Final Approach

Title:Final Approach
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Notables: Animation - Trinet
Animation - Zexcs
KISHIO Daisuke
Mizuhara Ryo is a normal high school student, living alone with his younger sister Akane. They were very happy together, at least until a mysterious girl in jet-powered parachute crashes through their window and into their lives. A very beautiful Masuda Shizuka introduces herself as Ryo's new fiancé, him having been chosen as her perfect partner by a secret supercomputer, and they are now engaged under a secret national project to address the declining birthrate. And to emphasize the importance of the project, thirty black suited men break into the house, to hold Ryo down and quell his screaming complaints. Shizuka informs Ryo and Akane that she is there to stay!

[TV series, 2004, 13 episodes, 12 min; part of the Princess Soft Half-Hour, broadcast alongside W - Wish]

1:21min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Buy 8 8 8 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:875#2279]
Hahaha! This is a great series. It's an oddball, but well worth the watch.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art was about average. It wasn't bad, along with the animation. The character designs were cute and pretty good.

The OP was interesting. It was a semi-soft piece with female vocals. It was a nice catchy tune. The ED was a catchy one as well. Although not of my tastes, it was something worth nothing at least.

Series and Episode Story
As mentioned above, this was an odd but great anime. The plot, although not unique was "rare" enough to make it stand out and not a run-of-the-mill story. The silliness and humorous moments of this anime is what made it fun to watch and had me smiling more times than not. As Stretch had mentioned below, the SD sequences were really uber kawaii! There's not a lot of anime out there that can make a harem with great wacky humor but at the same time, focus on a serious love plot between our two main characters. Here, it's done just right. I love Akane, (Ryo's sister)! She's uber cute and probably my favorite character.

Overall it's a good anime that will give you good laughs as well. I recommend it with a Buy rating.

Last updated Friday, April 17 2009. Created Friday, April 17 2009.
Buy Stretch [series:875#628]
Final Approach is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it sort of show, which gets wildly varying reviews from watchers. That being said, I am one of those who love it--perhaps because I'm the sort of person who has an inexplicable urge to view those romantic-comedy-with-a-twist series which got crappy reviews from well known critics. Maybe I'm just a sucker for this genre, and I want to view every series no matter what rating it got. But once in a while my persistence is rewarded and I stumble across a hidden gem--that's how I would describe Final Approach. I hear this was based on a dating sim videogame, and the OP sequence suggests another five-girl harem series--two strikes against the show before it even steps up to the plate, right? Going in, my expectations weren't particularly high, and I frankly didn't know what to make of the insane first episode (whose idea was it that the best way to introduce a man to his future wife would be by having her come smashing through the window?). But the sheer absurdity of the comedy in this series has a certain charm to it (I especially liked the uber kawaii SD sequences). Also, I'll argue that this isn't a harem series after all. At most, two of the five girls ever become romantically involved with Ryo, and whether one of them was ever serious remains unclear. Most surprising of all, given this show's supposed origins as a dating simulation, was how emotionally touching it could be at times. While watching most romantic comedy anime, I never feel particularly involved, whereas while watching FA I can't help wondering what I'd do if I were in Ryo's place. If a cold fish like me is left feeling lonely at the end of an episode, this emotional intensity can't be a figment of my imagination. Perhaps the scriptwriters had the good sense to use most of the video game characters in supporting roles and concentrate on a believable romance between Ryo and Shizuka (yes, it does get believable after awhile, in spite of the way it begins). The dialogue seemed far too sophisticated and moving--tugging at one's heartstrings, you might say--for this to have been just another generic romantic comedy. As for the comedy, the writers seem to have decided that every fourth episode would consist of out-of-left-field (to use baseball jargon again), whacked-out humor--namely episodes 1,5,9, and the concluding one, 13. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but the way the series ended seemed to leave an opening for a possible sequel. As I watch Final Approach a third time (how many shows warrant that?) I was tempted to reduce my rating to a Rent, but no, if FA had been R1 licensed and I didn't already have a copy, I still think I'd gladly buy one. To summarize, using FA's own lingo, "A Great Series!! The Result of Skillful Writing and Outlandish Humor!"

My favorite line: "Why are you in a swimsuit?" --Ryo

Last updated Thursday, October 05 2006. Created Tuesday, May 10 2005.
Rent 8 7 8 6 6 7 bartsimspon12345 [series:875#1809]
I would say that this was a pretty good anime. The characters were well drawn and the opening song was good too in my opinion. Although I didn't like Rizelmine as much as this, it was probably because...maybe Rizelmine had a stranger, weirder storyline whereas this had a more capturing storyline. Rizelmine was also probably more childish I suppose.
I think that the anime was well done. The ending somehow I guess was obvious (not mentioning anymore than this). The thirteenth epidsode was kind of unnecessary too. It was kind of a filler epidsode I suppose.
Overall, great story. I found it very interesting to watch and funny.

Last updated Sunday, January 23 2005. Created Sunday, January 23 2005.
Watch Alexander [series:875#416]
basically this girl, who is 2yrs. younger than the guy. is demanding by the government to marry the guy. (watch today is pretty true, since jap. guys don't really give respect to the jap. women *bastards*, and all the women are marrying foreigns :) not bad)
anyways, the guy doesn't like the idea, of being forced to marry this girl who happens to fly into his apartment window, along with 20 CIA-type men.
having seen 12 esp. w/ maybe 1 more to go. =total of 13 unless they throw another 1 in.
romantic anime, barely funny, at points the animation ...Forbin is right all the girls pretty much look the same, except for the hair color.
if you miss this, no big loss, only 12minutes per esp. w/ 5 for the intro/ending themes.
give it a 6

Last updated Friday, January 21 2005. Created Friday, January 21 2005.
Watch Forbin [series:875#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : Med / High
Action : Low / Med
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : None

I was a bit disappointed with this series. While it was funny, and the characters are good to watch, it looked too much like Rizelmine and that's where it falls down. The whole show is basically Rizlemine 5 years later. Now it had it's moments (Emiho's marriage meeting was one of the best) but it wasn't good enough for a rent, it's a forever watch.

My only real problem with this show? All the Darn Girls LOOK ALIKE! The lazy animatiors didn't change ANYTHING about the 5 girls except for their Hair Style. The men are very unique but the girls are too generic. (Note : The girl in the Lower Left is NOT Ryo's love interest, she's the wife of his boss)

Last updated Monday, May 09 2005. Created Sunday, November 28 2004.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:875#967]
Having seen five episodes, this series is pretty silly.
With an opening that might remind one of an attack scene of Full Metal Panic, Shizuka jumps from a combat helicopter and crashes (through a window and) into lives of Ryo and Akane, only to jump up wearing a formal kimono to announce their engagement.
And so with Ryo complaining and fighting the engagement at every turn, the fifteen year old Shizuka shows experience beyond her years and seems to steamroll over his concerns, be it by using her political clout to jump a grade to be in Ryos class in school, or by drugging his miso soup to prevent him from throwing her out, or even to calling in an army of black suited men to protect Ryo from a bully. Ryo is obviously out classed and out gunned at every turn.
While discussing his situation with two of his school friends, Ryo comes to learn that Mutsu Emiho is engaged, by her fathers decision, to marry the son of a business associate, someone whom she has never met. Ryo, being bothered both by his predicament and by Ojos (nickname for Emiho) situation, decides to ask her out and begins dating her. What will Shizuka say or do? What will Akane say? And what about Ryos other school friend, Moriya Miki, who seems to have a special ability to understand Ryos moods and temperament?
The fifth episode has all five students together on a skiing outing that goes very wrong when a blizzard hits. And somehow they all end up in a hot spring together!
More later when I see more episodes.

Last updated Sunday, November 07 2004. Created Saturday, October 30 2004.

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