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Title:Bakuretsu Hunters TV
Sorcerer Hunters TV
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Notables: Animation - Xebec
FURUMOTO Shinnosuke
GINGA Banjou
MADONO Mitsuaki
Original Concept - GOTOU Keiji
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
YANADA Kiyoyuki
In a distant and magical place, on the 'Spooner Continent', there are a group of people who can use magic and are called Sorcerers (They have a little triangle on their foreheads). These sorcerers rule over the Common people (or Parsoners) with an absolute fist. But when they get out of line, there exists a dedicated group of Sorcerer Hunters who will chase them down and bring them into line. One of these groups is a dessert-tray of dedicated soldiers - Marron Glace, Chocolate Misu, Carrot Glace, Tira Misu, and Gateau Mocha.

While each of them has a special power that they use to defeat the evil sorcerers, most guys will appreciate the exotic skills of the sisters - Chocolate and Tira :)

26 TV Episodes

See also the Sequel Sorcerer Hunters OVA & spinoff title Sorcerer on the Rocks
1:52min Series Trailer - Ann Video
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Watch 7 6 7 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:969#1552]
I seen trailers for this series pop up at points whenever I bought anything coming from ADV Films, so I suppose it was only a matter of time until I got around to seeing Sorcerer Hunters. Medieval fantasy-adventure style titles seemed to be something that got milked often in the 90s with titles like Record of Lodoss War, Slayers and Berserk as this baby focuses on the adventures of the Sorcerer Hunters as they go after enemy magicians with their unique abilities with comedy and fan service (compliments of the revealing fighting attire of the Misu sisters) added to the mix. The series offers nothing really new for the genre as it dabbles mostly into episodic stories where our titular group go after the mentioned enemy magicians with its adventure/ comedy mix and dabbles into more serious territory when the main enemy threat, Saj Torte, makes his presence felt being the typical baddie out to destroy the world for unclear reasons. The characters fulfill your standard anime archetypes with Carrot being the womanizing weakling, the Misu sisters being the abusive love interests, Marron your attractive androgynous bishounen and Gateau your strong man lead. The final few episodes of the series where our group tangle with Saj Torte creates a rather confusing finale when it seems all hope is lost yet a deus ex machina is seemingly milked and while things are resolved, Torte is seemingly still at large and the fates of the group are left unclear. Overall, Sorcerer Hunters felt no different from typical fantasy-adventure medieval titles of the 90s that I've come across, even as it dabbled into comedy and fan service. The comedy didn't really appeal to me since it mostly dabbles into anime tropes that have been milked to death in similar titles and I got more fun out of Slayers with comedy since it poked fun of the very genres that it milked. I guess I don't really get what makes this series appealing to 90s anime fans.

Last updated Friday, July 10 2015. Created Friday, July 10 2015.
Rent Stretch [series:969#628]
This is a series whose coming attractions I had seen countless times on ADV tapes, but not being a particular fan of sorcery I had passed it up until I heard it was really quite humorous. I love the music--the fast-moving opening theme, "What's Up Guys", is especially cool, and the accompanying animation is really neat, too. I must admit I found Carrot's mindless perversion to be kind of childish, but though I never found myself afflicted with gut-busting laughter, I did notice that there was something about this show which generally left me with a grin on my face. Perhaps it was the way this series manages to be amusingly risque without crossing the line into Ecchi. I enjoy the observations which "Big Momma" and Dotta ("Daughter") make about humanity. The episode "A Dreamy Girl at Lakeside" was surprisingly sentimental and non-violent--no fights, none of the hunters even transformed into their "naughty modes", as I call them. In "Forbidden Fruit" I thought the plot was rather clever--lots of different elements came together smoothly at the end. You might describe this series as "tragic/comic"--when evil sorcery is defeated, not all the victims walk away unharmed. In episode six I saw something I thought was impossible--a nightime scene in which anime charachters did not shine as brightly as they would had it been high noon. I wish Tira, Chocolat and Carrot wouldn't always transform in exactly the same manner--it gets a little tedious. But all things considered, I'm quite satisfied with this show.

Various internet sites say that there are 26 episodes to the series, but I found only 14 contained in the six VHS volumes I mail-ordered. It turns out there is a sequel series--at least it seems like a sequel, being packaged with a new title, namely "Spell Wars: Sorcerer Hunter's Revenge"--which accounts for the remaining 12 episodes. Whereas the first 14 episodes were largely self-contained, there is an ongoing story to "Spell Wars", namely the struggle between the Sorcerer Hunters and evil super-sorcerer Zaha Torte. I noticed a subtle difference between the two batches of episodes--it's as if the English language scriptwriters took some extra liberties with translation, adding jokes that made more sense to Westerners (I'm talking about dubbed versions, by the way). It's not a major difference, but personally I prefer the original approach. Towards the end Spell Wars almost dispenses with humor altogether, and takes on a distinctly dramatic tone. That's not a bad thing--I was frankly surprised at the clever and effective way the story wrapped up. For once, this was a series which exceeded my expectations.

Indeed, based largely on Spell Wars, I upgraded it from "rent" to "buy". Having finally rewatched the entire series, however, I didn't find it as powerful the second time around, and have returned it to Rent status. Still, a fun show which any serious otaku must watch at least once.

My favorite line: "I wish Carrot would learn to appreciate nature's little wonders--besides the birds and the bees, that is"

P.S: Bakuretsu Hunters marked the first major series animated by the prolific Xebec studio.


Last updated Wednesday, November 01 2006. Created Tuesday, July 04 2006.
Buy 7 7 7 7 0 0 KBanger1 [series:969#1694]
Sorcerer Hunters to me is a very good anime. You may think to yourself. "Why did he give it 7's straight across?" Well, the reason is because it looks and sounds a little too dated. Granted that the last few episodes were great. It was probably the dubbing that swayed my view. I have to admit that Brett Weaver who dubbed for Carrot Glace was pretty damn on point. The others though were a bit lacking. Primarily on the two women, Chocolate and Tira Misu (yes that's their names).

Storywise, it's very involved when you put all the serious episodes together. It is, however, a lot better when you add the silliness of each character and it all melds into one of the best series to own. Sure, it has some fan service, a guy who's total lack of reality leads him to wild chases of women who don't want him. His younger brother who acts like the only responsible sibling. Another guy who's physique can woo any women, yet is secretly in love with Carrot's brother. It also has those two sisters. Chocolate, who's infatuation with Carrot is seriously diluded as Carrot's perception. Tira, whose absolutely quiet about her feelings towards Carrot. Not to mention, an annoying fairy, a 12-foot woman named "Big Momma", and a couple of knights (one of which looks like a woman).

Overall, as far as the animation goes, it's well rounded for a TV series. Like I said earlier, it's quite dated for the english dubbing to match. I did like it from start to finish. Liked it enough to own the entire series plus the OVA. Just like my feelings with Cowboy Bebop, the end of the series was well done. I only wish they could have made a new series out of it. So, engdub fans, go get it.

Last updated Tuesday, July 04 2006. Created Tuesday, July 04 2006.
Buy 7 8 7 8 8 8 Iceman_Aragorn [series:969#1517]
It sounds like the OAV is super-ecchi, but I haven't seen it, so I can review this one without being tainted towards it.

Carrot is a fairly standard "run after every girl in sight at full speed", but despite that, he can be reasonable sweet at times (ie with the lady of the lake). getting hit by magic turns him into a big demon-like beast (handy, considering his profession), but other than that he's more or less a wuss....go figure how he seems to be the leader of the group.

Tira and Chocolate are sisters, both of whom are in love with Carrot....which really bugged by because this girl-hungry maniac seems to be unable to stand these two hot babes. Maybe that's because they have to 'subdue' him when he's in his beast form? Maybe because he only wants what he can't have? (and from the looks of it, he could have either of these girls any day of the week). Anyways, they also ahem transform when its battle time. Basically they throw off their outer clothes revealing slightly 'S&M-esque' outfits, with their weapons being a whip and a throwing needle/string respectively. (see upper-most picture)

Marron is carrot's brother, a somewhat feminine guy, but he seems to use magic. I think they call it something else though, to get around the fact that they HUNT sorcerers/magic users.

And of course, you have Gateau. He's strong.

Anyways, the story is pretty decent, and overall the show is very entertaining. I get the sense that the costumes used in the last episode by tira and chocolate might be indicitive of the level of ecchiness in the OAV, but other than that episode, its really not that bad at all (compared to many).

Last updated Tuesday, October 04 2005. Created Tuesday, October 04 2005.
Buy Forbin [series:969#1573]
Read Stretch's review on Sorcerer Hunters OVA for a more complete review.
Wow, This is probably one of my most favorite shows. 26 Episodes that I loved. All about how people form a bond that cannot be broken no matter what.
I have read the manga and noticed that they took out the major amounts of ecchi and comedy and just left Carrot the pervert and the serious parts of the manga. In fact they cut out a major character Lord Potato and his mother Salad and put them into the OVA.
The only real problem with the series? After watching Tira and Chocolate changing 26 times it's a bit of a waste. They did tone Carrot's scene down to about 5 seconds but if after 5 episodes you don't know why Carrot and the others are changing, there is something seriously wrong.
If you need an ecchi fest from the manga just watch the OVA.

Last updated Monday, February 21 2005. Created Monday, February 21 2005.

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