Macross Dynamite 7

Title:Macross Dynamite 7
マクロス ダイナマイト7
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Less than a year after the war between the Macross 7 Fleet and the Protodeviln, Basara leaves Fire Bomber and travels to the planet Zola. There, he meets a girl named Elma, who is a big fan of Fire Bomber. It is also on this planet where he must once again use his Spiritia powers; this time, to stop an army of poachers and Elma's father Graham from killing a group of space whales traveling within the planetary system.
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4-episode OVA series released from December 18, 1997 to August 25, 1998.
Animated by Ashi Productions.
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Watch 7 7 7 7 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3094#1552]
Other than being able to see some new songs sung by Basara during his visit to Zola, Macross 7 Dynamite doesn't offer much new to those who enjoyed Macross 7 as the plot involving space whale poachers adds nothing new to the series and features a rather creepy side-plot in the second episode where Mylene nearly gets raped by a warped female music director. Only worth checking out if you're a diehard Macross fan.

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