Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe - 6: Devoir (Duty)

Title:Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe
Episode:6: Devoir (Duty)
Due to the recommendation by Viscount Ortenbute (who graduated at Rosenstolz academy four years ago) and despite the protest of the head teacher, writer Isaac Cavendish is granted holding interviews with the current scholars as to contribute to the book he is writing about this academy. The academy's leader is convinced that the scholars might benefit from occasional interaction with outsiders.
During one interview, Ludwig and Orphe once again make their personal opinions a point - but to everyone's surprise Cavendish scolds these "royal brats" for being puerile. To a war veteran like him, Orphe's compassionate attitude appears too idealistic, and Ludwig's dictatorial attitude quite dangerous.
Later, three candidates ask Cavendish for a colloquy; Edward and Camus try to convince him that Ludwig and Orphe aren't that one-dimensional as they appeared during the interview. Suddenly Camus senses danger: Someone must have broken into the academy's cash office! Both Ludwig and Orphe go after these criminals - which on their part aren't interested in surviving witnesses...
[2005-01-01, Devil Doll]:
The sixth episode now focusses on this mysterious writer, his past and his role in the game. It becomes obvious that Cavendish is much more than a writer; and note how his assessment of the Strahl candidates changes during this episode. Being a Strahl candidate is no picnic, considering the political intrigues in those days.
Ludwig's obtrusive insistance in being right becomes boring with time. This time he decides to survive just to prove Cavendish wrong - which indeed appears a puerile attitude to me. Actually Camus was the only convincing candidate this time.
The episode contained more action elements than the previous ones, therefore I left out some aspects from the synopsis as not to spoil the surprise. This is a suspense episode, not just talk about ethics.

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