Slayers Gorgeous

Title:Slayers Gorgeous
Slayers Movie 4: Gorgeous
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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
Lina and Naga are back in yet another town. This time, they discover that everyday around lunch time, the town is invaded by Marlene-sama (a Dragon Lord) and a couple of her best dragons. Lina and Naga thwart Marlene, winning the admiration of Lord Calvert, the ruler of the town.

Things aren't all that they appear to be. Marlene is actually Lord Calvert's daughter and her reasons for attacking the town seem petty. Then Naga joins Marlene's forces to continue her battle against Lina. But is there more to this than meets the eye? Is there a dark force using the petty dispute to gain power? And what will the dragons do when they hear the name, Lina Inverse?
[Movie, 60 min]
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OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Rent 8 7 8 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:717#1552]
This second Slayers movie with Lina and Naga delivers slightly better on the comedy end than Slayers Perfect thanks to its starting light-hearted, less serious plot where Lina gets caught in the middle of a silly family quarrel between a king and princess. Lina's usual genre savviness of medieval/ fantasy action cliches and her reactions to the silly family issues she undergoes make for the highlights of humor in Gorgeous while many things involving Naga aren't quite as funny. The final third of the series involving the major baddie is quite predictable and shallow, offering up much of the many weaker elements to this movie. This is only worth a watch if you're a diehard Slayers fan and can put up with the hit-or-miss laughs involving Naga.

Last updated Wednesday, February 15 2012. Created Wednesday, February 15 2012.
Watch 7 7 7 7 7 7 Dreamer [series:717#2279]
And here we go again.

Art, Animation and Character Designs
Art and animation, as mentioned in several of similar posts on the previous Slayers, is about the same. Nothing new or special here.

Music? Simply read my previous Slayer posts and you'll get an idea.

Episode and Series Story
I didn't care for this story that much. It seemed like they went downhill on this one. However, at the same time, Lina brought in a few good laughs and antics and Naga..... well, Naga is the same old annoying Naga. Actually, she was bearable up to now. Her "charm" has worn off and more an eye sore. Aside from that, the story is pretty bland and nothing much too it.

Overall, it's okay to watch if you're bored or a Slayers fan.

Last updated Thursday, February 19 2009. Created Thursday, February 19 2009.
Rent 8 8 8 8 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:717#436]

This latest installment seems at first to be just another boring Slayers movie. However, this one actually got a few things right starting with the humor. The first half of the movie is pretty light-hearted. There are a few good jokes concerning Lina's reputation. Her confrontation with the dragon army is pretty funny too. There's a bit of carry-over from Slayers Great which provided some continuity. That was a nice change. Plus Hayashibara Megumi is used much better in this movie than in the previous two.

On the downside, there's still Naga and her annoying laugh. That's so old. The spoiled princess aspect of the plot was dorky, but it did lend to a little humor. And the story was very predictable. Even the plot twist to make the movie head into a more action-driven area was easily predictable. The only thing unpredictable was who the villian ultimately turned out to be.

Bottom line: the movie franchise for Slayers went back up a few points. However, only hard-core Slayers fans will really be interested. For everyone else, it will be something to kill some time with.

Last updated Friday, February 27 2004. Created Friday, January 09 2004.

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