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Devil Hunter Yohko Rent See Mamono Hunter Youko

Eat man 98
Rent Crank Bolt is a mercenary but he's no ordinary man. He's gifted with the ability to eat metal objects. Later when the need arises he can produce these items from his right hand. Given Bolt's line of work, this comes in very handy.
Eat-Man Rent See Eat man 98
Gekijouban Slayers Rent See Slayers Perfect

Mamono Hunter Youko
Rent A high school girl stumbles upon a startling secret that will change her life forever: She is in fact a 108th generation Devil Hunter destined to fight the forces of evil that threaten humanity.
Slayers Movie 1 Rent See Slayers Perfect

Slayers Perfect
Rent Lina dispatches some bandits only to have them hire Naga the Serpent (or Nahga as ADV spells it), a magic user with a giant chest and little in the way of clothing. This self-proclaimed rival of Lina's quickly changes sides, then gets Lina to go on a free trip (with plenty of decent food) to the island of Mipross to go to a 5-star hot spring. Soon, the duo find themselves caught up in kingdom with many troubles with thugs on one hand, theives on the other, and the mysterious Roudy invading their dreams. The demon Joylock has returned and Roudy needs Lina to help defeat this demon.
Slayers the Motion Picture Rent See Slayers Perfect
イートマン Rent See Eat man 98
劇場版スレイヤーズ Rent See Slayers Perfect

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