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Final Approach
Rent Mizuhara Ryo is a normal high school student, living alone with his younger sister Akane. They were very happy together, at least until a mysterious girl in jet-powered parachute crashes through their window and into their lives. A very beautiful Masuda Shizuka introduces herself as Ryo's new fiancé, him having been chosen as her perfect partner by a secret supercomputer, and they are now engaged under a secret national project to address the declining birthrate. And to emphasize the importance of the project, thirty black suited men break into the house, to hold Ryo down and quell his screaming complaints. Shizuka informs Ryo and Akane that she is there to stay!

Kaibutsu Oujo
Watch Werewolves, demons, monsters, vampires. All these ferocious creatures are afraid of the same thing: the beautiful Princess Hime, an awesome warrior who fights off the forces off evil with a chainsaw and a smile. Not only does she look great in a tiara, she has magical powers that allow her to raise the dead. She’s a girl on a mission, and with the help of her undead servant and a supercute robot, there’s no creature of darkness she can’t take down!

Buy Yuuichi is a high school student who can't remember much of his past. When he returns to the town he used to visit to live with relatives, his past catches up with him as he meets various girls, some of which he knew as a kid. And with time, more and more questions are demanding an answer: What is it that Ayu is searching so desperately but can't remember? Why does Kaori claim not to have a sister? Why can't Makoto remember the reason for the grudge she bears Yuuichi? Why is Nayuki trying to keep a stray cat? Why has Mai to fight monsters every night, leaving traces of her battles all over the schoolyard? And why did Yuuichi forget so many things about his past? Prepare for finding out that there aren't simple answers for certain questions, and keep your tissues within reach.

Kanon (2006)
Buy One snowy winter's day... I sit on a bench near the station, waiting to meet my cousin Nayuki Minase; it`s been seven years since I last saw her.This place is far from the town where I was born and lived until yesterday. This is where Nayuki lives with her mother, who has offered to take me in, now that I am forced to move so suddenly. And this is the town in which my faintest, cloudiest childhood memories are set...
Kanon Remake Buy See Kanon (2006)
Kanon: The Complete Series Buy See Kanon (2006)
Monster Princess (literal translation) Watch See Kaibutsu Oujo
Princess Resurrection (manga title) Watch See Kaibutsu Oujo

Yawara! A fashionable judo girl.
Rent All that Yawara Inokuma, a Junior at Musashiamya High, wants to be is a normal girl who goes out on dates, shops at bargain sales and makes Beef Stroganoff. However, she is also a judo prodigy, whose grandfather, Jigoro, was the 5 time judo champion of Japan. His one, all consuming desire in life is to see that she gets the Gold Medal in the Barcelona Olympics, and wins the National Achievement award.
Yawara!: Episodes 1-40 Rent See Yawara! A fashionable judo girl.
φなる・あぷろーち Rent See Final Approach
カノン Buy See Kanon
カノン Buy See Kanon (2006)
怪物王女 Watch See Kaibutsu Oujo

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