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Title:Happy Lesson TV
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Notables: ASANO Ruri
INOUE Kikuko
KISHIO Daisuke
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
SHIMA Ryouka

A 15-year-old Hitotose Chitose moves out of the orphanage back to his vacant parent's house and finds himself very alone and unhappy. But when five of his female high school teachers decide to move in with him to become his new mamas, he learns that the chaos of their constant attention and concern change his life for the better, if only to teach him about the very special meaning of being part of a family and enjoying a quiet moment.

Each of his new mothers has something special to share with him; an artistic cosplay princess, a nurturing supportive homeroom mother, a rowdy athletic sports fanatic, a priestess (sword miko) high school nurse mother, and a quiet secretive (possibly mad) science teacher/mother. These five adoptive mothers accept not only Chi-kun, but also his two sisters. This is a very special story of a family tied not by blood, but of heart and love. But what of the female homeroom class president, who is appears to show a very special interest in the lazy and inattentive Hitotose-kun?

[13 episodes based on the manga of the same title. 3 DVDs, english dub released by ADV (including one "extra episode 11.5" which is actually part of the sequel Happy Lesson Advance).]

Note: This series is very innocent and very PG rated. There are some situations that adults will understand and laugh at, but nothing of any serious concern or surprise. Also, watch the OAV first as it will explain certain things like Chitose's sisters.

1:29min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Watch 7 8 7 7 7 7 Dreamer [series:800#2279]
Here's another harem that could have been a refreshing series. But.....

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art didn't seem up to par. It seemed a bit below the average anime out there. The animation itself wasn't bad... on par. The character designs.... I didn't really care for. They seemed pretty flat and bland. None of them were really memorable.

The OP wasn't too bad really. It was a modern alternative piece with female vocals. The rest of the soundtrack was a mix of guitar pieces that sounded like alternative to rock songs.

Series and Episode Story
It wasn't bad. Lots of stereotypical stuff here really. While the premise seemed fresh (and refreshing), with a group of sensai as "parents", it just didn't quite made it "fresh" enough to make it a step above the gazillion other harems out there. It was still a fun watch with plenty of humor here and there.

Overall, it was a decent anime worth the time spent on it.

Last updated Wednesday, May 06 2009. Created Wednesday, May 06 2009.
Buy 9 7 9 8 7 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:800#436]

The harem genre is a big one in Japan, but the problem series creators have is how to put a new twist on the old theme. With Happy Lesson, the writers did that making things just fresh enough for harem and comedy series lovers to really enjoy.

As mentioned in the description, this time our hero Chitose-kun finds himself living with five of his beautiful female high school sensei's. The cover story is that he's an orphan, he's inherited his parents VERY large home, and he's a troubled student who just needs some TLC at home to be a good young man who will become an excellent husband/father someday. Yeah, it is a weak stage setting and it is made weaker by the fact that Chitose has a younger middle school sister Minazuki and an older pop-idol sister Hizuki. Mina-chan lives Hizuki, so why all three weren't living together in the big house is because we need Chitose-kun to live with five hot teachers! (EDIT: Actually, this is explained in the OAV, which I'd not seen when I first wrote this.)

The series is pretty predicable and since seven girls are never enough, two more are added to the mix to actually be in love with him. While Chitose's two sisters know about his living arangements (and often come over to visit and eat), no one else at school does and they have to do what it takes to keep it a secret.

While the setup is weak, there's some mild fanservice, and the stories predictable, I couldn't help but really enjoy watching this. Taking the trip was what was fun and that's one of the reasons I watch anime. Of course it didn't hurt that Inoue Kikuko played the part of school nurse/sword miko Yoyoi-sensei.

DVD-wise, ADV does a decent translation job save for the honorifics which are mostly ignored or modified. Cute names like "Ka-chan" are changed to the character's whole name. I completely disagree with that choice on the part of the translators/editors. Make sure to watch after the final episode's credits as the six main Japanese seiyuu have a farewell greeting. That was very cool!

Bottom line: more of what you'd expect from a harem title with a few modifications. However, it is still a lot of fun and worthy of a place in the collection for those days when you want to watch something light.

Last updated Monday, July 19 2004. Created Thursday, July 08 2004.

Buy bordem [series:800#1311]
ehh yeh, this story is random as anything. it has lesbianism, not more than a small crush, and all sorts of wierdness but overall if you like godd anime this will be a good bet.

Last updated Monday, June 21 2004. Created Monday, June 21 2004.
Buy 8 8 9 8 8 7 Jan-Chan [series:800#967]
Ok .. I have been watching the dubbed version of this series, so I have not seen the ADV release, but I have to admit that I like the warm-and-fuzzies of this series.
You might want to wack me (once or twice or thrice) for rating this as high as I have, but I really like the innocent and playful story line. It is just a fun story of family, with a strong hint of romance (and teenage insecurity), but it does work to charm at this level.
If you understand what I am trying to say, then you might just want to watch this if not, then you might just be surprised.
But in any event, this is a fun story and definitely worth viewing . (TAAA!!)

Last updated Friday, June 18 2004. Created Wednesday, June 16 2004.

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