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Ai Tenshi Wedding Peach
Watch Momoko, a junior high school student, finds out that she is a love angel and must protect the love of the world from demons. Along with her 3 best friends, Yuri and Hanagiku, she must vanquish demons that possess innocent people...while also trying to balance school work, school newspaper club, and a pending romance with fellow classmate Yousuke.

Blue Seed
Buy Implanted with a "blue seed", the unborn form of a malevolent entity called the Aragami, young Momiji Fujiyama has found herself the recipient of bizarre powers that allow her to pinpoint the location of an impending Aragami attack. Now recruited by the TAC, a special government agency whose purpose is to combat the Aragami, she is the first line of defense for a nation under siege. But the TAC is badly outgunned and outnumbered. When the Aragami show up, it turns the city into a war zone and the Aragami monsters seem unstoppable! Momiji's only hope is the mysterious Mamoru. But this strong (but cute) looking human may still be bound to carry out the will of his inhuman masters!

Di Gi Charat
Buy Watch the chibi cat-girl mascot of Gamers (a store in the Akihabara district of Tokyo) in her goofy (and very brief) adventures! Summary is not possible...
DiGi Charat Buy See Di Gi Charat

Final Fantasy Unlimited
Watch An amazing anime featuring the whole final fantasy theme

Hand Maid Mai

This is a spin off OAV series from the creators of Hand Maid May (Wonderfarm). We have an all-new cast including new cyberdolls Mai, Ai, and Mie. This time, the male character (Hideo Ozu) works in video industry making "special" movies. After the girl he filmed from childhood becomes a star, she demands all of his recordings of her. He rejects her money offer, gets drunk, and comes home to three cyberdolls who look just like the girl at various points in her life (age-wise).

Hand Maid May

Satome Kazuya, a student at the prestigious Osza no Mizu Industries University, was never good with girls. The cute girl who lives next door continually teases him, and he pays no mind. Instead, he's absorbed in his work, creating an Octopus robot that uses advanced artificial intelligence. One day, his boisterous rival gives him a mysterious CD-ROM that contains a virus intended to destroy his computer and ruin his work. The CD takes him instead to a website where he accidentally orders May, a 4-inch robot girl designed to help out around the house.

Hand Maid May episode 11 (OAV) Rent See Hand Maid May Special

Hand Maid May Special
Rent Kazuya's small apartment is filled with guests this winter morning. In addition to the cyberdolls May and Kei who live with him, cyberdoll Sara, Nanbara, the president of Cyberdyne (and Nanbara's decendant) have popped in for a visit. Then Kasumi and cyberdoll Lena (Rena) also stop by for breakfast. It is a home full of mahem which soon clears out leaving May to do the housework. A package from cyberdoll Mami provides May with five chibi-cyberdoll May's. An accident causes May's personallity to go into the five mini-May's while knocking the original out. Meanwhile Rena finds a lost human child and brings it home. Will the original May wake up? Will Nanbara steal a kiss from her? What will happen with the child? Can cyberdolls have children of their own?
High School Girls Rent See Joshikousei: Girl's High

Watch Asai Mugi, a new student at Kumataka arts academy, has trouble speaking when she is confronted with her extreme stage fright. Forced to join the schools Drama Research Society by upperclassmen, she gradually changes due to the influence of drama.
Infinite Ryvius Buy See Mugen no Ryvius

Joshikousei: Girl's High
Rent It's a new year and Eriko has just become a high school student. Together with her friends Yumi and Ayano, they sneak into their new school to check it out. During a bunch of misadventures (Especially where their skirts get cut above the waistline, they bump into Akari, Kyoko, and Ikue who mistake them for Senpais and ask them for advice. Eriko tells them how their allowance goes up 10 times and they only get their period once a year. (Yikes!). After dismissing them , they find out they are in the same class!
Legend of the Angel of Love Watch See Ai Tenshi Wedding Peach

Mugen no Ryvius
Buy In the future an event happens that rips space open. Inside the 9 planets of Sol a field called the Gedalt appears. Originally a space oddity, it was a field of intense gravity that would destroy any ship that went into it. But now it is growing. It started at Earth and now reaches as far as Pluto.(Like a road) Kouji Aiba and his brother Yuuki are aboard the Liebe Delta, a school for space pilots and their support teams (Maintenance, Housekeeping, Navigation, Security, Artillery). But the school gets attacked. A terrorist group boards the Liebe Delta and kills all the staff. Then they reprogram the station to plunge into the Gedalt, killing all the students. Yuuki and his friend Ikumi are trying to escape when they see a young girl apparently trying to commit suicide. They save her. As they escape Yuuki sees another young girl who is standing there talking to herself. She appears to be reading his thoughts.
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