Queen's Blade: Gyokuza no Tsugumono

Title:Queen's Blade: Gyokuza no Tsugumono
Queen's Blade 2
Queen's Blade and the evil eye
Queen's Blade: Inheritor of the Throne
クイーンズブレイド 玉座を継ぐ者 (Japanese)
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Production - GENCO, Inc.
R1 License - Media Blasters
The legend of the Queen's Blade tournament describes a battle that is fought every 4 years to determine who will be crowned queen of the land. After fighting a plethora of battles and maturing as fighters, the Queen's Blade combatants all prepare for their toughest battle yet. Reina, Tomoe, Risty, and a couple of new participants enter the fray with only one goal in mind - victory. However, the current queen, Aldra, has no intention of giving up her kingdom without a fight. The second season of Queen's Blade unfolds... (Source: ANN)
13 TV eps (~24 mins)
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Rent Stretch [series:2149#628]

(All episodes watched):

Well, I didn't start watching this show for awhile, because the episodes weren't cooperating with my efforts to burn them onto DVDs, but now that I have I'm enjoying it. The fanservice makes me squeemish at times (tentacle rape has been replaced by tentacle oral sex), but there's a definite plot to this show; namely, what's the deal with the current Queen, Aldra, who is also the defending champion? Perhaps the reason why the fanservice doesn't offend me too much is because there are practically no men in this show, so the girls aren't behaving in a dirty manner--except for the clearly lesbian Echidna, but even she has a certain charm to her. There are a lot of characters, but the principal ones have fairly well developed personalities. Nanael is always good for a laugh. I think it's pretty easy to narrow down the eventual winner of the competition to at most two people, but I'm enjoying myself nevertheless. Sometimes supporting characters with more-or-less equal popularity take each other on, and thus I have no idea who will come out on top (which is fun). I have to remind myself at times that these weapons they are handling really are dangerous, since the notion of anybody losing an arm or a head just doesn't register in my mind. If even a drop of blood were shed, that would be a shocker. Still, I'm enjoying it; the mystery behind the evil Queen gives the show a new dimension since the winner will no doubt have to take her on, and I doubt if that will be the usual bloodless duel. I'm kind of rooting for Airi, Temptress of the Underworld, at this point.

Actually, things are getting serious and several characters get killed around the halfway point. There is even a betrayal, which was surprising (but would have been better if it hadn't come out of nowhere). Normally the makers of such a show would let the ecchi do the work, but here they have taken the trouble to do some joke and story telling. All the friendship and subtle character development thas has taken place so far is now being put to use. I can't help feeling touched by several events, believe it or not. At one point a scene of a fighter lying injured was deeply moving--until we are reminded that she is topless at the moment. I would say that the show had gotten so good at that point that the ecchi had actually become a liability and was holding it back, which is unheard of. As I watched the final episode the thought occured to me that it was hard to say whether this was drama or porn. The story shifts back and forth between numerous likeable characters and ultimately a satisfying though not brilliant conclusion is achieved. In general, I think the ecchi was handled relatively tastefully (if that is possible), and an interesting and complex story was provided as well. The wild mix of danger, comedy, and suspense is actually pretty neat, even with all the boobs and asses flashing about. After watching I feel more like a naughty Peeping Tom than a shameful pervert, which is good.

My favorite line: "Speaking of that... we still haven't done our special night training yet" --Echidna

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Watch 9 8 9 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:2149#2279]
More boobs and butt galore with a new installment of Queens Blade. This is a continuation of the first series and surprisingly, it wasn't all that bad.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation hadn't changed from the first installment. This is to say that it was excellent and vibrant with colors and details. Character designs were also well done... and well endowed if you know what I mean.

The OP sounded actually somewhat good. It was an alternative piece with female vocals. The soundtrack had some nice medieval style music. The nice violen & oboe piece was a soothing, enjoyable instrumental. Not bad at all. The OP was ok but it was more ecchi than anything else.

Series and Episode Story
Aside from the serious boob and butt fest throughout this series, it was surprisingly better than I had imagined. It had some pretty good characters, some ok fight scenes and a tiny semblance of a story. Of all the characters, Marona is probably my fav. She's pretty hot for an anime chick and not to mention those uber cute bunny ears! Nearing the end, it had some interesting plot developments.

Overall, the series had just enough to keep me entertained. If you want nothing more than to drool over big boobs and butts, then this is your show. If you want a good series with a good plot, this might not be for you.

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2149#967]
One word ... tentacles!! I love squid and octopus, but I hate tentacles in anime. HUMMMM ... is this series trying to set a new low? Now granted that this series has been rated by the Japanese as being PG18+, but if it continues, I may just have to add SOFTCORE as a keyword.

I really hate tentacles in anime.

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Watch 10 10 10 8 Xenoknight [series:2149#2967]
watching now... 11 eps watched...

Ep 11: An emotional action packed ep! Tomoe and Aldra have a little chat and things don't go as planned for the queen. Aldra's back-story is revealed as to why she attacked Tomoe's village and just what her ultimate goal is. It made her look like a good person (even after all she has done), because her reasons were as noble as most of the other fighters. Another fated battle transpires in this episode - Reina vs. Risty! I'll say that it was much longer and more climatic than the other bouts, but this is the next to last ep of the series, so it doesn't get any points for that. I did enjoy it however, with all the ridiculously powerful blows and ferocious strikes between the two warriors. It was still the best fight of the series so far. The music is another thing which made it more fun to watch as it gave off an epic "must win or else die" kind of feel. I said to myself, "look how far our little Reina has matured in combat", but on the other hand, such is the power of most main characters. The victor was predictable, but it's wasn't about the destination but rather the journey. Melona springs her plan into action and puts the moves on the queen. The queen retaliates, but there is a definitive reason why Melona is a higher-class demon. Reina and Claudette have a final moment and discuss recent events and Claudette wishes her sister good luck as Reina is seen walking into the portal. The Airi themed end-credits were dumb and had no time to sink in since it's end of the series. Only one ep left! Soul-defining ep...

Ep 10: The destined showdown transpires in this episode - Tomoe vs. Reina! It was (as per the usual trend) too short and lacked substance for me. Tomoe unleashes her 'newly found' demon rage on Reina and the offensive display was far superior to anything this series has used so far. It was pleasing to the eyes, but it wasn't what I was hoping for after waiting two seasons worth of episodes! The victor of the bout was unworthy and only served to progress the story. I was so disappointed with the whole fight overall. Reina had only one signature move while Tomoe was giving it everything she had. To top it off, half of it was spent with Ymir's stupid 'get rich quick' scheme. This fight was suppose to be legendary, but it was probably the biggest upset of the series! That doesn't leave much hope for the remainder of this title I'm afraid. Disappointing ep...

Ep 9: The battle at Vance castle was probably one of the best fights of the season. Claudette and Risty dived at each other with fierce results. Risty's soulless combat skills were surprising indeed, but the cool-headed Lightening General didn't get her name for nothing. Their attacks grew more powerful as the battle continued and with one shocking blow, the battle came to an end. Claudette has a chat with Vance about Maria's last wish about the Vance family curse. Aldra shows her true colors and activates the beaten Risty again! She returns on a whole new level and this time her goal was Vance himself! Claudette struggles to protect her misguided father and the battle raged on. While destroying the entire castle in the process, the battle ends with a few jaw-droppers! Reina and Elina deal with the terrible aftermath as they tend to the wounded general. Tomoe is seen training in the wilderness with the most determined eyes a warrior can have (scary). Melona puts her plan into action and ends up swiping the sacred milk to use later. My public distribution joke seems to have struck a cord (LOL). The queen is assured by her 'other self' (I think I know who it is now) that nothing will get in her way. Great ep...

Ep 8: What a ridiculously long ep! There were so many wasted action opportunities among the fighters. Nanael and Airi are insanely powerful but the story rushed their fight because Airi was already running on empty and Nanael spilled her milk (which suddenly became her power source). The victor of the bout is undeserving, but the winner none-the-less. The queen, viewer, and a certain now free demon all discover something about the holy milk that Nanael was carrying. Ymir and Rana meet and converse about what he will do now that both of his mother figures have been taken from him, but he decides to step up and help Ymir forge Reina's sword. Reina receives her sword and prepares for battle with the weight of many loved ones riding on her blade. The next fight was Nanael vs. Reina and man was I pissed after watching it. Nanael didn't refill her 'power source' and her arrogant attitude put her in a losing position against the newly determined Reina. The fight went completely down hill and the writers padded themselves on the back for quickly completing (ruining) another epic battle. My favorite ecchi vixen makes her return and already moves on her new plan to defeat the queen by making a quick visit to see Nanael. The head of the Vance family has big plans in store for the tournament and proceeds with the final stages only to find out that the queen has already made her move! Aldra discusses with her 'other self' on what the next step should be to stop Vance and her answer is another fight! Next up - Risty vs. Claudette! The Menace themed end-credits were something else entirely. Development-packed ep...

Ep 7: MAN! This was a 'gripping' episode. The dramatic conclusion to Irma and Risty's fight was good, but too short. Echidna came to her usually keen senses about Irma and finally accepted that what happened back then was entirely her fault. Tomoe and Elina's bout was an even better experience. It was a competition of wordplay, swordplay, and emotions. It's a shame that the trigger that decided the match and victor was so stupid. They took an epic struggle and ruined it with Elina's ridiculous fixation over Reina. What transpires next is too much for words. Shizuka and Tomoe deal with exterminating Tomoe's weakness once and for all. The tribute to Shizuka in the end-credits was a good idea. Next up - Airi vs. Nanael. Gripping ep...

Ep 6: More great ecchi action and story to entertain the fans. After much surprising difficulty and hardship, Claudette reminds everyone why she is called the 'Lightening General'. Menace takes her leave via deep slumber, courtesy of the queen. Irma had it rough with the Risty hounding her every move, but Echina wouldn't allow her apprentice to be harmed. We see more with Airi and Rana as their relationship (or ties that bind them) continue to grow stronger. The Vance sister trio, each with a victory under their belts, reunite for a rare moment of sisterhood as they are seen posing for a family portrait. Claudette's words ring true as she speaks with Reina on the current situation of the family. Irma and Echidna also talk for a short while - until the sign of battle presents itself. Of all the characters, I think Echidna has grown the most overall. The ties of friendship will now be tested with the next tier of fights. We have - Elina vs. Tomoe (!) and Irma vs. Risty. The next ep promises to be action packed. Great ep...

Ep 5: Some sizable jumps are made in overall quality with this ep. Reina and Ymir's battle is easily decided with a come-from-behind-victory (no surprise there), but Airi and Cattleya's bout didn't have such a simple ending. Cattleya finally finds her reason for everything in the Queen's chamber and breaks down in the midst of the fight. Rana finally becomes a man in order to protect his mother from harm; until Aldra grew tired of the tears that is. Cattleya's fate is (literally) sealed with the victor decided and the queen makes an attempt at Airi's life! With Rana in tow, Airi makes a break for it only to be saved by him as well (this kid is on a roll). Ymir decides to further empower Reina's sword, in the place of Cattleya, after seeing it's brilliance in battle. Next up - Claudette vs. Menace. Great ep...

Ep 4: A great episode overall. Solid fighting, powerful character developments, and favorable fan service ruled the day in this ep. The back story of "Wild Elf Echidna" was surprising (she has a role to play with everyone it seems). Her lessons are quite informative to say the least, even to her enemies. Alleyne looked so much better without that stupid red hat/cape of hers (of course the lack of other clothing helped her image as well). The battle did end rather abruptly, but it will pay off later I'm sure. With respect for Alleyne's guidance, I'll grade this fight - Queen's Blade 2 on 2 battle, 85 points (LOL). We come to understand more about Cattleya and her honorable reasons for fighting in this tournament. Reina gets her sword redone and Ymir is still as funny as usual. The only problem is the next battle - Reina vs. Ymir! I must say that it's an excellent match-up and they will certainly test each others battle prowess. On the other side of things, we have Cattleya vs. Airi! The queen even makes them fight in her presence! This should be good. Great ep...

Ep 3: Those that still say Queen's Blade has no story might really be swimming in a pool of confusion at this point. Every single fighter is portrayed with something to believe in or something to fight for as the character development is poured on rather thick in this episode. The battle between Elina and Nix concludes with surprising results as the fighter with more at stake (I suppose) walking away as the victor. Aldra shows more of her plan with a small army raised to support their new commander of prey. At first, the next battle was themed teacher vs. student, but a slight change in plans thanks to the queen makes it a 2-on-2 battle with Echidna and Iruma now facing Nowa and Alleyne! This next battle has what it takes to be incredible! Great ep...

Ep 2: Just like how I expected, the fighting is increased for this season. The story is upgraded as well, but the action and ecchiness is what this show is all about. A new character, Nix accompanied by her evil demon staff Funikura, appears and was also tied to the Vance name as a servant that worked for them. Elina tormented her throughout her time serving them and she has always been a scared and timid girl because of it. The weird thing is, Funikura would always do the unthinkable (!) to her whenever she got 'weak in the knees' if you will (talk about a spirit booster). Aldra has more in store for Risty then any other combatant and it will drive another story element that will flourish down the road. As for the competition, Tomoe and Melpha go at it at the same time as Nix and Elina's battle! Friends and rivals all are fair game and things are bound to get painful when closer friends begin to battle each other. This title's specs are as high as ever, but the music was a bit of a let down compared to last season. The end-credits are something special though. Knowing they have a bread-winner in Melona (liked I mentioned in the last season), they used her for what has to be one of the weirdest end-credits out there. It will only get better from here. Great ep...

First impression: HELL %&*# YEAH! That's what I'm talking about! The ecchi phenomena returns bolder and more exposed than ever before. The respectable story that ended last season picks right back up like nothing ever happened and continues with the intent of excellence once again. This season looks like it will go far and beyond the original with more mature content and action to satisfy even the most demanding fans. Our extensive band of heroes and villains all make a triumphant return including a couple of new faces to further add to the mix. The warrior, Iruma, enters the fray and bears a deep past with the fan favorite Echidna. Their reunion is quite the sensual one to say the least (score for the good guys). The current queen Aldra has something worth fighting for as well and her reasons will make her fight with everything she has at her arsenal! There are so many people gunning for the same goal and none of them can afford to lose! How can hell on earth not come to pass with a clash of wills of this magnitude? The scuffle between Melona and Aldra was fairly interesting, though the outcome wasn't so beneficial for one of them. This title is going to shine like you wouldn't believe and I'll be right there to take it all in. Let's see just how far the characters will go to achieve victory. This is why I love continuations...

special note - The reference to my joke about public distribution from last season was mentioned in this episode and I know my friends, Ana and Victoria, will be laughing their a**es off when they read this (^_^). It's alright ladies, laugh it up while you can...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

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