Chivas 1-2-3

Title:Chivas 1-2-3
Sorcerer on the Rocks
シーバス 1-2-3
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Notables: AKAHORI Satoru
HAYASHI Nobutoshi
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
YAO Kazuki

A famously ill-tempered Sorcerer, a gay guy who likes the Sorcerer, a Nun who is forced to serve as a table dancer, and an Elf which likes to fondle the Nun, need I say more?

[2 OAV episodes. This is a spinoff to Sorcerer Hunters.]

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Rent 8 8 8 5 0 8 KBanger1 [series:484#1694]
Overall, this would make a great series alone. It would be a great compliment to the original series, but it lacks what most spinoff OVAs lack, which is length. It's tied into Sorcerer Hunters which makes the animation familiar to those who watched that series. The characters are really interesting to the point where each personality is well performed in the ova. I thought that it would just be a ecchi type series and only show fan service most of the time (in which they do). They, however, bring out the comedic side of Sorcerer Hunters which made the series likable to most. It's almost like it was right off the original series, like a side episode, even though the actual Sorcerer Hunters never appeared. It's certainly worth the rent if you're a SH fan. What suprised me was that in the English dub, Brett Weaver (who played Carrot Glace) was working as the "gay guy". I thought none of the original voice actors were included so I was pleasantly surprised. Like I said, the only disappointing factor was the length. It only consisted of 2 half-hour episodes. Seriously, this ova deserves a longer series continuation. The ova left a lot of open questions that could be resolved if it was longer.

Last updated Monday, June 19 2006. Created Monday, June 19 2006.
Rent Stretch [series:484#628]
"Self centered, violent, and a real rotten wretch on top of all. But in the end, everyone follows him. To me, Shibas Scotch is an unfathomable person. In order to understand him better, and to care for his soul, I will continue to follow him".

Thus the Nun Gin Fizz describes the leader of her disfunctional team of magical bounty hunters. Despite being treated by Shibas as little more than a slave, she insists on believing that all people are good at heart and he can be redeemed. But her faith is strained to the breaking point when they enter a city that is so corrupt, so decadent, that just breathing the air makes her sick--and Shibas is delighted with the place. Each of the team members has a bizarre quirk to his or her personality--Shibas and Gin are respectively nauseated by goodness and corruption, Genmi is Gay, and has a thing for Shibas, while Kiss is both an Elf and a werewolf. It might just be because of some bizarre quirk to my own personality, but I really liked it! I noticed right off that the artwork was nice (and it has to be pretty good to grab my attention), especially facial expressions as charachters are thinking naughty thoughts. Most websites consider this a pretty average OVA--at least the highly respected Chris Beveridge liked it a lot. Perhaps it was the fact that the main charachter was a near total jerk, and I enjoyed seeing how a team led by such a person would operate, which made me like it (if I'm not mistaken, I think Shibas was played by the same Yao Kazuki who played Dark Schneider in Bastard!!--coincidence? I think not!). At one point Gin, Genmi and Kiss are risking their lives fighting a terrifying monster while Shibas is getting drunk in a tavern--you don't see that every day! Especially amusing was a certain trick Shibas uses to create a sort of hiding place for his mind when his body has been damaged by spells. I watched Sorcerer on the Rocks in both subbed and dubbed mode, and noticed that although the dubbed version featured some amusing Americanized jokes, the plot seemed a good deal easier to follow in subtitled form (sometimes you miss a fair number of lines even when you are listening to them in English!). Also, I got more of a feeling from the subbed version that maybe Shibas really did have a little goodness in him, whereas at the end of the dubbed version he still seemed pretty much a total A-hole. All in all, this seemed a well packaged story that didn't leave any loose ends. Too bad there are only two episodes! I watched my rented DVD four times before returning it, and have bought myself a copy as well. You know you've found something worthwhile when at the end of a viewing you just say to yourself "that was good! I liked that."

My favorite line: "Please take note of my gallant figure, Lord Shibas!" --Genmi

Last updated Saturday, December 12 2009. Created Wednesday, March 24 2004.
Watch - C.A.R. - [series:484#1289]

(From an unknown reviewer...)

This DVD is great... Great if you are sitting awake at 5 in the morning with friends right after you have finished killing zombies for hours of mindless fun. If you are fully awake and looking for a good anime to sit down and watch, then this isn't the one to choose, go watch .hack//sign or ghost in the shell if you want something cool.

But for $12.99 where can you go wrong?

Last updated Tuesday, March 23 2004. Created Tuesday, March 23 2004.

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