfing ending then that of the original series. All in all End Of Evangelion is really a supperb movie with a host of philosiphacial terms and story it is as quated "The anime event of a lifetime."

Overall Rating:Spectacular

Last updated Monday, November 07 2005. Created Monday, November 07 2005.
Buy 8 10 7 10 9 Devil Doll [series:71#752]
[Score: 86%]
  • Drama: High (time to pay your bills)
  • Comedy: None (it's not funny when the world is about to end)
  • Action: High (watch Asuka & EVA-02 battle the series models!)
  • SciFi: High (and even surreal, being the climax of the series)
  • Ecchi: Low/Med (well, there's this one scene...)
Tsurumaki Kazuya, the director of the first half of this movie, said in an interview: "Evangelion is a story about communication. There's lots of scenes where two people try to communicate and it doesn't really work. Evangelion is a message aimed at anime fans; it's useless for non-anime fans to watch it. If a person who can already live and communicate normally watches it, they won't learn anything."

Shin Seiki Evangelion provided a number of different layers of the story; in a way this is what probably caused its success, as it allowed the audience to tackle the story form their individual perspective and focus on whatever they believed to be relevant.
For Anno Hideaki, the relevant story layer apparently was the development of the pilot characters, as this is what is completed in the TV series episodes 25 and 26 that caused so much tumult amongst the fans. And while I somehow understand what he tried to do with the TV ending, I still wanted answers. Lots of answers. This series posed too many questions for being a 'mere' character drama; so please pay your bills now, Anno-sensei.

The layer that clearly was not completed in the TV series is the SEELE/NERV story: What's with the Dead Sea Scrolls, what was SEELE's original plan, why and how did Gendou betray them, what's behind the 2nd and 3rd impact, what happened to Yui back then, and what's going to happen now after the last angel has been defeated?
This is what "The End of Evangelion" is about; if you consider this the relevant layer of the story, then watch this movie at any cost. But be sure to watch the director's cut versions of episodes 21'-24' before (the ones that contain all the additional material from the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth movie, those flashbacks to the 2nd impact and the explanation who created Rei). This way you'll get a consistent alternative version to the one that the TV series already provides. And for me, this is the Evangelion version that ranks amongst my top 3 all time anime series.
From this perspective, End of Evangelion isn't really an "anime movie", i. e. telling its own self-contained story (compared to the RahXephon - Tagen Hensoukyoku, for example - or maybe even Death & Rebirth, regardless of how confusing this might be for the audience). It is more like an 4 episodes OVA sequel (two parts of twice the series episodes length each) to the series, not unlike what Love Hina Again is for the Love Hina series (if you forgive me the comparison), and thus officially named episodes 25' and 26'. (In fact episode 25' is based on the script originally written to be used instead of episode 25.) Thus I don't recommend anyone to watch EOE without knowing the TV series.

Having said that, what about the movie itself?
The two parts, "Air" (episode 25') and "Magokoro wo, kimi ni" / "Sincerely Yours" (episode 26') are quite different. "Air" is what the fans probably expected, an action story answering many open questions. "Sincerely Yours" is much closer to the original episodes 25 and 26, an artsy, philosophic movie that reminded me of Tenshi no Tamago as well as of the legendary movie "Koyaanisqatsi".
I'm not an expert about art & animation, but Evangelion did set a benchmark for both, and the use of CG in this movie is outstanding at times. Observing Asuka in action is quite an experience, for example. I didn't particularly like some of the pure artsy elements of EOE (such as the real-movie scenes and the annoyingly long credits sequence before at the start), so let that be a downgrade for art (actually more presentation).
Music and sound (providing a mixture of awesome classical material from Bach & Pachelbel, wild jazzy sound patterns and pompous battle tunes) are brilliantly supporting the mood of the different scenes, even though a lot of it is not really my taste. As for the characters, they're acting in line with what we know about them, but given the events of this movie there's not that much time to focus on dialogues as the series can afford (with the exception of Misato's speech half-way through the show), so this must be the weak element of the movie for me. Even during the second part than contains almost no more action there's not much new information we get about any of the characters.
Note that none of the occasional funny elements of the series are present in this continuation; there's more blood & gore than in the series, more action (but performed excellently) and one ecchi scene that I could well have done without - well, that's the typical disease of OVAs resp. movies, targetted at a more adult audience... sigh. The production company of this movie made Koukaku Kidoutai as well, and it shows at times.

The ultimate question is: Can EOE deliver what the fans expected? Well, sort of, IMHO. I for one needed this ending, although I didn't like certain parts of it. In the end you'll basically understand what happened and who wanted which course of events, and that has to be it, I guess; some things will remain a mystery (such as how much Rei knew about the whole plan, who shot Kaji or who's the soul inside of EVA-00).
The Red Cross Book (see link below, provided as theatrical program booklet and thus considered canon information) contains a number of explanations for an audience not familiar with the sources Anno used in this story; that's one more reason why I'd say you cannot just watch Evangelion, you have to excavate it. (Same goes for the certain sequences during part 2 of the movie that you have to watch with single step display, just like Asuka's mental rape in TV episode 22 with all those handwritten German text displays.) Consequently, my rating for story covers the whole package of EOE, including the Red Cross Book, and with this I'm giving a near top rating here.

Last updated Friday, March 14 2008. Created Wednesday, July 06 2005.
Buy 8 8 10 5 10 10 Rogue_Noir [series:71#850]
The heart-wrenching ending to the TV series Evangelion.. this ending raises more questions than answers them which gets you thinking and wanting to rewatch the series.. I personally like endings of this type compared to those with closure (e.g. "they live happily ever after or some variation.)
You should definitely watch only after you've seen the series; otherwise it won't make much sense and you'll be exposed to major spoilers.

Last updated Sunday, September 14 2003. Created Sunday, September 14 2003.
Rent 9 9 8 7 6 5 ceas [series:71#890] can i started but....what the... Well let my guess u want to watch this movie 2 see how eva would end... well lets just say don't get ur hopes up.
im telling u at the in the of this u would want 2 say "what happens next". this ending not as worse as the first one but it won't help u out.....u'll be not sure what 2 do or wat 2 think i'll just leave it up 2 u when u see it....and o yeah if u like blood and lots of it watch this and if u have a weak stomach trust me don't watch it

Last updated Monday, August 04 2003. Created Monday, August 04 2003.
Watch 9 9 5 8 6 Marcus [series:71#679]
In short, not as good as the series ending. Much more violent and intense than the series, with heavier religious and psychological overtones, End of Eva is a self-consciously 'artistic' movie. Some of it works, but some of it doesn't, and at the end you're left more confused than you were at the beginning.
Whilst an interesting movie in its own right, the major problem is that it doesn't FEEL like Evangelion. Many objects and events in this movie either do not make sense in the context of the series, or were never mentiond in the series at all. Rather than unravelling mysteries from the series, End of Eva is more concerned with posing questions of its own. The characterisation is also significantly changed from the series, and this is the biggest disappointment. Severe liberties have been taken with most of the characters(for no apparent reason) and you may be horrified at how your personal favourite is portrayed, and how they meet their 'end'. This alone will put many people off and adds to the feeling of discontinuity with the series. There are a few good character sequences, but nothing as good as in Eps 25/26 of the series.
The End of Eva does have an intriguing and twisted story, high quality animation, and fascinating imagery (durinbg the second half), but only works as a stand alone piece. It is useless as the conclusion to the series because it is not conclusive at all. We do learn a little about Instrumentality, SEELE's plans, the purpose of Rei and so forth, but it's hard not to wish this movie lived up to its name and actually gave us some sense of closure. The series ending didn't give us closure either, but it did a better job of 'not ending' a series than the movie.

Last updated Saturday, November 29 2003. Created Monday, July 28 2003.
Rent 9 9 8 8 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:71#436]
After the controversy that episodes 25 and 26 caused in the original Neon Genesis Evangelion, a remake of sorts was in order and made. To say that End of Evangelion is a remake isn't quite true. It's more like a suppliment -- a retelling of the same tale with a different "smeg you" ending (IMO).

This movie actually started with a serious bang. Asuka is brought out of her deep depression when her EVA unit is attacked by the large group of production-line EVA units sent to take over NERV. She comes out and seriously kicks some butt despite being in an obvious no-win battle. Throughout the series, I wanted her to do something like this, but they never let her.

As in the original episodes 25 & 26, Shinji brings about the 3rd impact with the same intraspective segment. The difference this time is that the segment is shorter and has a different result. It is bizarre and utterly confusing and really did nothing for me. And the imagery of Rei (the clone of Shinji's mother) naked "riding" a naked Shinji didn't do anything for me either. Talk about a smegged up mind! I feel convinced that Asuka, Misato, and Rei are combined by Shinji at the end into the body of Asuka, but then what do I know. If you are still confused, I've included a great EVA FAQ link at the bottom of this page.

Bottom line: I enjoyed the first half of this movie. The 2nd half was even more screwed up that the original ending (IMO). That being said, those who've seen the TV series <b>should</p> see this though.

Last updated Monday, September 15 2003. Created Friday, February 28 2003.
Buy 8 9 8 9 8 8 Akito [series:71#472]
This is like another ending of the Evangelion series. The plot in this one is much better that ep 25 and 26 of the series. The ending has such a deep meaing to it that after watching this the whole story fits together perfectly.

Last updated Friday, January 03 2003. Created Friday, January 03 2003.
Buy 9 9 3 8 0 0 Teodoru [series:71#307]
Hmm... well... the series were great, the first ending was rather bad, but not terrifying... THIS is terrifying though. After watching Death & Rebirth I was hoping for a REAL movie this time. And I got that, at least.
I must say they have totally ereased everything that's Evangelion except the characters, without the characteristics. NO ONE is like they used to be. This show is gross and to call this and "ending" is hillarious.
It starts out well, you actually begin to think "Heck! This IS the end I've been hoping for!". Then, all of a sudden, it turns out to be a animated version of "Tom Green cow-brain special" with all weird stuff that includes.
Sure, the art and animation is good, but I don't give a f**king damn about how 'good' it looks when everyone start loosing bodyparts. This is SICK! If you like anime where you can see the inside of people and stuff, you'll like this. But if you like EVANGELION, this is... so totally wrong.

Last updated Tuesday, May 14 2002. Created Tuesday, May 14 2002.
Buy 10 10 10 8 10 Jack Hawksmoor [series:71#114]
Just like Neon Genesis Evangelion with a bigger budget; this redo of episode 26 is exceptional. It's perfect in every way: from mech designs to characterization and everybody being the badasses that they can be. Everything about it was absolutely stunning. As for how it wraps up, some criticize the method it wraps up with, but it's brilliant finale sets a new standard in anime.
Even watching it as a 5th generation subtitled copy, the show was breathtaking and exemplary. I'm still awe struck and working on digesting what exactly happened, but I can't boast enough.

Last updated Sunday, January 14 2001. Created Sunday, January 14 2001.
Watch 10 10 10 5 0 0 Dr.Yoshi [series:71#110]
OK! What the F*** just happened!!!!
For all lovers of Eva this is a must to see how it all ends, but I warn you, this is the most messed up ending I have ever seen to any anime.
The movie has some great action and the animation will blow your mind, but so will what happens at the end. If you fell in love with the charaters like I did DON'T watch this. 'Cause I'll tell ya what you'll be confused and sick at the end of this film

Last updated Wednesday, January 31 2001. Created Monday, December 18 2000.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 Midnighter [series:71#94]
Exceptional. Without equal. The Evangelion series sets a new standard in anime. This finale to end all finales is just completely perfect.
Where to begin? The character designs by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, are clean, crisp and unique. The 'mecha' designs are by Yamashita Ikuto and Anno Hideaki and stand as the best ever, with a cool, almost insect-esque look. The Evas look sleek and agile as opposed to the lumbering and bulky Gundams.
But what is important about Eva is the characters. Eva is NOT about giant robot fights, it's about the characters and their various pains and psychological struggles. Of course, Asuka's battle with the production units is truly spectacular, but what is even more amazing is the lengths of emotional torture Anno's characters suffer. Anno's a brilliant writer and his characters are infused with a neurotic believability that makes us forget the implausable backdrop of NERV and the Evas and just accept it as fact. The story is as dark as one would expect, and as disturbing. As Asuka rips apart the production Evas and Seele storms NERV, the violence reaches fever-pitch and the tension never lets up. Watching this movie is almost physically exhausting. End of Eva plays like a worse-case scenario come true. Don't expect happy endings for our beloved characters.
The animation is awe inspiring. Obviously, with Eva's success on a microscopic budget, the producers went all out to assure that for the movie, the animation equaled the writing's quality. End of Eva's animation stands up to ANY other animated peice, including Akira and Ghost in the Shell.
The voice cast from the series is back, of course, and in top form, producing some truly spine-tingling performances. Unfortunately, despite a good effort by the english dub cast, they just can't match the origional Japanese in terms of sheer psychosis. Manga, to their credit, has reunited most of ADV's fine voice cast, but in true Manga style has profaned the origional with questionable translation, irritating "dub-titling" and obnoxious extra sound effects. I'll be holding on to my fansubbed copy.
Overall, End of Evangelion is utterly perfect, and was actually draining to watch. I can't say enough about it.

Last updated Thursday, October 03 2002. Created Tuesday, December 12 2000.
Buy 8 9 9 7 9 Courtney [series:71#80]
The bizarre (Some would say mind-f***ing...) alternate ending to a fan-fav. series, END OF EVANGELION is, in my opinon, the actual finale to the show. It's abstract but at least it actually gives fans closure as they explain (with in reason) everything the show was building up to. It still has its secrets and interpretations for viewers but at least people know what happened to their favorite characters, did the world end, what is the hidden agenda, and other questions that lingered after the largely fan offending episodes 25 and 26 (I still say they have relevence, just poor placement).
Faithful followers of the show will be happy to see that some of the characters resolve their psychological issues and pull themselves together (not to mention it was refreshing to finally see Asaka make good on all her bragging ~_~). I strongly recommend it to anyone who was horribly disappointed with the series ending. I thought it was a wonderful end to a stand up series but it's possible you could hate it all the same. I'm going to recommend buying it just because I think it's worth and EVA fan's money.

Last updated Monday, October 29 2001. Created Friday, September 29 2000.
Rent Jenn-chan [series:71#31]
Wow. Oh wow. Those who have seen this could agree with those first 2 sentences. In the words of "T.H.E.M. Anime Reviews", this went totally beyond anime itself. I am seriously at lost for words, and not in a good way. You call this an ending? If you thought the first ending was bad, this is worse. I guess the creators left it up to the viewers interpretation? Just plain bizarre if you ask me. However, there's some amazing action sequences, artwork, and animation going for it.

Last updated Tuesday, April 25 2000. Created Tuesday, April 25 2000.

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