Evangelion: Human Salvation Project

Title:Evangelion: Human Salvation Project
Eva Hentai
Neon Genesis Evangelion Hentai
The Eva Hentai
Shinji is surprised to walk in on an orgy at NERV HQ overseen by Gendo himself!
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Watch 7 7 8 0 0 0 Peter Hentai [series:323#758]
Reviews are such a great thing. It allows those of us who've seen a title to give our opinions of what we've seen whether good or bad. It is sad that some people think that reviews should only be good. If that were the case, then reviews wouldn't be worth anything. But I digress...

There are only a couple of reasons to watch this (roughly) 10-minute title. First, if you are a EVA fan, you want to see your favorite babes like Misoto, Rei, Asuka, etc. get banged. Second, you're desperate for something to wank to.

From an art point-of-view, the characters look very much like the ones in the original EVA which is a good thing. If you see this uncensored, basicly, you will get to see all of the major characters bang away in an orgy and that's it. Nothing special, but worth a watch.

Last updated Tuesday, June 17 2003. Created Tuesday, June 17 2003.
Buy 9 9 8 2 I am just a wanderer...thats all that I am. [series:323#745]
HELLO....god people...dont be putting down something you dont like. Do I go rate your favorite animes horribly?!...no...i stick to what i like to watch....if you like this stuff...then speak the truth...dont be gay about it...anyway...heres my "synopsis".
I thought it was pretty good...some parts i didnt like...but most animes are like that. Im into everything anime, so i thought i would try this out. And yes...i do like naked women...(who doesnt) so i thought this was some very good material.
rating: i think u must watch the other avangelion to get this...(some funny parts) but if ur into "hentai action" this would rate between 7-9...(10 being the best)
~Dark Shogun~
IM GUNA ADD ON TO THIS...oops caps my bad. im guna have 2 agree with peter above me...he has a good point. neway, i wanted to say if this affends u, U SUK!!! neway...the point im trying to say is that if u dont like something and u think it sux just like i think "G" down ther...(adds G to black list) then dont even rate it. at least let people get a chance to see the dam thing i mean cmon! i dont watch ur animes that u like and say ther shit, horrible, or nething, i let ppl have a freekin chance to watch it. neway, if i over reacted a lil... o well!..

Last updated Thursday, June 19 2003. Created Monday, June 16 2003.
Watch 6 5 6 5 Kaneda [series:323#87]
Yea , I agree that this is really disgusting , but at the same time ... HELLO THIS IS HENTAI , hentai is supposed to be disgusting thats the whole point of it , tentacles and school girls , and disgusting things flying around , etc is the point of hentai , thats why its called hentai .. japanese for pervert (more or less) and its perverted because its something that everyone else other than the people like it find it gross and disgusting. Secondly , I'm pretty sure that this is un-authorized by gainax , because it says this in japanese writing , so if you bought this .. yea your pretty dumb.
Otherwise as a hentai this was a amusing , I don't really care for the genre myself .. something about animated naked people *shrug* .

Last updated Sunday, January 12 2003. Created Sunday, January 12 2003.
Avoid 5 5 5 2 0 0 G [series:323#484]
this hentai is sucks and i dont think to watch it again (unless anyone has bought it)

Last updated Friday, January 10 2003. Created Friday, January 10 2003.
Watch 6 6 Tomasu Itchimoto [series:323#461]
This is funny if you have aleady seen the series but its just stupid other than that. I recomend this to watch but not bother buying but unless you can find a unedited(what the point of editing somthing like this in the frist place) on kaaza i guess you will have to rent it. also in Canada and the US its concitered child ponography so good like finding it in a video store. i recomend it to anyone who understands there series becuase if you can do that and your under 18 your chronological age make no real differance.

Last updated Friday, December 20 2002. Created Friday, December 20 2002.
Watch 7 7 paUKKu [series:323#387]
I spotted this by accident one day and same night I downloaded it (little pervert me). And yes, watching it felt rather disqusting. I give it only art & animation "points" (nothing to complain in those 2, if you're "just looking it") beacuse in 12 minutes I don't see any change to get in characters or story. And music didn't play main role in voices...
I had subbed (and little censored) version so I understood text and speak. Midnighter felt bad only seeing it, glad thing he/she didn't understand them (at least Asuka). But when I thought about it later, it had much humour in it. So I watched it again and there were many little things from Eva series, that someone has just "thought and expressed another way". I focused on text and I could smile on couple of things and even laugh at one thing. I think that's not bad at all for 12 minutes.
Final opinion: Overall disturbing "show" but if you think and watch it as parody you can watch it without loosing your good night sleep. Of course this depends on person (my friend thinks I'm crazy when I no qualms after watching Berserk so he would surely be really shocked after this). Absolutely forbidden younger than 18 years!

Last updated Friday, September 13 2002. Created Friday, September 13 2002.
Watch 7 6 8 0 Midnighter [series:323#94]
The Eva Hentai is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Keep in mind that the Eva kids are only 14. Absolutely Disgusting. The portrayal and treatment of the women is appalling, degrading and saddening.
All of our favorite Eva characters are featured in rather...compromising...uh...positions. The origional character designs are used, only the girls are all even bustier. The quality of the animation is really surprising. It's obviously professionally done by an animation studio, though if it's from the origional or not is anyone's guess. Semen flies, vaginal juice flows, characters get violated in orifices with multiple penises.
Pity I don't speak Japanese, because out of morbid curiosity I'd like to know what was being said.
Aside from the shock value and the sheer over the top portrayals, both of which makes it quite entertaining I admit, the Eva hentai is a disgusting, exploitive example of anime. I gave it a watch for the above mentioned shock value, but it really should be avoided on sheer principle. Still, if you're like me, a "must have everything Eva" type of fan, you'll want to pick this up for your Eva collection.

Last updated Monday, April 29 2002. Created Friday, September 28 2001.

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