Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe - 3: Blossom

Title:Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe
Episode:3: Blossom
Even as a child Camus had been able to talk to flowers, but only his relative Ludwig showed understanding for this boy who was never allowed to leave his family's estate.
Victor Griffyth, successful entrepreneur and former graduate of Rosenstolz, came to visit his old academy and inquire about a certain scholar. Meanwhile Camus is watering his flowers once again but suddenly runs away and prevents some girls from moving along - right before a flower pot could fall on their heads. Griffyth-san witnesses this scene with great interest. Camus warns another scholar to stay away from high places; when this scholar falls down the stairs shortly after this, rumors are spreading that Camus were able to curse other people.
Just when Camus is most aware of being different and an outsider, Griffyth offers him to join his company and leave the academy, revealing to the boy they share the same power of intuition. He gives Camus time to think about it but makes it clear that he needs the boy. After consulting Ludwig and his flowers, Camus allows Griffyth to take him to his mansion...
[2004-12-08, Devil Doll]:
This special rose symbolizes the state of Camus throughout this episode which provides the first encounter with the supernatural but also shows that Camus is more than just a little boy and a worthy Strahl candidate in his own way. Once again Ludwig was the first one to correctly assess the situation, backed up by the academy director this time.
I left out a lot of scenes from the synopsis, mostly as not to spoil this episode but in some cases like the talk of the scholars with Isaac the "humble writer" are just not transparent enough to fully understand their impact already in this early stage of the series.

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