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OK, OK! I admit. I'm a newbie on anime stuff (while writing this I've seen alltogether about 10 animeseries/movies) but I'll do my best! =)

Oh yeah! I use following "points":
4 - Shit
5 - Bad
6 - Not so good
7 - OK
8 - Good
9 - Better
10 - Excellent!
Action(2) Comedy(1) Romance(2) Tragedy(1)
Fantasy(1) Modern(1) Sci-Fi(1)
Hentai(1) High School(1) Mecha(1) Swordplay(1)
Release Year
2002(1) 1998(1) 1997(1)
Title Rating Synopsis

Buy The story of a man tormented by hate, fueled by anger, and bound by destiny. A young swordsman by the name of Gutts lives as a mercenary until the fateful day when he encounters the Band of the Hawk, an up-and-coming mercenary band led a charismatic leader named Griffith. After being defeated by Griffith in a duel, Gutts agrees to join the band and help Griffith achieve his goal of one day ruling his own kingdom. What unfolds is the story of what turned Gutts into the hateful angry swordsman that he is and of a destiny that he refuses to accept.
Eva Hentai Watch See Evangelion: Human Salvation Project

Evangelion: Human Salvation Project
Watch Shinji is surprised to walk in on an orgy at NERV HQ overseen by Gendo himself!

Full Metal Panic
Buy A hidden military organization named Mithril mobilizes three crack troops (Sousuke, Kurz, & Mao) to secretly protect a young Japanese girl, Chidori Kaname, from being kidnapped. Sousuke Sagara is assigned to be her personal bodyguard and must go undercover as a fellow high school student while not letting her know she's in danger or that he's protecting her. Unfortunately, Sousuke has little experience in understanding life as a normal high school student thus he considers just about any little action or thing around him to be a threat on Kaname.
Kenpuu Denki Berserk Buy See Berserk
Neon Genesis Evangelion Hentai Watch See Evangelion: Human Salvation Project
The Eva Hentai Watch See Evangelion: Human Salvation Project
フルメタル・パニック! (Japanese) Buy See Full Metal Panic
剣風伝奇ベルセルク Buy See Berserk

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