Kaibutsu Oujo

Title:Kaibutsu Oujo
Monster Princess (literal translation)
Princess Resurrection (manga title)
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Notables: KAWARAGI Shiho
Music - Ali Project
NOTO Mamiko
OURA Fuyuka
R1 Distributor - Section23 Films (ADV)
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
Werewolves, demons, monsters, vampires. All these ferocious creatures are afraid of the same thing: the beautiful Princess Hime, an awesome warrior who fights off the forces off evil with a chainsaw and a smile. Not only does she look great in a tiara, she has magical powers that allow her to raise the dead. She’s a girl on a mission, and with the help of her undead servant and a supercute robot, there’s no creature of darkness she can’t take down!

(summary from DEL REY manga - see link below)

Series first aired on April 13 '07
Animation by MADHOUSE
26 TV Episodes.

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"怪物" ("kaibutsu") = monster, "王女" ("ojou") = princess (so the fansub title is correctly translated and "Princess Resurrection" appears to be an arbitrary naming by Del Rey Manga).

1:27 Series Opening - YouTube Video
And just to keep things confusing, ANN is reporting that ADV will be 'localizing and distributing' this title, but they are unclear as to who will be holding the US/R1 license.

See also: Kaibutsu Oujo OVA
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OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Watch 7 6 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1583#1552]
Princess Resurrection mostly gets by parodying horror cliches in its focus on the wealthy Hime combating enemy monsters sent to kill her by her siblings, while also relying on the services of her android Flandre and a high school boy named Hiro who was brought back to life using Hime's ability to grant temporary immortality to the recently deceased. While Hime's character is entertaining for the most part with her willingness to engage enemy threats at the expense of property damage to her mansion, the plot mostly goes nowhere throughout Princess Resurrection's run as it gets too focused on episodic plots revolving around "monster of the day" threats to Hime and the characters surrounding her change little for the most part throughout the show's run, largely sticking with whatever character types they began with when introduced. While there are hints dropped over the battle Hime has with members of her family, the series doesn't dabble too deeply into the particulars of it nor does it advance too greatly at all. Overall, would say Princess Resurrection is largely underwhelming as a series since it largely gets by on Hime's character and the exaggerated spins provided on horror-themed characters. Unless you're a fan of this sort of thing, the series is otherwise skippable.

Last updated Sunday, June 16 2019. Created Sunday, June 16 2019.
Watch 8 7 8 7 8 8 Dreamer [series:1583#2279]
This series is a bit dark, with a bit of blood and legendary mosters (vamps and werewolves). Toss in a butler and maid or two and you've got this series.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and Animation was nothing special. They were your typical and average work found in most other anime. Character designs were on par as well. At times, the animation would seem to drop a few frames, lending to a bit of choppiness.

The OP was right up my alley. It was a rock piece with a bit of emo or goth feel (though I'm not into goth or emo). The female vocals did well for it. As for the rest of the soundtrack, they were of a darker nature with deep violins and organs.

Series and Episode Story
This is more or less your typical butler server his master story. However, our setting is with vampire,s werewolves and the like. The plot itself was nothing special. In fact, I can almost say there wasn't much of a plot to speak of. But it's the episodes that make it worth watching once over.

Overall, it's an okay series with a bit of humor and interesting characters.

Last updated Monday, November 30 2009. Created Monday, November 30 2009.
Rent Stretch [series:1583#628]
(All episodes watched):

A nice boy finds himself a zombie (a polite and courteous one) serving a strange woman who wields a chainsaw--what's not to like? Furthermore, he lives with a mansion full of cute and sexy women--except one is a werewolf, another is a vampire, and a third is an android! Now you've got an idea of what to expect from Kaibutsu Oujo.

The series gets off to a slow start; having rewatched episode one after watching the series in it's entirety, this is clear. It's as if the makers were learning as they went, and hadn't yet gotten into their stride. The first time I watched episode one, I asked myself "is Monster Princess comedy or serious?". My guess was the former, but the answer was distinctly unclear. The premise as a whole is amusing and interesting, but there seemed to be few actual jokes. Another thing I noticed was that not a lot of yen were alloted to animating the fight scenes. Having watched a few more episodes I realized that yes, Monster Princess is definitely a comedy, though the level of humor is uneven. It gets pretty damn funny at times--I loved episode four, in which Oujo gets kidnapped by some sort of Creatures from the Black Lagoon. I found myself saying "This is so whacked" to myself--a sure sign of a fun show. Episode 14 was another winner, being a bizarre mix of the Tale of the Headless Horseman, motorcycle racing and baseball--the climax cracked me up. Episode 15 is good, too, as three of Hiro's classmates learn that he's staying in a mansion full of fabulous babes. Flandre and Francesca are almost always good for a laugh. Then there's number 17, which involves a witch who fears she's developing wrinkles on her face. I have to hand it to Monster Princess for it's outlandish and bizarre sense of horror-humor. Even the ED sequence is a riot, if you watch carefully. On the other hand, some episodes are decidely lackluster; no particularly good jokes, and no particular surprises within the plotline--I find myself wishing they would hurry up and end. I wonder if different staffs worked on different episodes, since the quality varies considerably. At times I can't help wondering if what we have here is a great premise for a show which could have been put to (slightly) better use. But for all it's problems, Monster Princess averages out as a fun show which I seriously look forward to watching. The strange premise and odd characters work together to make this show addictive. As it nears it's end, things seem to get more serious, as evidenced by Hime-sama's fight with three immortal werewolves--the way that worked out was a little disturbing. And, when it's all over, I get the all too common feeling that this was another series based on an incomplete manga. The next-to-last episode might have made a better conclusion since it seemed to conclude a sort of serious plot arc whereas the last one was little more than silly (not that there's anything wrong with that). At least concluding the series in this manner leaves the door open for a second season, which I'd be delighted to watch.

Hime-sama herself is the star of the show, with her sharp wit and completely dignified, unemotional personality. Though the individual episodes of Kaibutsu Oujo are sometimes rough around the edges, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Thinking about the absurd premise and the trademark banter between the characters makes me grin, and I would really like to know how the story as a whole turns out. I've devoted a ridiculous amount of time and effort to perfecting my ideal Kaibutsu Oujo disc, with every single episode playable on my DVD player--it just goes to show what charm this show has. I'm guessing that half of all KO viewers would say I'm a fool and the other half would think what I've done was only common sense. A second season would be a godsend.

My favorite line: "The madness was average, though" --Reiri

Check out Hime-sama's montage at Kendo Girl Scrapbook!

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1583#967]
(The first episode is available as a fansub.)

The Japanese title for this is Kaibutsu Oujo or 怪物王女.
The manga title for this series is Princess Resurrection.
The fansub title for this series is Monster Princess.

Ok, let us just agree that this is a bit confusing.

Based on a manga series, currently R1-licensed by Del Rey.

Not to be confused with Murder Princess.

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