Happy Lesson the Final

Title:Happy Lesson the Final
Happy Lesson Final
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Notables: ASANO Ruri
INOUE Kikuko
KISHIO Daisuke
SHIMA Ryouka
Class president Fumitsuki-san openly proclaims her affection for Chitose-kun, which both surprises him and starts him thinking. Chitose comes to understand that he is in love, but with whom? Meanwhile, Mutsuki-mama must deal with the proposed destruction of her old high school and the memories of a love she had there.

[3 OAV episodes, the conclusion of the Happy Lesson series.]

1:34min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Buy 9 8 9 8 8 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:892#436]

If you've already watched the first three Happy Lesson series, there's no doubt you are going to watch this final one as well. After all, by this time there are certain things you've come to love about the series and all those elements are back.

At only three episode, the series is short and only tells a single story. However, that story is pretty interesting and laced with a fair amount of the humor we've come to expect from the previous installments. However, this series is about love. Fumitsuki-san must find the courage to confess her love for Chitose-kun. He must address how he feels about her. At the same time, he has to deal with Mitsuki-mama's apparent depression at the upcoming destruction of her old high school. This is where she experienced her first love and so the old school means a lot to her.

From this point, the series does fine. I felt that they managed to combine the serious and humor much better than in Happy Lesson Advance. However, as the final episode is winding down, things start to get silly. It is a way to have some silly action and have cameos by Nagatsuki and Hana. This is the weakest area of the show.

The ending is predictable, yet I found myself thinking, "they aren't going to end it this way." But they did and...well, you be the judge when you see it. I suppose it is the only acceptable ending considering the nature of the series as a whole. It didn't bother me though.

Two final notes -- first, make sure you don't skip the end credits. Several small images will be shown which often show important things to be carried into the next episode. Second, thanks to Static Subs for providing an EXCELLENT little article explaining the names of the characters! I wish actual American licensing companies would do the same sorts of things as extras in their titles!

Bottom line: I enjoyed it. If you liked the earlier titles, you'll like this one too.


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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:892#967]
If you have been able to watch any of the Happy Lesson series, then you might well understand and enjoy this short three episode OVA ending to the series. My only complaint might be... why not string it out a bit longer.....

Last updated Tuesday, November 09 2004. Created Tuesday, November 09 2004.

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