Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe

Title:Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe
Meine Liebe
Wandering Revelations Meine Liebe
吟遊黙示録 マイネリーベ
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Notables: HIGUCHI Chieko
HIRANO Takahiro
HOSHI Souichiro
KOYASU Takehito
SAKURAI Takahiro
SEKI Tomokazu
SEKI Toshihiko
In the year 1935 of some alternate reality, on a large island off the coast of France, there lies the (Germanic) country called Kuchen. The five elite Strahl (= parliament of Kuchen) candidates of the Rosenstolz Academy are certain to make an impact in a time of pending war and turmoil.

13 total episodes, 23 min

"Meine Liebe" (translating to "My love") is based on a Konami dating simulation game for girls of the same title; image background left to right: Naoji, Sir Isaac, Edward, Ludwig; front sitting: Orpherus, standing: Camus]
See sequel : Gin'yu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe Wieder

1:32 Series Opening (subtitled) - YouTube Video
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Watch 9 6 7 5 8 lucy-san [series:902#2510]

It was enjoyable but it took me about 9 months to finish all the 13 episodes. LOL

The series was pretty interesting... alot about politics. and its true that the animation needs more work because i felt like i was looking at a picture with sound comming out of it.

I liked the characters especially Ed (or Eduard) because he was the only one out of all the characters to actually have a personality, he's casual and entertaining at times. i also can't get over how cute Camus is (he looks just like a girl). LOL

The story got better near the end and i managed to finish it off faster because of it.

Well... i just hope the 2nd season is better. (goes off to watch it)

Last updated Saturday, March 01 2008. Created Saturday, March 01 2008.
Watch 10 0 10 6 6 6 aoneish [series:902#1615]
lol maybe it was the result of the sugar high i was on while i watched this. but i found it very funny...that is, until my sugar high wore off and i suffered through the longest 13 episodes ever...

the main cast is so bishie, lol, and the whole overtone is serious and sophisticated, but it makes me laugh cause they talk in their deep "serious" voices, and it just sounds so puffed up and pompous like someone trying to sound important though they know they're not. and its like every face is botox injected because there's hardly any expressions (and no wrinkles at all except for the bad guys). it takes ALOT away from the series, that their faces have no emotion. the voice inflections are there, but their faces o.o...i know i would have enjoyed it more had they animated the emotion.

and lol they really shouldn't give them such long (german) names, it takes the VAs awhile to finish it, there's a pause between each name. and lol each lengthy dialogue scene between all our bishies is like a portrait in where the characters stay absolutely still but for their barely moving mouths. i guess they save most of the animation for the sword fights. makes sense i guess.

despite all the poor animation, i do like the characters though (there's some wonderful yaoi potential for fanficcers lol). they do have their depth. whoever knew brash ed played the piano? it surprised me. and lui? there's a driven person for you though he was kinda preachy. i felt the dynamics were better when lui and orphe would go head to head but were still "friends" in a sense. their monotonous arguing was pretty (funny enough) endearing.

each of the first five or so episodes is dedicated to each of the strahl candidates to "explore" their background and motivations, which i felt was just blah cause while we were focused on the one character the others kinda just served as an excuse to bring that background up. contrived. heh. yea, now that i think about it, many elements in the series were set up very awkwardly.

the intrigue, the politics, the philosophy, are all very subtly complex. the issues dealt with corruption and power and idyllic aspirations and cynical realism are all handled very very well. i'm very impressed. animation and set up problems aside, of course.

what is it with bishies and their flowers? the weiss kruez boys owned a flower shop, and now the meine liebe boys hang out in the greenhouse all the time lol.

the op wasn't impressive. and what the heck was with the ep? the ost is, like the series, somber, but at times very our bishies lol.

overall, it's an interesting political picture, and it has a lot of potential, but this series fails on too many things for me to enjoy it. hopefully the sequel will be better.

Last updated Saturday, October 21 2006. Created Saturday, October 21 2006.
Unevaluated 10 9 7 Devil Doll [series:902#752]
[through 6 episodes; episode reviews; this is a candidate for a "Buy" rating; after a long break Shi-Fa has continued fansubbing now]

An anime without any Japanese element so far: Imagine a France where the French Revolution never took place, and the nobles are still using swords in 1935 while cars run on the streets and Zeppelins cross the skies. A lot of Louis XIV. style, magnificient buildings and clothes for the nobles, plus a slight touch of the supernatural - that's the alternate reality setting of this series.

The story is focussing on a small group of scholars, mostly of Germanic origin, of the Rosenstolz Academy whose top graduates are candidates for becoming Strahl members, aiding the King of Kuchen rule the land. Therefore many of these beautiful young men with flowing long hair are strong-minded, and you can expect competition and intrigues amongst them. Add the fact that some of them have a dark spot in their past...
The dominant characters are Ludwig and Orpherus, both strong leader types and rivals in this school, just with very different goals: Ludwig believes in his ability and disposition to lead others, while Orpherus wants to achieve power only to support the weak. Consequently, Ludwig's best friend Naoji (the only Japanese guest scholar) is an intermediator between these rivals, while Orpherus' best friend Edward is a bastard son of a noble without a regular heir. Add Camus, a silent boy with supernatural inspirations, friend of Orpherus but blood-related to Ludwig, and you have the five lead characters... and don't forget Sir Isaac, the mysterius novellist who happens to visit the Rosenstolz academy. The elitist thinking and the uniforms might possibly hint at a slight touch of Nazi society but maybe I'm oversensitive in this aspect. At least all the leads are shown as nobles - in the true sense of the word.

Everything is shown in unobtrusive colours, mostly grey, brown and green - which reminds me of Haibane Renmei in this aspect. The art is impressive, the animation of the sword duel in the first episode is nice. I haven't made up my mind about the music yet: The chaotic intro and trailer songs seems totally ouf of place while the orchestral score is wonderful at times. I can't read the Kanjis of the original site but the staff seems to be related to the one of .hack//SIGN, if that helps anyone.

The first episode of this series tells us with the background story of Orpherus and a first confrontation between Orpherus and Ludwig; the subsequent episodes provide the background stories of Edward, Camus, and Naoji. I am looking forward to watching more of this; with time these rivals might develop more and more respect and appreciation for each other. So far my favourite character is Ludwig who has the greatest potential (he is a true leader, taking those who follow him to a higher level), despite his apparent arrogance and pride; but all five leads are interesting.

What a pity the makers partially ruined this story for me by their ridiculous selection of arbitrary and incongruous German terms for everything in this fantasy land named "cake" with islands named "bisquit" and cities named "strawberry". I am constantly giggling about these names whereas this story is obviously meant to be a drama. If you don't speak German you might have more fun with this series than I do.

"Mokushiroku" translates to "Book of Revelations (Christian Bible); The Apocalypse". A "ginyuu" appears to be a "bard" (singer/poet). That's part of why I expect this story to become a monumental drama in a way, probably containing more supernatural elements as well (episode 3 showed some of these already).

Last updated Wednesday, May 04 2005. Created Thursday, November 18 2004.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:902#967]
Heard this one coming epic story beautiful animation. Japanese anime drawing from a Germanic/Nordic story line .just want to put this series on your watch list .dont know much about it.. other than what I have heard from the sidelines..

Last updated Tuesday, November 16 2004. Created Tuesday, November 16 2004.

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