Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe - 4: Foreign Country

Title:Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe
Episode:4: Foreign Country
Naoji remembers how his father sent him away from his homeland to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Kuchen and escape the era of chaos that Japan is heading towards. While Naoji is still wondering about which path he has to follow, of course Ludwig already knows this path, which will be at his side... on the other hand Orpherus wants to have Naoji as his future Strahl companion as well.
Rosenstolz Academy is holding a simulation tourney, and a mock duel between Naoji (Kendo style) and Orpherus (European sword) is scheduled as its highlight. During their training Naoji was almost wounded severely, and Ludwig blames Orpherus for his "inferior fencing". Naoji is about to retreat from participating in the real event but the academy director won't listen to his doubts.
Later at night Edward tries to cheer up Naoji and takes him on a walk to town. Suddenly an innkeeper asks the Japanese academy member to follow her to the sickbed of a fellow countryman who asked for this favour, as the doctor has told her that the man won't probably live past tomorrow. Reading this poor poet's autobiography and understanding the similarity of their respective situations, Naoji decides to stay at his sickbed for the whole night. In the meantime the tourney has already begun and Naoji's unapproved absence is about to be discovered, but Ludwig has an idea...
[2004-12-08, Devil Doll]:
Another slight dose of the supernatural, and the first episode with at least a little Japanese content. More and more the Strahl candidates act as a team, not because they consider themselves as such but rather because of their belief in what is right. I had to skip the last scenes as not to spoil the surprise to the audience.
One interesting detail repeated again and again is how the academy director understands more than anyone else about the scholars' situation while their teacher is only able to see the surface.

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