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Bakuretsu Hunters OVA
Rent On the "Spooner Continent", a valiant group of Sorcerer Hunters are the people's last line of defense against the evil dark magiks unleashed periodically by those who can't control it. Saving the world and looking sexy while doing it!

Bakuretsu Hunters TV
Rent In a distant and magical place, on the 'Spooner Continent', there are a group of people who can use magic and are called Sorcerers (They have a little triangle on their foreheads). These sorcerers rule over the Common people (or Parsoners) with an absolute fist. But when they get out of line, there exists a dedicated group of Sorcerer Hunters who will chase them down and bring them into line. One of these groups is a dessert-tray of dedicated soldiers - Marron Glace, Chocolate Misu, Carrot Glace, Tira Misu, and Gateau Mocha.

Cutey Honey (OVA)
Watch A female android named Cutey Honey has the power to take on the physical attributes of any persona she wants. She uses this power to fight against evil in the dark future.
Fragment of a Poem (literal translation) Rent See Uta Kata

Gate Keepers
Rent Japan, 1969: Strange invaders threaten Japan's recovery from the devastation of World War II with a shocking form of guerilla warfare. Fortunately a new type of hero has been discovered among the teenage population of Japan--the Gate Keepers! Able to channel "gates" to other dimensions, this new generation of heroes is the only thing standing between the earth and total annihilation.

Kiddy Grade

Lumiere (young purple-haired girl) and Eclair (red-haired older girl) are ES-members (Ecounter of Shadow-Work) of GOTT (Galactic Organization of Tariff and Trade) who do underground works to regulate the economy and safety of the Galaxy. Like all ES members, Eclair and Lumiere have special powers. Lumiere can control any form of computer technology, even from a great distance. Eclair can turn lipstick into a deadly weapon and when she wears it, she becomes super strong and exceptionally fast. They are accompanied by a GOTT auditor named Armblast as they accomplish various missions successfully. However, their past comes back to haunt them and soon Lumiere and Eclair find themselves in the fight of their lives. What is the secret of thier past? What is GOTT doing? Will Eclair and Lumiere be able to live normal lives?

Kido Senkan Nadesico
Buy Akito Tenkawa is just your run-of-the-mill cook on Mars. One day the Jovian's (Jupiter) attack leaving Mars a wasteland. Akito hides in a shelter that is attacked by a group of Jovian bug robots. A big flash of light appears. 1 Year later, Akito is working on Earth as a cook who has 'problems' with shell shock (War Flashback). On his way home, he bumps into a girl he used to know on Mars (Yurika). He chases after her demanding an explanation as she is the only other person from Mars that he has seen alive. (Something happened in that flash). The Jovians attack, but this time instead of running away, he gets into a giant robot (Aestivalis) and proceeds destroy them. He finally finds Yurika and yells at her before he finds out she is the Captain of the Nadesico, a private battleship from the Nergal corporation and Akito's BOSS.
Las Guerreras Magicas (In Spanish) Rent See Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth
Rent Three girls who were on a field trip to Tokyo Tower are sucked into a different world. In this world, they must become Magic Knights in order to not only return home, but to rescue the Princess Emeraude, pillar of the world of Rayearth! Based on the popular manga by the ever popular CLAMP, this story has also spawned a video game, available on the Saturn.
Magic Knights Rayearth Rent See Magic Knight Rayearth
Mahou Kishi Rayearth Rent See Magic Knight Rayearth
Martian Successor Nadesico Buy See Kido Senkan Nadesico
Mobile Battleship Nadesico Buy See Kido Senkan Nadesico
Nadesico Buy See Kido Senkan Nadesico
New Cutey Honey Watch See Cutey Honey (OVA)
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