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Happy Lesson Final Buy See Happy Lesson the Final

Happy Lesson the Final
Buy Class president Fumitsuki-san openly proclaims her affection for Chitose-kun, which both surprises him and starts him thinking. Chitose comes to understand that he is in love, but with whom? Meanwhile, Mutsuki-mama must deal with the proposed destruction of her old high school and the memories of a love she had there.

Happy Lesson TV

A 15-year-old Hitotose Chitose moves out of the orphanage back to his vacant parent's house and finds himself very alone and unhappy. But when five of his female high school teachers decide to move in with him to become his new mamas, he learns that the chaos of their constant attention and concern change his life for the better, if only to teach him about the very special meaning of being part of a family and enjoying a quiet moment.

Happy World!

Oomura Takeshi is a high school boy suddenly filled with misfortune. His apartment has burned down, he's lost all of his possessions, and everything that can go wrong in his life is going wrong. After an electrical transformer falls off a nearby poll and nearly kills him, the angel Elle comes and saves him. She explains that his estranged father is the one who placed this "curse" upon Takeshi. Now she must stay by his side in order to counter the curse and to do this, she adopts the form of a human girl and Takeshi's step sister. Living with Takeshi's aunt Sanae-san, and perverted female cousin Motoko, Elle must learn the ups and downs of life as a human and Takeshi must learn to bear his curse. What does the future have in store for them?

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