Kido Senkan Nadesico

Title:Kido Senkan Nadesico
Martian Successor Nadesico
Mobile Battleship Nadesico
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Notables: Animation - Xebec
Original Concept - ASAMIYA Kia
Original Concept - GOTOU Keiji
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
SEKI Tomokazu
UEDA Yuuji
Akito Tenkawa is just your run-of-the-mill cook on Mars. One day the Jovian's (Jupiter) attack leaving Mars a wasteland. Akito hides in a shelter that is attacked by a group of Jovian bug robots. A big flash of light appears. 1 Year later, Akito is working on Earth as a cook who has 'problems' with shell shock (War Flashback). On his way home, he bumps into a girl he used to know on Mars (Yurika). He chases after her demanding an explanation as she is the only other person from Mars that he has seen alive. (Something happened in that flash). The Jovians attack, but this time instead of running away, he gets into a giant robot (Aestivalis) and proceeds destroy them. He finally finds Yurika and yells at her before he finds out she is the Captain of the Nadesico, a private battleship from the Nergal corporation and Akito's BOSS.

What happened 1 year ago on Mars? How is Yurika involved? Why does Akito keep watching an old cartoon 'Gekigengar' constantly? And why does Ruri say 'Baka baka' all the time.

All those questions will be answered in the next episode of Martian Successor Nadesico (BTW That is how each preview episode is introduced).
26 Episodes (released in 1996/97)
Produced by Starchild & XEBEC

Also see sequel: Kidou Senkan Nadesico Gekijou Ban
and OVA spinoff - Gekiganger 3 - Nekketsu Dai Kessen!!
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Watch 8 7 8 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:165#1552]
I have to be in agreement with AstroNerdBoy that the classic hype surrounding Nadesico is just not gold for me. The mix of parody comedy to the plot developments throughout Nadesico proved to be quite shaky for me as any attempts to feel anything for the plot and characters at many points in the series were abruptly ruined by the parodies of mecha and harem comedy anime. The harem element doesn't work as a good number of the girls who fall for Akito seem unconvincing with their feelings without any exploration or buildup of their characters making their ogling for the guy just an excuse for some forced laughs. The mecha anime-within-an-anime, Gekigingar, also brings about a good number of annoying characters obsessed with the show to press my buttons with (guess what faction worships the show for their society's very ideals) and like ANB, I was thinking good riddance when a certain annoying mecha otaku gets killed off early in the series. But this doesn't stop Akito from continuing to obsess about the show and behaving like a certain First Child from Eva who has a habit of running away and angsting about his problems just like Akito (especially considering both characters are voiced by the same English dub actor).

There are some positives with the show which kept me from completely bombing it to the ground. There are points where the series does make Akito aware that his obsession with Gekigengar is really a form of escapism to escape the reality of war he wants no part of meaning it doesn't completely pander to the interests of mecha anime otaku. The one interesting character in the series for me, Ruri-chan, gave me a chuckle from her never ending insults of the eccentricities of the older crew members she works with and unlike the other characters in the show, her background is fleshed out without going into comedy bits heavily as she figures out her origins in one episode and focus is given to her care for the Nadesico's AI in another. Plus, the series does sport good-looking character and scenery designs that look pleasing on the eyes.

However, not even Ruri and pointing out Akito's flaws are enough for me to appreciate Nadesico as the comedy-drama mix just didn't mesh well for me. Plus unless you have a good grasp of knowing about mecha anime titles and cliches from before the mid-1990s, anyone who does have interest in the series may be lost in understanding the mecha anime cliches that Nadesico pokes fun of.

Last updated Wednesday, July 07 2010. Created Sunday, May 16 2010.
Watch AstroNerdBoy [series:165#436]

I'd heard a lot about Nadesico and how it was a parody of various mecha titles. I'd seen Ruri-chan's image on many anime image sites. I knew that the series is well liked among a majority of people who've seen it. So I finally carved out some time to watch it, but sadly didn't find the gold that others seemed to find.

The writers of this series decided that while there would be a central story arc, the Jovians vs. the Humans with a tie-in to some events that happened on Mars, to do the individual parody stories, the writers pulled an element out of their hat (to be polite) and threw it on the wall. So out of the blue, a character dies so that the series can parody anime titles where an important character dies. Only this time, I didn't care about this annoying character so when the character dies, I'm thinking, "Good ridance to bad rubbish." There are a number of other elements like this where the writers pull elements out of left field, providing the huge plot twist while at the same time giving the writers an element to parody (satire may be a better word though). Yet in doing this, the writers abandon a decent story flow for their own tale. In my opinion, if you are going to be bothered to tell a story, the parody should flow with the story, not be an obstacle.

Sadly, the characters aren't any better. Akito is the annoying Tenchi/Shinji-type main character who's so bipolar, I'm amazed he didn't go on a killing rampage (because so many such killers apparently are bipolar). As such a character, it made the fact that so many of the women on the ship fell in love with him completely doofy (which may have been the point). I never did understand why some of the women were "in love" with Akito because those were elements the writers just pull out and threw on the wall to make something happen.

That said, not all of the parodies were bad. I did laugh a few times, and the parodies on the harem anime titles, or on titles with love-triangles were enjoyed by me. The final episodes of the series were a bit more interesting to me, and thus a bit more enjoyable. Unfortunately my true enjoyment moments were few and far between.

Yurika is the doe-eyed captain who's shockingly brilliant at times -- or rather most of the time. Yet she is always talking stupidly, especially when it comes to Akito. Ryoko was mildly interesting as the leader of the mecha squad attached to Nadesico, but she is pretty limited. Of all the characters, only Ruri-chan is really interesting. Much of that is due to her frank, "you're a stupid idiot" (while remaining calm and collective) attitude, reflected in her catch word "baka" (or "baka baka" for double emphasis). But for me, Ruri-chan isn't enough to save this.

And now allow me to rant about ADV's subtitle translation of the title. Have I ever mentioned how I despise companies who remove Japanese honorifics in the subtitles? And "Yurika-san" does NOT equate to "Ms. Misumaru" you smegging bastards! "Oneesan" is no "Ms. Ruri." Man, I bet the translator had to hate the fact that the Japanese dared to put "Ruri oneesan" in English letters on the screen in one episode. But then I'm a stupid American who MUST be spoon-fed things in an American way or else I might not understand and thus might not buy. And how does the Japanese person saying in actual English, "Don't worry, don't worry!" translate to "Don't let it bother you!"? Yeah, lets translate English to English because that's the smart thing to do. GAH! As Ruri-chan might say, "Baka!" I hate all of the domestication in the subtitles and even if I loved this anime, I wouldn't buy this simply because you treat me this way in the subtitles!


Bottom line: With a story who's direction is dictated by the parody of the week, combined with characters I didn't like, the best I can give this is a "Watch." I know it is against the grain, but that's how it was for me.

Last updated Wednesday, October 01 2008. Created Tuesday, April 11 2006.

Buy Forbin [series:165#1573]
Anime Type
DramaMedPeople Die but the comedy overshadows it.
ComedyHIGHOMG This is very funny
ActionMedTon's of Robots and explosions
SciFiHighIt is set in space you know
EcchiLow/MedExcept for some revealing costumes, everyone seems to keep their clothes on
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VandreadMore Harem, no Gekigenar
Musekinin Kanchou TylorThink if Yurika was the main star

Take The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (Notice the captain of the Nadesico is named Yurika after Yurika Star of Tylor) and cross it with Excel Saga, and put the plot of Space Cruiser Yamato. What do you get? A very funny parody / dramedy of harems, space battles, and unrequited love :)
Heck they even KILL off a major character by episode 4. And then Another by Episode 7. Wow this is great.

As I finally finished this, I realized that this is a buy. It's funny, sad, and interesting all at the same time. The writers don't even bother putting in clones /hehe. (Well unless Ruri is one).

Last updated Friday, December 30 2005. Created Friday, February 11 2005.
Buy 8 9 9 8 8 Jan-Chan [series:165#967]
I like this series, and I am very happy that I bought the 26 episode DVD set from ADV films. This is the type of series that I can pop in the DVD player about once every six months, and just kick back n laugh.

But Martian Successor Nadesico (MSN) is a very odd anime series, in that is a very good science fiction story, but also a comedy and a parody, that has no problem in lampooning other series or advertisements, or even itself. It even manages to slip another cheesy anime series into its story line, so that it can make fun at entire anime market. And MSN works also in a grand style.

As per the story line, Mars has been taken over by the foreign robotic Jovian invaders and the earth defense forces have been powerless to stop them. A private company NERGAL has decided to commission and build a new high-tech spaceship called the Nadesico, to help defend the Earth. To staff the ship, Nirval has recruited a crew based on their exceptional gifts and abilities, but with no regard as to their compatibility with each other or their military training and discipline. With Yurika, an absolute gifted female ditz, heading the pack as the captain, the rest of the eccentric and bizarre crew appear to be almost normal (I said almost). The Nadesico manages to secure the skills of a young homeless bicylist named Akito as a prep cook in the kitchen. But he happens to have a bioorganic pilots implant (in his hand) which allow him to control the combat mechas and he somehow gets pressed in service as the sole male pilot in an otherwise, all female mecha-combat crew. It turns out that Yurika and Akito were childhood playmates and sweethearts on the planet Mars and that fate has drawn them together again, but Yurika is very sweet on her little Akito. So Akito has tough time practicing his cooking skills, what with the constant Jovian attacks, Yurikas affectionate attentions, and the infatuations and romantic interests of no less than four other females.

And then there is Ruri, with a somber reposte to any romantic or irrational storyline thrust. She is the angelic voice of reason in an otherwise turbulent sea of comedic anarchy. And Ruri appears to be predestined to win the hearts of all of the viewers, but also all of the votes for any bathing suit competitions.

And so the story goes. Mixing adventure, sci-fi and comedy into a delightful and entertaining story over 26 episodes. But be warned there is a lot of yelling, a lot of silliness, and comedy and a lot of adventure and surprises in this story. I agree with others that this might best be considered an anime-classic in how well it manages to stay the course as a serious sci-fi story, while poking and prodding and making fun of everything else.

ADV has rated this series as being PG 12+, which is OK. The worst in this series might be the dialogue, which talks indirectly about boffing, and other private adult behavior, but on the whole, this is a very fun series.

Just watch it and decide for yourself, as it NOT a waste of time.

Last updated Tuesday, October 14 2008. Created Saturday, May 08 2004.
Buy 8 8 9 9 9 MarX [series:165#1033]
Holy hell, in a hand basket..! One of my all time favorite series of all time... Man, the music rocks... The show and characters rock (Especially, Akito and Yurika developing relationship..)... The entire Genkiganger 3 series rocks... (Well, not really as much as Martian Successor Nadesico).. It's funny, romantic, sad, and upbeat all in the same episode.. (Well, maybe not but all those adjectives do describe the series)
If, I never had bought this series I'd be kickin' meself in me arse...
Definite recommend...!
~ ~

Last updated Saturday, January 10 2004. Created Saturday, January 10 2004.
Buy Stretch [series:165#628]
One of the first things you learn while watching MSN is that the letter "i" in Nadesico is silent. Just thought I'd warn you of that so you don't embarass yourself. Anyway, why are there only four reviews waiting here, as of 10/03? This show is outstanding. I have read that many people feel MSN has replaced Otaku No Video as the star anime parody. It deserves that title. I love "Gekigangar 3", the show-within-a-show (JOE!!!). Perhaps my favorite episode was a mid-season one composed largely of old film clips, and supposed to bring viewers up to date--sounds like a ripoff, I know, but it was hilarious. It was as if the casts of Gekigangar 3 and MSN had switched places--better not explain exactly how. And, during the next episode, you realise this one wasn't entirely a joke at all! I got ahold of a used VHS tape of the second volume and enjoyed it so much that I shelled out the money for a complete DVD box set--I think that qualifies me to urge you to "Buy". One thing I've noticed while watching MSN on DVDs has been that there seems to be a hell of a lot more dialogue in subbed than dubbed modes--because they speak so fast, I suspect. What would I do without the "pause" button? I had read reviews which claimed that MSN "loses objective as a parody in the second half", and that the plot "does get weaker towards the end", so I went into the final disc with my fingers crossed, so to speak. Having just watched the last episode, I'm happy to say I liked the way the series ended. Pretty much everything was wrapped up in a satisfying way, and it was implied that there would be some sort of sequel (as I understand it, there has been a movie, "Prince of Darkness", and a Gekigangar 3 spinoff). Oh yeah, my favorite charachter is Gai Daigoji.
My favorite line:
"Peaceland is a perpetually neutral nation, like Switzerland. It started out as a theme park where gambling was legal"

Last updated Wednesday, March 17 2004. Created Tuesday, October 21 2003.
Buy 9 7 8 7 9 Midnighter [series:165#94]
Just when the you think you have Nadesico figured out, it completely changes direction and surprises you. Is it a screwball comedy? A Sci-Fi drama? A parody of anime? The answer is all of the above.
Nadesico offers something for everyone, from space combat to quirky characters to karaoke contests. With very nice animation for a TV show, a good voice cast in Japanese or English, and a story that remains engaging and complex despite some rather strange detours, Nadesico is a real post-Evangelion treat.
The best part of the show, in this reviewer's humble opinion, was the characters. The entire crew grows and changes throughout, with soap-opera like love triangles and feuds along the way. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite, but Ruri, the adorable little science officer would have to be my choice. Ever cynical and slightly exasperated, stuck on her "ship of fools," Ruri is one part Friday Addams and one part Mister Spock with some Rei Ayanami thrown in for good measure. Yet she grows along with the rest of the cast, eventually coming to consider the Nadesico Ruri also gets some of the best lines.
It took a while for me to get used to the character designs, but once I did, Nadesico wormed its way into my heart to become hands down one of my favorite animes. With an overly-cautious 12+ rating from ADV, Nadesico is suitable for most audiences and is now available in a set of all six DVDs in one package for around $60. I highly recommend Nadesico.

Last updated Thursday, February 06 2003. Created Thursday, February 06 2003.
Buy 8 9 9 7 9 Black Panther [series:165#142]
I love this anime!!! It is a BUY 100%! Like any anime, or any show for that matter, you have to get used to the characters and see what they are like... Once again I have ended up loving each one of them! However, my favorite Character has a REALLY short part! What is that!?!?! *Smile* I would get this as soon as possible! **Note: Thank you Coyote! ;o)**

Last updated Friday, January 25 2002. Created Tuesday, February 20 2001.
Buy 7 7 9 6 9 The Coyote [series:165#64]
If you are a fan of anime, you should love this series, Akito is the funniest hero out there, and Yurika's psyco obsession with him all make for a very entertaining. If you are looking for a laugh this is perfect show. Ruri is one of the great anime characters out there. Yurika drove me nuts at first but as time went she became one of my favorite anime characters. A great all around series I can't wait for the movie.

Last updated Tuesday, December 04 2001. Created Thursday, July 27 2000.
Buy 7 7 10 6 9 CatWoman [series:165#65]
This is such a great series! It is for me what Tinchi was for the Coyote! Akito is so...well he is cool in a geeky way. He does have a bad mouth though, (and I wouldn't watch this with young kids, it also has some little parts just like in the Slayers, but no nudity). I really like him though and I think he is one of the best anime characters out there! And Yurika, the captin, she's a total nut bar, but a lot of fun and you really grow to love her too. If you wont a good laugh, and great characters all around, this is the one for you! NOTE: it does get more seriuse as the series progresses! But it is still really fun and really GOOD! Not to mintion gets kind of sweet!

Last updated Tuesday, February 20 2001. Created Thursday, July 27 2000.

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