Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe - 5: Hauteur (Pride)

Title:Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe
Episode:5: Hauteur (Pride)
Ludwig's father invited many nobles to his banquet, using the opportunity to arrange the marriage between his son and the daughter of Baron Hartwich, one of the most influential nobles at the king's court. And Ludwig accepts this marriage without hesitation, as it both improve the reputation of his family as well as be supportive to his political career. His fellow students at Rosenstolz academy are doubtful about this arrangement, albeit for very different reasons: Camus is worried about his relative's quick decision while Orpherus detests Ludwig's will to make use even of this girl to boost his own interests. Even Naoji cannot understand this decision. Finally, the day of the official announcement has come... but not everyone is in favour of the shift of political power caused by this engagement...
[2004-12-21, Devil Doll]:
The fifth episode features the fifth of our Strahl candidates. And for the first time we can see this strong character doubt whether he is really walking the right path. Camus' supernatural inspiration may well have saved Ludwig's life this time, but it was Orpherus who acted when necessary.
This teacher played a suspicious role in earlier episodes already; for whomever is in control of power it must be valuable to have such a confidant in this important position for the future of the nation.
The closing scene shows Orpherus getting an interesting idea - this villain might have used this method before...

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