RahXephon - Tagen Hensoukyoku

Title:RahXephon - Tagen Hensoukyoku
RahXephon - Harmonic Convergence
RahXephon - Pluralitas Concentio
RahXephon The Movie
ラーゼフォン 多元変奏曲 (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - BONES
Music - KANNO Yoko
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
This movie retells a condensed version of the RahXephon TV series with many side characters missing and focussing on a somehow modified main story with additional yet not always compatible background informations.

[Movie, 2003/2004, 116 min]
"多元" ("tagen") means "pluralism", "変奏曲" ("hensou-kyoku") means "variation" as technical term for music. "Pluralitas Concentio" is Latin and means something like "The Unison of the Many" or "Mass Harmony", again with an undertone for "harmony" focused on music.
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Avoid 9 9 9 8 5 Ggultra2764 [series:846#1552]
RahXephon wowed me with its complex storylines and character developments which kept me watching the series all the way to the end. This movie adaptation seemed like a stale contrast to what the TV series did.

With this version of the series, more focus is put on the relationship between Ayato and Haruka putting the secondary characters to the wayside which killed my enjoyment of much of this movie. Plot development is sped up which put more focus on the mecha battles and the melodrama of Ayato and Haruka's relationship. The movie is robbed of the natural progression of character relationships that the TV version gave all its characters, even those with secondary roles.

One glaring thing about the movie that I noticed is that it seemed like scenes from the TV series were reused for this movie. Sure there were new scenes added to help create the new storyline for this movie. But it doesn't change my thoughts if the animators to this movie chose only to add those scenes while lazily reusing scenes from the TV show.

If you wish to experience the glorious plot and character development of RahXephon, watch the TV show instead of this poorly handled movie adaptation.

Last updated Saturday, May 17 2008. Created Saturday, May 17 2008.
Rent Forbin [series:846#1573]
Darn! Devil Doll beat me to it.
After spending ALL NIGHT watching the Rahxephon series and this Movie. I was like WOW, this was better than Evangelion.
First off, do NOT see this movie unless you have seen the series. This movie is totally laced with spoilers about what is real and what is not real. (And if you haven't seen the series you will be TOTALLY lost)
Second, this is more of an OAV then a continuation of the series as this movie starts from the very beginning (before Tokyo Jupiter was formed) and the whole reason for it being formed (and a major plot spoiler as it is). And it's not an exact match to the TV series, (Which is explained at the end of the movie). More, the Movie is the rough draft of the script and the TV series is the final product.
Third, I'm not sure where Devil Doll thought there was too much action, I found more action in the first 5 episodes than in the whole movie.
Now to the review. Do I like what they did to the main characters? Not really, but at least I know really understand about Reika and what her place really was. Did I like that they regulated Quon to a minor Red Shirt character? No not really but it happened. I liked her in the TV series a heck of a lot more than in the Movie. (And she was more sexier /hehe) All this movie did for me was strengthen why the series did what it did. I liked how Rahxephon ended because at least I could wrap my brain around the concept of the Ollin and what he did at the end. (Unlike Shinji). Yah every major character had a total of 15 seconds screen time (Including Maya), and they totally overdid the Asahina story but it was important. So overall, once you finish the TV series, see this. It will explain why the series went a slightly different way and who caused it. (Reika is the key)

Last updated Sunday, September 19 2004. Created Sunday, September 19 2004.
Watch 9 9 5 8 6 Devil Doll [series:846#752]
[Score: 67%]
If you plan to watch both the RahXephon series and this movie, my advice would be to start with the series, because the second scene of the movie explains about each and every secret of the series story right away which would spoil the main fun about the series. But that's obviously necessary to allow the movie to function as a stand-alone piece.

The movie is retelling the whole series story, from Operation Overlord to Operation Downfall and beyond - but with certain important differences. Some characters now seem to know more about what all this is about; some characters don't appear at all (even including Ishtori!) or have only cameo appearances, so that other characters have to speak some of their important lines (which looked quite odd to me now and then). Obviously these subtle changes were necessary as to speed up the story development and still make the audience understand what is happening.
While on the "macro level" the explanations in the movie (about who is who, what they know and what their intentions are) worked quite well, the condensing of narration causes a lot of explanations on the "micro level" to be missing. You are presented a number of technical terms without any explanation for them which might be confusing for those who don't know the series.
But what was most surprising for me is that they substantially changed some parts of the story background, as well as some motivations of important characters (most notably Quon is totally different now). They also added a dose of "Through The Looking Glass" by Lewis Caroll as fundamental part of the story... so this movie's story is not fully compatible with the events of the series. Then again this is why it may be interesting to watch this movie even if you know the series: There are still some surprising things going to happen.

While the series is a mystery play for most of the time, the movie is more like an action story, focussing on the main characters. Perhaps I would have liked this movie better if I hadn't watched the series before. This way round I was disappointed by the movie: It focussed too much on mecha battles and melodramatic scenes, leaving aside many subtle elements that made the series interesting; being a movie they added unnecessary nudity elements as well (yes I know that would have cost them the closing scene but still...). I would have preferred a movie focusing on storyline parts that were missing in the series, such as Bahbem's background (and the beginning of this movie looked quite promising in this aspect); merely retelling a condensed and less interesting variant of the series story won't be enough for me to rewatch this movie.
This movie is weak right where the series was strong - about characters and story development. In the end 110 minutes plus trailer weren't enough to show something that could satisfy me. Perhaps they should have left out the whole Asahina substory this time and instead focus on explaining who the Mu actually were?

Last updated Tuesday, June 03 2008. Created Sunday, September 19 2004.

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