Slayers Special

Title:Slayers Special
Slayers: Book of Spells
Slayers: Dragon Slave (VHS 1)
Slayers: Explosion Array (VHS 2)
Slayers: Jeffrey's Knighthood (OAV 2)
Slayers: Mirror, Mirror (OAV 3)
Slayers: The Scary Chimera Plan (OAV 1)
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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
The maximum-chested, minimum-clothed Naga joins forces with the powerful sorceress Lina Inverse in this 3 episode OAV series.

First, Lina is offered the chance to be merged with a dragon and another beast to form the ultimate chimera. When she declines, the shunned alchemist decides to take Lina by force, with a small army on Naga clones.

Next, Lina and Naga are well paid to escort a spoiled, pampered, scrawny son of a large, strange woman to a staged fight. There, Jeffrey will "win" a victory and force his way into the knighthood. Sadly, real enemies appear. What's a mother to do to make a plan go right?

Finally, an evil magic user obtains a mirror which will create an exact, but opposite copy of anyone who opposes him. So when Lina and Naga are charged with putting a stop to this, the evil magician creates copies of them who are completely loyal to him. How will Lina defeat herself?
[3 OAV episodes (29min)]
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OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Rent 8 8 8 6 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:645#1552]
This set of OAVs is a prequel of sorts featuring Lina and a character not in the main series in the form of Naga the Serpent. More or less, these episodes are comical filler with Lina and Naga caught in nutty adventures with the humor being hit-or-miss. Some gags had me rolling around such as Naga's laughing scaring a village and leading an army of chimera clones to wreck havoc on a baddie's castle while the same finale setup of the main baddie being humiliated in defeat made me feel indifferent. The visuals to the OAV look a bit cleaner than the TV series with better looking detail and moments of fluid animation as Lina and Naga battle foes. Unless you are a diehard Slayers fan or purely crave comedy, there isn't much you are missing out on with Slayers Special.

Last updated Saturday, May 28 2011. Created Saturday, May 28 2011.
Watch 7 7 7 7 7 8 Dreamer [series:645#2279]
Although not as good as the series, this one's still a good watch if you're a Slayers fan.

Art, Animation and Character Design
The art and animation was no better than the Slayers series. Character designs haven't changed either.... well, with the exception of Naga, the exact opposite and foe to Lina.

Nothing here really. It was more or less the same style as the series.

Episode and Series Stories
If you're looking for the same type of story as found in the series, you won't find it here. This OVA is nothing more than a silly, sometimes funny showing of Lina and her "enemy", Naga. It's good for a few laughs and you'll still appreciate it if you're a fan. I love Lina so I found it worth watching.

Overall, nothing much to tell but worth it for Slayers fans.

Last updated Wednesday, February 18 2009. Created Wednesday, February 18 2009.
Rent 8 7 8 7 6 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:645#436]

As with Slayers: The Movie, this OAV set lacks the core group that made the original Slayers so great. Instead we get the anti-Lina, Naga. Lina is small, Naga is tall. Lina has a small bust, Naga has a huge bust. Lina dresses conservatively, Naga barely wears clothes. It is supposed to be funny I guess, but there aren't that many laughs. The best laughs come in the first episode and they are all at Naga's expense. If you've already seen the movie or were otherwise aquainted with Naga, you'll appreciate the joke. There are some other small laughs, but nothing really good like the original TV series.

The stories themselves are uninspired, and calling them filler does an injustice to the word. Still, I love hearing Hayashibara Megumi scream, "FIREBALL!" as she blasts foes. And it is Megumi that raises the character to another level. However, if you are a dub person, the English cast is different from the TV series. That's anime in America for you.

Bottom line: Mostly pointless, but fun enough that I don't regret renting it.

Last updated Wednesday, January 14 2004. Created Thursday, September 11 2003.

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