Isshoni Sleeping

Title:Isshoni Sleeping
Issho-ni Sleeping
Sleeping with Hinako
いっしょにすりーぴんぐ (Japanese)
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Hinako returns to entertain her fans with her unique sleeping habits. (Source: ANN)

The anime shows footage of Hinako, a 16-year-old girl who was transformed into an anime character, as she sleeps and wakes up. From the Blu-ray or DVD's menu, the user can select a number of options such as Hinako's sleeping posture and events such as dreams. The anime is nominally intended to help the user modify his or her sleeping habits. The user can even set an alarm bell to wake up when Hinako "wakes" up as well. (Source: ANN)

1 OVA episode (~45 min)
Anime set to air Feb 11, 2010

Also see prequel Isshoni Training and sequel Isshoni Training Ofuro: Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko

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Avoid 7 5 6 5 1 Ggultra2764 [series:2266#1552]
Befuddles me that Japan made stuff like this in 2010. Basically, the intent of this anime was to encourage any otaku that got their hands on this OAV to get sleep and get their fan service worth considering there are enough boob and panty shots of Hinako as she sleeps. Fansubs you may see of it floating around online actually eliminate the way in which the animated footage was structured in the title's original DVD/ Blu-Ray release since you get all the animated footage used for its 45 minute run in a fansub release. If you actually get the DVD or Blu-Ray for it, the discs give you the option of looping bits of video footage in 6 or 8 hour intervals to create the illusion of Hinako "sleeping" with you and the disc waking you up once the interval ends.

Looking past its gimmick though, Sleeping with Hinako is still nothing more than a product meant to pander to otaku. There's barely any plot to it outside of the occasional animated shots which are supposed to feature Hinako interacting with the viewer and animated footage is reused rather frequently in it, especially during the different "special events" and sleeping scenes involving Hinako. Not to mention Hinako is nothing more than your typical clutzy and well-endowed anime gal that are used quite often for fan service titles such as this.

Unless you are a part of this title's intended audience, don't waste your time watching Sleeping with Hinako.

Last updated Thursday, August 30 2012. Created Thursday, August 30 2012.
Watch 8 6 5 6 5 7 Devil Doll [series:2266#752]
[Score: 58% = "Watch"]

It's amazing what sells on the Japanese market these days. This is sheer otaku material... but that's doesn't necessarily imply it has to be horrible.

This release is much less boring than Isshoni Training despite being three times as long, basically because it relies less on repetitive scenes (while of course reusing several animated sequences) and actually tells a "story" (with not much happening of course but still), feeding the curiosity of the audience (what will happen next?) which the previous release of this franchise did not.

Hinako is still cute, shy and easily embarrassed, satisfying the corresponding moe of her target group. She made me smile a number of times, and even laugh when she bumped with her face against the glass of the TV screen when scolding the audience for not sleeping. Her scene at the refrigerator and the dream referring to it was nice as well.

Downgrade for the occasional pantsu shots that are mere fillers (and even stills without any movement, how cheap). The music (what little we get early during this show) is boring; the seiyuu did a decent job (how hard must it have been for her, breathing in synch to the movement for more than half an hour?). The animation for this episode was done by Vietnamese persons as the ending credits indicate - globalisation and transferring jobs into emerging markets has arrived in the anime scene as well.

All in all an acceptable one-time watch (and as such more than I expected); cut down this thingy to a standard 23 minutes episode length and it will even get close to a "Rent" rating. And if nothing else, this anime will serve to make you sleep in case you can't. It's not as if the makers are making false promises. ;-)

Last updated Saturday, October 23 2010. Created Saturday, May 01 2010.
Watch Stretch [series:2266#628]

If we're not going to exercise with Hinako, perhaps we will at least sleep in the same room with her. And seriously, she's asleep for most of the show, doing nothing more than breathing and rolling around now and then, with her panties exposed. If the camera angles are any indication (and they nod at one point to represent us answering 'yes' to a question Hinako asks) then what has happened is that we have pretended to be asleep, but once we're confident that she is asleep as well we sneak over to her bedside to leer at her ass, her crotch, and her breasts. After ten minutes or so I began fast-forwarding to see if anything significant was going to happen. For the most part the same fanservice scenes repeat countless times, plus after around fifteen minutes Hinako shakes off her blanket, five minutes later one of her arms hangs briefly over the side of the bed, etc. There are a couple of brief dreams, and she wakes up in the middle of the night and talks to us. I almost felt touched as she makes a little confession to us. But I also couldn't help feeling that again, this cute and friendly girl has been degraded to little more than an animated pinup. Somehow, I feel a little sorry for her and I'd really like for her to be given a complete personality. There was no mention of the TV world she had become trapped in during the training OVA. Is she still there? Does she say and do a couple of mildly surprising things because she's lonely? It's impossible to tell. There are several alternate endings, though I can't see why anybody would watch this more than once--if anyone does, I feel sorry for him as well. Sleeping with Hinako might be the epitome of too little content stretched over too much time. The bizarre premise of this show was mildly interesting--but please, don't anybody else try anything like it.

My favorite line: "Well then, I'll sleep with you!" --Hinako

Last updated Friday, February 19 2010. Created Friday, February 19 2010.
Watch 8 8 8 2 1 1 Xenoknight [series:2266#2967]
Hinako returns to indulge the otaku fans with some sensual sleeping habits...

OMG! I can't believe I sat through 45 minutes of this crap. I deserve a medal for this one...

Final review soon...

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Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Tuesday, February 16 2010. Created Tuesday, February 16 2010.

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