Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki (OAV 3)

Title:Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki (OAV 3)
Tenchi Muyo! OAV 3
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (OAV 3)
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The mysterious Z, wielding five Light Hawk Wings, defends the "Choushin Realm" from an attack by a giant fleet of warships. Upon his return, he confirs with the Choushin Tokimi-sama and the entity in charge of the 3rd dimension, D3. The location of Tokimi-sama's sisters Tsunami and Washu is now known as is the fact that Tenchi is very powerful being despite only producing three Light Hawk Wings when he overcame the blackhole created by Dr. Clay (in OAV 2, episode 12). Z is warned not to touch Tenchi, but Z does not like being told such things and sets in motion a series of events designed to negatively effect Tenchi.

For Tenchi, life continues to be a strange one. He meets his powerful grandmother Airi-san and another close relative who brings him news that Aeka and Sasami's grandmother Seto-sama has arranged for him to marry her adopted daughter Noike. Noike's arrival at Tenchi's house makes Aeka and Ryoko none to happy, but Noike has another agenda beyond being Tenchi's wife.

Meanwhile Mihoshi's brother Misao receives disturbing news as to the treatment of his sister at the hands of Tenchi. He is determined to rescue her even if it means destroying Earth and killing members of the Juraian Royal Family living there. Will Tenchi be able to protect the girls from Misao's coming attack? Just what is Z trying to do? Who is Z? Who is Tenchi? What is the Choushin's purpose in all of this?

[6 OAV episodes, numbers 14-19. This is the 3rd OAV Tenchi series going off of the original Tenchi Muyo! continuity. According to the series creator Kajishima Masaki, this will end the first chapter of the Tenchi Muyo! story. While not required, it is recommended that you have seen Tenchi Muyo! GXP as the Japanese fans did in order to become familar with certain characters such as Seto-sama and Airi-san (assuming you haven't gone out and learned stuff from places like the Tenchi Muyo! FAQ).

Note: OAV 3 +1 (episode 20) was created due due to the success of these six episodes in Japan.]
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"↗Kajishima original canon" stories: Note: The GXP anime series is trumped by the novels from series creator KAJISHIMA Masaki. The canon GXP novels confirm that "Dual!" is set billions of years ago and why some of the characters are reincarnated in OVA 5. The "Paradise Wars" novels are included in the canon, which are also referenced in Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 5.

"↗Hasegawa canon" stories: Note: The full Hasegawa spinoff continuity is captured in novel form.

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14, 15, 16
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Buy 10 9 8 8 8 8 Ggultra2764 [series:544#1552]
It's been a while since I last seen anything Tenchi Muyo related and I finally got to see some new stuff in this third OAV of the series. Clearly, the artwork to the series has been updated shown through brighter colors and greater detail on scenery and character designs. CG-animation is even incorporated into spaceship designs such as Misao's Chobimaru and even Ryo-ohki's spaceship form. But, the visuals for the spaceships aren't showed off until the second half of the series. The final episode even revolves around the epic battle that takes place between Tenchi and Z as you will be wowed with seeing the sights of space.

From what I hear, the third OAV explores some plot details of characters from Tenchi Muyo GXP. I haven't seen GXP yet so I'm not really sure what is revealed about GXP characters. I do know that this OAV continues off from the events of the first and second OAVs as Tokimi's protege, Z, makes mischief for Tenchi's life by seeting off a series of events. Through these events, plenty of new characters (from my view point since I haven't seen GXP) are introduced which include members of Mihoshi's family, Galaxy Police members, and members of the Jurai Royal Family. Revelations and the trademark Tenchi comedy are abound in this series as answers are finally given about some of the OAV's biggest plots such as Tokimi's intentions, the man known as Z, and Washu's connection to Tokimi. I was in awe over everything that was revealed in this series and even laughed at some hilarious comedy gags (call Airi an "old hag" and you will suffer greatly.)

There was some clear development with Ryoko's character shown which was a nice touch to show the amount of time that passed since the second OAV. Her rivalry with Ayeka has clearly cooled down and one of the issues I had with the first two OAVs (some overuse of Ryoko-Ayeka bickering) is now gone which helps commit more time on developing the new characters who are introduced. The balanced focus of plot and characters was what had me enjoying Tenchi Muyo in the first place.

But this doesn't mean the entire package is perfect. The first episode recaps some of the events that took place in the first two OAVs using reused footage from those two OAVs. This kind of kills the awe of seeing the series at first since the quality of these OAVs pale in comparison to the updated visuals of the third OAV. Plus with the revelations of this OAV, there are some new questions that will be raised which left me baffled if there will be another Tenchi OAV devoted to resolving everything in the series.

Overall, the third Tenchi OAV adds more comedy, plot twists, and family connections to make hardcore Tenchi fans go giddy and now have something new to debate about regarding the revelations that take place in this series.

Last updated Friday, April 04 2008. Created Friday, April 04 2008.
Watch 8 7 8 8 6 0 KBanger1 [series:544#1694]
This will probably be my truly blunt honest review on this third OAV (minus the final episode which I haven't seen yet). As a mark for the Tenchi Muyo universe, I would belive that this third installment from the original creator would be something special. Yeah, it's something all right. Out of all the releases of TM, this third installment was a disappointment for me. The story is story is somewhat weak and the where I lay fault is the last three episodes. It starts right off the last episode of the second OAV and where it should. However, once the new story takes place, I've seen less of Tenchi and more of the other characters. I don't necessarily mind that the other characters have a larger part now. However, when overshadows the main character much too often, the story strays and it loses flare afterwards. In the past two OAVs, the comedy still remained and was consistent with the entire series. The third one leaves little room for comedy. It gets a little too serious come the last three episodes. Especially, when some of the episodes feel like fillers more than what the series was about.

I'm setting aside the art/animation because in general, TM will remain constant with me in that department. That's where I don't find any fault. What I do find fault in is that the story is less Tenchi, more side story. In the third OVA (second disc), the first two episodes I've seen were loosely related to Tenchi. It was more of a side story for Mihoshi and her brother Misao. That's where I started to question the writer(s) thought process. I was basically thinking, "Where exactly was this leading too?" and low and behold, like thinking that it was going to lead to some major climax, it went no where.

What I also disliked about the third installment was the fact that it was far too hyped to be a major release. I would have believed that if the second disc did not come out. I inquired months ago on why the second disc to the series was going to be delayed to Funimation. All they said was that they wanted to really fill up the final episodes with content they believe was necessary for TM fans to see. What they did was drop a music video of a song I'd like to go postal with someday and some video clips of actual sites where the TM universe got some of it's origins. The video clips are actually fine if it didn't look so boring.

Finally, my biggest disappointment in this third (and hopefully final) OAV was the replacement of the voice actor Petrea Buchard who voiced Ryoko. I'm still a huge english dub fan and TM had a great set of voice actors (english). I was pissed off that Buchard didn't want to finish off the series and the part was given to the voice actor who played Motoko in Love Hina. To me, that was a slap in the face. I think I understand why she didn't take it...more like a speculation. I believe she didn't take the role because there was less face time of Ryoko in the series so why even bother.
br> Overall, the series takes a nosedive into a mediocre job with garbage extras on the second disc and a music video which makes me want to take a hammer to my head everytime I hear it. For the hardcore TM fans, I would say buy to complete the series. I mean, it is a bit better that Shin Tenchi Muyo minus the "Lovely Cookin'" song. For the others, you're better off watching it. I for one am sadly disappointed to see this series "drop the ball" like that. One final thing and this is for the creator who wrote up this lackluster third. Either get the thought process going for the next OAV (god forbid) or watch that stupid music video with bat in your hand and start swinging away at your head. Thanks for nothing!

Last updated Sunday, October 29 2006. Created Sunday, October 29 2006.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:544#628]
What do you say when, after a decade-long hiatus, your favorite anime series is revived, and the initial quality is so stunning that you feel as if you've been kicked by a mule? Will this match up to the superbly balanced original TM! OVA1? (a good part of what I've seen so far consisted of flashbacks to those episodes). This "Star Devil" fellow (if that's his name) has quite a task ahead of him, measuring up to Kagato! So far a number of guests and relatives have dropped by Tenchi's place--it gets confusing when two girls look like sisters, but one is in fact the grandmother of the other! The superb subtitles make me want to cry, what with all the Chinese bootleg crap I've wound up with lately. The subtitles "scroll" (if that's the right word) to give you more time to read. So far, so good! Thanks to AstroNerdBoy for giving me a copy!
My favorite line:
"Scientists are an epitome of the 'king of the hill' mentality. It's not like we can come to a consensus just by gathering in one place and talking" --Washu

Last updated Monday, March 15 2004. Created Monday, March 15 2004.
Buy 9 8 7 6 8 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:544#436]

Like many hardcore TM!R fans, I had been waiting a while for OAV 3 to come out. Tidbits of information flowed from Japan to the U.S. and excitement built. After nearly 10-years when OAV 2 was released, OAV 3 was finally here. But was it worth the wait?

The first episode decided to try to bring in new fans to the world of TM!R by having flashbacks to the original OAV's. Unfortunately, these flashbacks clash harshly when compared to the modern computer animation used in OAV 3. Further making these flashbacks difficult for old fans of TM!R to deal with are their length and the fact that they are given new musical scores which makes it sound like a bloody circus. I have no idea why this horrible music was used, but it further caused clashes for me. To be fair, fans who've not seen the original OAV's didn't have near the problem with these flashbacks and appreciated getting up to speed. So from that perspective, they serve their purpose.

I don't care much for the modern character designs of the cast. The computer-designed characters just don't look as good. Ryoko has giant "elf-like" ears now. All of the characters make the ugiest faces at times as the animators go overboard on the SD stuff. There was a lot of SD in the original OAV's, but it is more severe in OAV 3 now that the animators have the tools to tweak it and tweak it on the computer.

A further problem is the severe lack of conflict in the series. I'm not refering strictly to action scenes, but all conflict in general. Aeka and Ryoko are friends now (which I do like), and while there is a bit of tension between them, there is no conflict between them. When Noike joins the gang as Tenchi's official fiance, the start of a Noike vs. Ryoko and Aeka conflict starts, but then is nipped in the bud. That could have been pretty funny to watch, but I suppose since Ryoko and Aeka had already teamed up in episode 7, why do it again? So that opportunity for conflict is passed up as are a number of other opportunities for conflict. It isn't until the final (6th) episode that there's any real conflict, thus it is not surprising that episode 19 is the best of the lot.

Finally, some folks have been put off by the number of characters introduced in OAV 3. Some were initially introduced to the TM!R fandome in Tenchi Muyou! GXP, such as Seto-sama & Airi-san. Both show up in OAV 3 as well. Former Galaxy Police Officer Noike Kamiki Jurai (the adopted daughter of Seto-sama) makes her arrival and some may see her as Kajishima-sensei's version of Kiyone Makibi from the various Tenchi spinoff titles. Trust me, nothing could be further from the truth, so don't allow yourself to fall into that trap. Noike was conceived a long time ago with a very specific purpose in mind that has nothing to do with Kiyone Makibi. I'll say no more.

The negative aside, lets get to the good. For starters, Ryoko gets some nice character work done. Of all the girls in Tenchi's harem, she's the one who's grown the most and I think Ryoko fans will mostly be pleased by this. Some interesting facts about Tenchi's father emerge, though some not explicitly stated. More information about Tenchi's extended family (Airi-san and one other) is revealed, showing Tenchi that when it comes to his family, he's not as alone as he thought. However, some new questions are raised about Tenchi's family which aren't answered in this OAV.

Mihoshi's family gets looked at. Her grandfather, the head of Galaxy Police, returns and shows why he is over-protective of his granddaughter (this was hinted at in OAV 1 if you will recall). Her brother Misao is very weird (he has a sister-complex and has his appearance to be that of Mihoshi), but has the captain of the Death Star-like ship known as the Choubimaru, he wields considerable power. For those who've seen GXP, Misao and Mashisu's becoming a couple is brought to life in OAV 3.

Noike's 3rd-generation tree-ship Kyouko gets explored and this was some of the more awe-inspiring moments of the series (and where good music was used to accentuate the scene). The ship Tsunami also gets an internal exploration (well, a small amount) when the gang throw a party there. I thought that was kind of neat. And speaking of the Choushin, there is a meeting of the three sisters in their choushin form! It is unfortunate that OAV 3 was improperly translated to be about the "Choushin War" because the accurate translation would have been "Choushin Contest". As with many other parts of OAV 3, many answers are given (some confirming hints provided in the earlier OAV's and in Kajishima-sensei's novels and doujinshi), but many more questions are raised. The true nature of Tenchi is revealed, and I only know of one person who accurately predicted this a few years ago.

The TM!R series as a whole is steeped in Shintoism and while one doesn't have to know Shinto beliefs to enjoy the series, an understand will help folks understand the Choushin and Tenchi's true self.

Bottom line: there are several flaws in OAV 3, but hardcore TM!R fans will enjoy the ride and the additional information given in the series, especially in the final. They will also enjoy having more questions to speculate over (for the most part). As such, I give this a borderline "Buy."

Last updated Wednesday, March 30 2005. Created Thursday, March 20 2003.

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