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Title:Happy Lesson OAV
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R1 License - ADV (Renamed)

Chitose-kun finds himself living with five of his beautiful high school sensei's at the home his parents left him. Adjusting to life with this wild bunch of teachers is tough. Kisaragi-sensei is a chemestry teacher at school and a science/electronics wiz at home, often performing experiments with Chitose as the subject. Mutsuki-sensei is his homeroom teacher at school and the "maid" at home. Satsuki-sensei is the P.E. coach at school and the wild, loud woman at home. Uzuki-sensei is the art teacher at school and a cosplay anime-manga otaku at home. Yayoi-sensei is the school nurse and at home she's a sword-miko (priestess).

If his life wasn't complicated enough, add to the mix Fumitsuki-san, who's his female class president that has a crush on him, yet hounds him constantly. Then his childhood friend and fellow orphan whom he considers an older sister shows up (Hazuki). She also happens to be a rising idol star. Then another younger female fellow orphan and childhood friend named Minazuki shows up wanting to marry him. What's a boy to do?

[5 OAV episodes based on the manga of the same title. ADV (who holds the R1 license) only released three of the five episodes on DVD. Also, ADV erroneously calls this the sequel to Happy Lesson TV when in fact the OAV came first.]

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Buy Violet D [series:818#1393]
This is a fun one to watch and if you are in one of those moods. You know those kind where you aren't happy or sad either and just not sure how you feel. This is a good one to take those mixed up moods away. Chitose is a young guy who is being nutured by five teachers plus the school president also has a crush on him. Some of the situations they put him in, a regular student wouldn't survive. He also has a older sister from the same orphanage and a younger one who also want to give him attention. All Chitose wanted to do when he got out of the orphanage was move into his parents house alone. That wasn't to be the case. So along with five teachers, one girl president and two sisters he manages to live through it and be happy.

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Buy 9 8 9 8 8 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:818#436]

I'm really annoyed with ADV. When I rented this series and Happy Lesson TV, their billing stated that the OAV continued the TV series but retold the first TV episode. In fact it is the other way around. The OAV came first and then the TV series. Had I seen them in order, I would have enjoyed the TV series much better.

The first episode is a wash since it is almost identical to the TV series. However, where the OAV's importance comes in is the introduction to the characters of Hazuki and Minazuki. In the TV series, they are portrayed as brother and sisters. In a sense that's correct, but I could never understand why Chitose's two sisters wouldn't be living in the same house as him. Now I know. THEY AREN'T RELATED! They grew up together in the orphanage and think of each other as brother and sister (for the most part). Hazuki being an adult and making money as an idol is able to take Mina in. That's why they all know Chitose's living with five teachers and since they are like family, it isn't a problem.

That said, I really enjoyed the OAV. I appreciated learning more about Chitose, Mina, and Hazuki as well as seeing the antics of "mama-san-tachi" (the five mama's). I can easlily see why the series was then turned into a TV series.

Bottom line: watch this first, then watch the TV series! This is a great introduction to the TV series in addition to being humorous and heartwarming.

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