Queen's Blade: Rebellion

Title:Queen's Blade: Rebellion
クイーンズブレイド リベリオン (Japanese)
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2572#628]
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Well, I was expecting more of the usual Queen's Blade recipe: blatant fanservice but likeable characters and a touch of wit. This time, I got only the first of the three. I was disappointed to realize that apparently this show will have an all-new cast, with occasional appearances by those who we are already familiar with. I was also alarmed to find that these new characters seem to have no more personality than what you can read from their costumes: the pirate, the nun, the maid, etc. So, the beloved characters have been largely dumped and replaced by second or third rate substitutes. Even Ymir, the only established character to appear in episode one, seems to have shed her personality and devolved to a crude charicature of herself--and she seemed to have gone over to the evil side, what's with that? There seems to be no connection to the previous seasons; like, what went wrong with the Queen? There is no explanation, and no hint that there ever will be one. Instead, the new characters just start fighting and shaking their boobs. The animation of the fight scenes was fairly wild and fluid, at least at times. But characters without personalities leave only fanservice, of which there was plenty, and the usual swordfighting without anybody getting hurt (some evil skeletons got hacked up instead). I soon became bored and quit watching before the end. I think I would do better to rewatch seasons one and two than to get into this.

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