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Title:Slayers Perfect
Gekijouban Slayers
Slayers Movie 1
Slayers the Motion Picture
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R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
Lina dispatches some bandits only to have them hire Naga the Serpent (or Nahga as ADV spells it), a magic user with a giant chest and little in the way of clothing. This self-proclaimed rival of Lina's quickly changes sides, then gets Lina to go on a free trip (with plenty of decent food) to the island of Mipross to go to a 5-star hot spring. Soon, the duo find themselves caught up in kingdom with many troubles with thugs on one hand, theives on the other, and the mysterious Roudy invading their dreams. The demon Joylock has returned and Roudy needs Lina to help defeat this demon.
[Movie, 65 min]
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Watch 8 8 8 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:48#1552]
This movie's about on par in quality with Slayers Special and Slayers Excellent considering it is focused around Naga and Lina. Slayers Perfect is hit or miss with its quality where I did get laughs out of Lina's usual subverting of the typical cliches of fantasy/ medieval titles and the anachronisms of the island resort in general. However, Lina's chemistry with Naga isn't as strong as when she interacts with her comrades from the TV titles and compared to the OAVs, I couldn't get anything from Naga to laugh at this time around. My issues further extend to the plot for this movie as it tries to take on a more serious feel by the second half of its run. Whereas the TV titles were capable of creating elaborate and sometimes complex plots with their villains, the plot involving Joylock felt quite dumbed down in comparison, even with the implications that one of the major characters for Perfect could be related to Gourry. Like the OAVs, Slayers Perfect features clean quality visuals with fluid animation that is a step up from the subpar animation quality you would see from the 1990s TV titles of the Slayers franchise. Still though, this movie is nowhere up to the caliber of quality you would find with comedic delivery and plotting from TV titles in the Slayers franchise.

Last updated Thursday, December 08 2011. Created Thursday, December 08 2011.
Rent 7 7 7 7 8 8 Dreamer [series:48#2279]
Having seen the 3 series of Slayers, I was excited to watch this movie.

Art, Animation and Character Designs
Art and animation was nothing special. It pretty much looked like the rest of the 3 series. Typically a movie rendition has a better art and animation but that wasn't the case here. Character designs were the same as well.

Music was about the norm but seemed a bit more "musical". Well, rather, it didn't seem as mundane as the series but it was more or less the same. In a nutshell... nothing here.

Episode and Series Story
As one would expect from a Slayer's installment, this one had plenty of laughs and silly antics. As AstroNerdBoy said below, there's no Gourry, Amelia or Zelgadiss. So of course, for you die-hards, it wouldn't be the same. The story isn't much of anything and not complex. It's pretty simple and somewhat boring. However, being a Slayer's fan, I still had fun with this one.

Overall. It's nothing really taking your time on except of course, if you're a Slayer's fan like I.

Last updated Thursday, February 19 2009. Created Thursday, February 19 2009.
Rent 9 8 9 8 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:48#436]

This movie is missing three major things: Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadiss. I'm not sure how this movie is supposed to fit in with the TV series, but I would guess it is a prequel or spinoff. Regardless, the new side-kick of Lina's didn't do a thing for me. Naga is there just for increased fanservice levels. The chemestry that Lina had with her TV crew isn't there with Naga. Plus, Naga has this annoying laugh that some female anime characters get (ie: Ayeka in various Tenchi titles). Gah! That got old quick.

As to the story, there's not much there. Thanks to Hayashibara Megumi's excellent voice work (Japanese version), Lina is as fun as ever. She does some of her traditional spells for the fans including "Fireball" and "Dragon Slave". Since ADV has done this movie, the translation for the "Dragon Slave" spell is different. Roudy as a boy in love with the elf-girl Meliroon looks very much like Gourry only with blue hair. I'm not sure, but for some reason I got the strong impression that maybe these were Gourry's parents (or grandparents) especially since Roudy has the "Sword of Light" in this one.

DVD-wise, ADV throughs in a few extras. Lina gets a new voice actress in the English dub which may put off those of you who watched the TV series in English. This is an ugly part of anime coming to America and another reason why I stick to watching these shows in Japanese. The English dub script gets an above-average domestication treatment. The subtitles seem fairly accurate though ADV doesn't use any honorifics.

Bottom line: Fun but I really missed the TV gang.

Last updated Wednesday, July 21 2004. Created Wednesday, September 10 2003.

Buy bekku [series:48#816]
this film wasn't the greatest, let's put it that way. slayers has high expectations for me, always making me want more and more. more comedy, action, randomness, and other stuffs. this one really didn't bring that much as the tv series and sequels. although, mixing naga and lina do bring good results, :)
oh yes...there's another thing i want to point out, looking at the cover i can't help but notice one thing, "crazy naga and her gravity defying boobies V_V".

Last updated Monday, June 30 2003. Created Monday, June 30 2003.
Watch 9 9 9 8 4 BigPants [series:48#243]
As much as I am a fan of the Slayers TV series, the movie left me with a headache and wishing I had watched something better.
The story wasn't the greatest in the world and I often asked myself during the movie how they got to where they were or what they were doing (I think I was falling asleep at some points,) but it was worth it to see Naga (the character exclusive to the movies and OAV's and has an attitude that juggles around as much as her breasts), pretty much.
The art and animation is absolutely gorgeous and comparable to probably only a few other titles out there.
I honestly cannot think of anything worthwhile to contribute to this review other than don't watch this unless you are a die-hard Slayers fan.

Last updated Friday, January 25 2002. Created Friday, January 25 2002.
Rent 7 6 3 6 5 Eagleye [series:48#131]
I didn't believe that it was that great. The characters weren't designed well, the animation was alright, and the plot was on the same level as the character design.
It had ten so called ranking characters and as the movie goes along lena and her side kick, which runs around wearing practicaly nothing, fights most of them in order of rank. These ten characters are controled by these octupi looking things on there head and the number one guy controls the octupi. It was just too weird.
It had some cool animation fight seens, but the characters just weren't that great. The plot is given away in the first ten minutes of the film. In other words everthing is to be expected.
This is one of those movies were if you can watch it over and over you might begin to like it, but the first impression sucked.

Last updated Monday, February 12 2001. Created Friday, February 02 2001.
Rent 8 8 2 2 2 The Coyote [series:48#64]
I love lisa ortiz as the voice of lena inverce so I just couldnt give this a bye the movie just isn't anything compared to the series. not even close still entertaining if you can hadle the voice change

Last updated Thursday, December 21 2000. Created Sunday, November 12 2000.
Buy 8 7 9 7 6 CatWoman [series:48#65]
This is not as good as Slayers or Slayers Next but it is a great adition to the colection! It is really fun, one that any Slayers fan should buy!

Last updated Monday, September 11 2000. Created Monday, September 11 2000.
Buy 7 8 7 8 6 Dingle [series:48#35]
This is the first Slayers show I ever watched. The animation is great and it is very funny. It is a prefect show to watch when you don't want to think about any thing. The plot has a lot of hole, but that is not really a problem. I you don't go in with any expectations, you will not be disappointed.

Last updated Friday, May 05 2000. Created Friday, May 05 2000.

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