Happy Lesson Advance

Title:Happy Lesson Advance
Happy Lesson Advanced
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Hitotose Chitose has adjusted to life with his five sensei-mama's. He's adjusted to having an idol as an adopted older sister and he's adjusted to having an adopted, super cute, younger sister. Now his world is threatened with the arrival of Nagatsuki Kuron. This person has arrived from China and claims Mutsuki as her mother. How will this effect Chitose-kun's current situation?

[13 TV episodes]

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Rent 9 7 8 7 7 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:820#436]

When Happy Lesson TV ended by having the reset button pressed on Chitose and Fumitsuki, I knew it was simply to have a sequel series with more of the same. Sadly, Happy Lesson Advance doesn't live up to its predecessors.

For starters HLA tries to be a more serious title. With the arrival of yet another female, this time Nagatsuki, Chitose-kun is given an enemy who appears to want him dead. As the series progresses, the two become rivals and the mood lightens a bit. That said, the writers inject serious stories with a couple of the sensei-mama's nearly leaving the house forever. With this and other stories, the writers try to take a serious look at family. However, since Happy Lesson was a light-hearted tale, these serious stories don't play well.

That's not to say the humor is all gone. Sadly, too many jokes revolved around Fumitsuki sending Student A and Student B into orbit after they've said something. Too many jokes revolved around Fumisuki finding herself attracted to Nagatsuki. However, episode five's class trip was pretty funny as was the family trip to the beach where the group runs into the crooked realtors. And there was a funny Power Ranger/Pokemon parody. These things kept the series from falling off the map.

I did have a problem with episode 9 of the series. It was shown in Happy Lesson TV and was totally out of place in HLA. It was the episode where Hana sends the girls to the onsen and ends up rescuing a puppy with Chitose. I had notice a high level of reused animation, but to have a whole episode was just wrong. Not only that, but the episode was out of place, even if it hadn't been seen before. So if you see the series, skip nine because episode 10 takes place immediately after episode 8.

Bottom line: Not as good as the original, but worth a rent if you enjoyed the original OAV and TV series.

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