Cutey Honey (OVA)

Title:Cutey Honey (OVA)
New Cutey Honey
Shin Cutey Honey
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Notables: IWAO Junko
NEYA Michiko
Original Concept - GOTOU Keiji
Original Concept - NAGAI Go
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
TACHIKI Fumihiko
A female android named Cutey Honey has the power to take on the physical attributes of any persona she wants. She uses this power to fight against evil in the dark future.

8 OVA Episodes (25~28min each)

[edit] The ↗Cutey Honey franchise:
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Watch 7 6 7 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:152#1552]
New Cutey Honey features the typical stuff you would find in a Go Nagai work: over the top villains, female characters getting in various states of undress or nudity, a number of perverted male characters, nods to earlier Go Nagai works such as Mazinger Z and the original Cutey Honey series, villain of the day plots. The first half of the OAV series features an ongoing plot with Honey dealing with Dolmeck and his forces while the second half features episodic fodder. The series is far from being the worst anime I've seen, but it has nothing that really sticks out from the norm for me. If you like all things Cutey Honey or Go Nagai, then you're likely to enjoy this series. As for me, this series doesn't interest me enough where I would want to even bother looking into more titles in the Cutey Honey franchise.

Last updated Wednesday, November 23 2011. Created Wednesday, November 23 2011.
Buy 10 9 10 10 10 8 Anonymous #1148 [series:152#1148]
To those out there who gave Shin Cutey Honey a bad review; I have a few comments. The first of which is that those who are obsessed with pointing out Honey-chan's breasts or breasts in general are mostly likely hentai perverts who couldn't enjoy art if it were two inches from their nose. Some people apparently have the anime watching capability of pre-schoolers.
First let's look at the creator and producers. Go Nagai, one of the youngest anime masters. Created series such as Violence Jack, Devilman, Go Getta Robo (sp?) and Cutey Honey as well as sixty other series. Achieved Japan's highest art award for his work. The original cutey honey tv program ran on television for syndication for about 15 years. For those american audiences that's the equivalent of the original Star Trek. Second to only I love Lucy. That would mean that it's pretty popular in the country and amongst fans don't you think? Second the producers of Cutey Honey were some of the hottest new talent in Japan at the time, and still mostly are. Don't believe me? Take a producer or crew member's name who woked on Shin Cutey Honey and do a search for what anime they did after Shin Cutey Honey.
Let's move past the cast and move onto the actual story for a second. Cutey Honey (Honey Kisaragi) is a created android who protects the world from the evil forces of the panther claw and mother zora. She possesses the most powerful artifact in the universe, which is why panther claw wants to kill her. The artifact is called the atomspheric element condenser. This artifact allows the user to transform the atoms of one thing into something else. Air into a sword for example.
Honey-chan uses this to transform her body into all sorts of forms. Each form possesses it's own unique skills. The change sequences are really quick unlike shows like sailormoon. As for the nudity there's very little. The first few episodes have some nudity but afterwards it tends to become rare. Even in the change sequences. By today's standard's there's nothing wrong with Cutey Honey. You'd find worse watching Inu-yasha, Ranma 1/2 or Evangleon(Sp?).
How about the message of the series?
That girls can be beautiful, smart, strong, and kind. That in order to be human you must feel everything humans feel, including pain.
I think people wrote bad reviews of this because they were told by someone that it was hentai and went to go check it out, when they found out it wasn't they got mad.
Watch the series, listen to it, examine the deeper meanings. Don't just look for hentai in anime.
It's only when you examine anime from a deeper psychological and spiritual level that you enrich your life and soul.
Do not watch the dubbed version of Cutey Honey, It's horribly done by adv. They've ruined the story. Jessica Cavello (Voice of Cutey Honey) is the worst voice actress ever.

Last updated Tuesday, January 13 2004. Created Tuesday, January 13 2004.
Avoid MasterYoshidino [series:152#598]
I will not rate this but review it only.
This is because if it is one thing it is not anything. It tries to be hentai, but its not, it tries to be ecchi, but its not. It is not either. Do not expect much from it either. This thing was sold for the boobs only. If you wanted to look at a cuter woman go watch Ai Yori Aoshi. At least there are some cute but dumbfound characters in that anime.

Last updated Saturday, September 13 2003. Created Saturday, September 13 2003.
Rent 8 8 9 9 7 7 Stretch [series:152#628]
This is a show which is so outlandish, so bizarre, that I can't help but enjoy it. Where else would such priceless charachters as the "Peeping Spider" or the "Virtual Hacker" appear? Was I the only viewer who noticed that there was more to this show than fan service? The villains are freakish, inhuman, and quite powerful, so you'd think they would adopt a patronizing tone when they speak, only to hear lines like "Don't F--k with me!" (somehow seeing such lines appear as subtitles really cracks me up). The bantering between Honey and her opponents was better than usual--for example, after seeing one female transform into a hideous monster, she comments "Finally your body matches your inner beauty!". As for the nudity, I think the creators of Cutey Honey made a conscious decision that they weren't just going to go a little overboard with the "fan service", instead they were going to gather up every ounce of it they could find and shove it in our faces! Eventually we become so saturated with it that it becomes ridiculous and we can't help laughing at the absurdity of it all. Ironically, for all the flesh she exposes, Honey is ultimately so pure at heart, so determined to ward off evil, that Cosplay City would be in dire straights without her. In a way, the makers of Cutey Honey are teasing male viewers by including all the change-of-clothing scenes, since it's only too clear that if any man ever tried to do anything more than sneak a peek at her, he would get his ass kicked! (maybe this is one of the reasons why I have heard that, contrary to what you would expect, this series is quite popular with women, too). There's nudity and there's pornography, and while this series may be overflowing with the former, there's little, if any, of the latter. If nudity bothers you, that's your problem, not Honey's. I don't know where the idea that Honey is a dimwit came from--my impression is that though she is initially confused because she didn't know she had awesome powers, she turns out to be the brightest charachter in the series. I was heartbroken when it was revealed that she is in fact an android, since I had assumed she was a flesh-and-blood superheroine. A clever touch was the revelation that Honey was intentionally designed NOT to be invulnerable, but rather to be capable of feeling pain, so that she could sympathize with ordinary humans (and vice versa). Some critics claim that although episodes 1-4 are OK, episodes 5-8 are not worth watching at all. I wouldn't go that far, though perhaps I would demote them from the "Buy" category to "Rent". Finally, I love the opening song, at the end of which Honey winks at you and declares "I'm going to change!" (precious...)

If you still think I'm full of it, take a look a Carlos Ross' review at THEManime--or Mike Toole's one at "AnimeJump!".

My favorite line: "I f----d up. How embarassing."


Last updated Sunday, February 10 2008. Created Sunday, April 13 2003.
Rent Robbie [series:152#192]
Wow, those are some pretty bad reviews. I guess that's understandable though, because everyone does have their own opinion.
Cutey Honey is an interesting series to say the least. Ok, let me rephrase that: Cutey Honey is so weird and different that I actually started to enjoy it. The plot line may be kinda way out there, but it is pretty original. The problem most people have with this series is the nudity. While that is a major problem with the series, that's not what it's all about. Sure there are the ocational ecchi jokes, but those just add to the plot line of the show. Cutey Honey is an android that can take any form to fight the forces of evil, in this case Panther Zora.
I'll be honest and say this is definately not for everyone. You have to acquire a taste for it, and not let all the nudity bother you (especially if that's your beef with it). If you're looking for something different, try watching this with an open mind and you may actually like it.
Note: Sorry but this has to be cleared up. Cutey Honey is not a Sailor Moon rip off. The original TV series aired in 1973, years before Sailor Moon existed. In fact, producers of Sailor Moon actually thought it wouldn't be very good, thinking it would just be a Cutey Honey rip off!

Last updated Monday, November 12 2001. Created Monday, November 12 2001.
Avoid 2 4 3 2 Midnighter [series:152#94]
Okay, this one is quite abismal. This is an example of why anime has a bad reputation, because Cutey Honey embodies every negative stereotype in anime.
To put it bluntly, this show sucked. Completely tasteless, don't waste your time with shit like this, go watch Evangelion or Grave of the Fireflies. And there is no humor, just vapid, infantile attempts at it. If the producers would have known enough not to take this seriously (Like Devil Hunter Yohko), it might have been watchable, but they seem to have been trying to make a "sexy action film." The "drama" is pathetic, the animation sub-par, the characters are nothing more than breasts with a voice to spout bad dialogue, and the story is almost non-existant.
This is best avoided.

Last updated Tuesday, March 06 2001. Created Tuesday, March 06 2001.
Watch 10 Barry [series:152#122]
Come for the tits... stay for the tits. That's about it here, folks.
I give it 10 in Art for the tits, but if you don't happen to like lots and lots of tits, you may wish to add a -10 to that. There ya go.

Last updated Sunday, April 29 2001. Created Wednesday, January 17 2001.
Watch 3 4 2 5 1 2 Luke [series:152#91]
this is my first review so please be kind ^__^
i dunno why all you people mark this serie as "crap", cause i bought the first 4 episode and i found myself not disappointed at all with the serie.
ok, the plot is dull and Cutey Honey is just another bimbo-girl-all-tits-and-no-brain but still there are some funny (truly funny) moments to enjoy, first of all the opening tune which is very nice.
So, if you're lookin for an anime with a lot of breast shots and you're not disappointed with kitch stuff, Cutey Honey is definitively the title for you... otherwise, go and put into the vcr a random Neon Genesis Evangelion episode ^__^

Last updated Monday, November 13 2000. Created Monday, November 13 2000.
Avoid 1 1 1 1 1 1 Kaneda [series:152#87]
This is one of those lame anime's whose producer realise that it was lame and decided to make up for that with having the character go nude way to often, the plot is awful, the fighting is retarded the animation is meek at best. A cheesy sailor Moon rip off.In summary this is one of those animes i call the 'rock bottom' of anime. Its awful.

Last updated Friday, November 03 2000. Created Friday, November 03 2000.
Avoid Jenn-chan [series:152#31]
I've never seen anyone put Cutey Honey under the category of "magical girl", but I decided it was quite fitting. Think of it as a magical girl anime gone horribly WRONG. Or in the words of Anime Passion...."a kiddie show gone terribly wrong...".
I'm sure most of you have at least heard of this title. The only reason why I decided to check this out was pure curiousity. Any review (any LOGICAL review that is...) that you read about this show you will probably see this word:
You will probably see it mentioned many times....and ya know why? BECAUSE THAT IS ALL IT IS! The only part in the show that doesn't have a hint of breastage is the ending sequence. (the above picture by the way) Literally every scene we the viewers are treated to a boob or two, and maybe even an occasionally crotch shot....eeeehhhh...
Why am I making such a big deal about the nudity? Lets just say I'm a bit puzzled at what the creators were aiming for. A sexy comedy with endearing characters and intriguing plotline? Heh...more along the lines of slapstick goop that tries to be sexy and fails horribly. Everyone episode (well..I've only seen 2 but I can see where the whole thing is going) has blond and perky Honey and her friends going up against some hokey villian. Think Sailor Moon, only much more tasteless. Human Honey (refer to the picture above) gets into her fighting outfit in which her clothes rip away from her body, and others get shrink wrapped back on. And since Honey's main power is transforming, she gets UNdressed and REdressed about 100 times in every episode. Hence, every other scene there's nudity and we see more of Honey than we really every want to. She's so butch for heaven's sake! It would be a little more forgiveable if Honey was at least good-looking.
Needless to say, this sucked. I'm not sure if this wants to be hentai or just a risque comedy or what.....but it failed in EVERYTHING it aimed for. The only thing I remotely liked was the opening Japanese song for the original series. It's quite catchy, but no song is gonna save this crap.

Last updated Thursday, May 11 2000. Created Thursday, May 11 2000.

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