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Title:Kaibutsu Oujo OVA
Monster Princess OVA
Princess Resurrection OVA
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A remake of Kaibutsu Oujo. Supposed to follow the manga more closely.

2 OVA's ~22 mins each.

The first OVA was released 2010-12-09 together with the manga volume 13, and the second is to be released 2011-03-09 with manga volume 14 (Source: ANN)
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Unevaluated NekoShana [series:2408#3072]
(1 and 2 watched)

I cant say other then that i agree with stretch and his review. Clearly these are ment for those how have read the manga (which probaly is the reason for the release with the manga chapters) or atleast seen the TV series.

Some details in the stroy has been changed from the TV series. In the TV series Hime resurrect and keep Hiro alive useing the "Life flame" ulike these OVA's where its the Hime's blood. We also get to see more blood get thrown around compared to the TV series. This is has more focus on gore. The diffrences between the two reminds me of the diffrences between Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate. Character design has changed abit compared to the TV series, for the worse in my opinion. The "True dark walkers" or "Incomplete breed" vampires that Hime and Co, battles in OVA 1 are computer animated and dosnt beld in with the rest. To me they just feel out of place.

OVA 2 made no sence to me what so ever. It begins with Hiro and some one called Buchi (which i asume is a frind from Hiro's school, we get no intruduction) standing in a trainstation. The date is Friday the 13th. Apperently Buchi wanted to check out a train that stops there even thought its not on the train schedule. When its about to leave they are asked if they are getting on or not. Sure enough they get on(how surprising). Along the tracks we meet 2 of the princess brothers and we see another battle. In the end i "think" i got a hint about something but other then that i just sitt here woundering what i watched.

Im a person thats very easy to entertain when it comes to anime. But this somehow managed to miss all of my "entertained" buttons. I even had to play the first 4 minutes of OVA 2 to remember anything about it while i was updating this review. I cant see myself watching these again unless i was in desperate need for killing time. But there are better ways to do so. I liked the TV series and i wish they had continued on that instead.

Last updated Monday, March 14 2011. Created Saturday, March 12 2011.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2408#628]
(One episode watched):

I really liked the original Kaibutsu Oujo TV series, and was thrilled to learn that some OVAs were coming out. But having learned that there will only be two of them, a mere 22-odd minutes each, and having seen what course the first one took, I can't help wondering what the point was. Instead of expanding on the incomplete conclusion of the TV series, this seemed like a minor arc which might have been inserted somewhere within the first series. I can only guess that it was meant to appeal to those who wanted a closer copy of the tone of the manga. Clearly the viewer is expected to already be familiar with either the Manga or TV series, because this wouldn't make much sense otherwise. The characters come with no introduction at all, apparently the idea was that the viewer would have already grown to love them and would be thrilled to see them do much of anything. But this seemed rather dull to me: a new type of vampire shows up, and Hime and her crew kick their asses using pretty much standard weaponry and tactics. I can't say whether the second OVA episode will continue with this story or switch to another one. I liked the character designs of the TV series better; these didn't have the same glamor, either in their look or their wit. Maybe I'm not objective, since I liked the comic tone of the TV series, but this seemed a distinct disappointment to me. I don't think I will even bother to download the second episode.

Last updated Saturday, March 12 2011. Created Monday, December 13 2010.

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