Maria Holic
まりあ†ほりっく (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Shaft
Production - GENCO, Inc.
R1 Distributor - Section23 Films (ADV)
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
Kanako has finally transferred into Ami No Misaki Catholic High School for girls. She transferred into her parents old school because she is hoping for the 'fateful' encounter with the red string of fate. On her first day she meets super cute Mariya Shindo, first year and super popular and instantly falls in love. Unfortuantely, later she discovers that her 'true love' Mariya is really a sadistic disgusting BOY and Mariya will get her kicked out if she ever reveals his secret. Add to this that Kanako is SCARED of boys and all she wants is a wholesome yuri relationship, her dream school life is now a living hell.

Based on a manga series by Minari Endo, who also authored the manga for Hatenkou Yuugi.
Animation by Shaft.
12 TV episodes (~24 min)

See also: Maria Holic Alive.

Episode Details 
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Watch 7 5 6 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1896#1552]
So we have a lesbian, a smart-mouthed cross-dressing boy and his equally smart-mouthed maid being the center of comedy in this comedy from Shaft? This is actually pretty underwhelming as a comedy. It appears to use a similar style of comedy as Bakemonogatari and others in its franchise in being very dialogue-heavy and relying on its characters to carry along the show. But whereas this style of comedy worked in the Monogatari franchise because it actually had a plot, a fleshed-out cast and diversity in the types of conversations delivered for laughs, Maria Holic has little plot, the characters are quite two-dimensional and relies too heavily on many of its same gags to carry along its comedy. The dialogue-heavy style also led me to struggle at points to keep my attention on the series as I tuned out of whatever was being discussed without the presence of many physical gags and whatever was being discussed just being the usual language puns or pop culture nods that many recent comedies like to milk. As it is, I don't get what makes Maria Holic an engaging comedy for many anime fans and I don't think I'm revisiting the series again anytime soon.

Last updated Sunday, January 19 2014. Created Sunday, January 19 2014.
Buy 9 8 9 8 8 9 Dreamer [series:1896#2279]
A tranny (transvestite), a lesbian, and a heartless sh*t talking maid, good lord!!! This is a refreshingly different anime that turned out pretty darn good.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art was really good. The colors were very rich and details were pretty..... urmm, detailed. The animation was smooth as well... not really exceptional but noticeable. As for character designs.... they were done well. Of course, you have some of your typical designs, such as the blond girl with sharp, pointy pony tales. Nevertheless, they were still nicely illustrated.

The OP was...... umm, very abstract and modern. The animation was well done and different. The music was equally as so... an almost emo-rock with a tinge of pop. Actually, it wasn't too bad. Throughout this series, there would be quiet wind instruments, and mostly what sounded like a flute. The music was very low key and almost not even noticeable, but at other times, you can catch a classical piece..... nice.

Series and Episode Story
One of the first things I noticed was the amount of swearing. Wow, filthy mouths! And in a high school setting.... that seems about right. What made this really interesting and refreshing... at least I found it amusing, was how the "female" would get the nose bleeds as it's so commonly found on male counterparts in kawaii situations throughout anime history. This made for funny moments with a few snickers here and there. Another refreshing setting is our maid, "Matsurika". In most anime, if not all, the maid is usually the abused, under valued, timid and always showing respect to their master. But oh no, here, she's a filthy mouthed, violent, and 'respectfully' disrespectful maid I've ever seen. And it's all refreshingly unique too! It actually brought contrast to the maid and the master scenario. My favorite character here is the dorm mistress (Boss). She's so uber cute!!! I love her character and her voice is uber cute as well. By the way, I love the whole "Tchaikovsky" syndrome in B minor". Hahaha! That was too good. As for the plot, there's really none to speak of, but rather this series is episodic. Each episode told a story that was funny, goofy and just plain entertaining to watch. Some of the dialogue in this anime is quick and witty... which made for a bit of sophisticated humor.

Overall, this was a great anime. I enjoyed ever minute of it and all it's humor... sometimes sophisticated. For something really unique, this is a perfect pick.

Last updated Friday, May 08 2009. Created Friday, May 08 2009.
Rent lucy-san [series:1896#2510]
LOL this is an interesting series!!!

never before have i watched something so weird like this... the plot and everything is VERY unique, really funny aswell i find myself laughing from beginning till end.

more after i watch more of this series...

Last updated Sunday, February 01 2009. Created Sunday, February 01 2009.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:1896#628]
(Eight episodes watched):

What with all the mentions which this series had been getting recently here at Mikomi, I had to give it a look. Previously I had confused it with shows like xxxHOLiC. The technique of bouncing back and forth between the usual mode of animation and signs, silly illustrations, SD characters, etc, remind me of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (sure enough, the two have the same director, Akiyuki Shinbo). Likewise, it is funny but also demands a lot of mental effort to watch, which can be tiresome. I swear, I have to watch this with my thumb continually on the Pause button, because some of the subtitles only appear for a fraction of a second. I suspect that this show would be infinitely easier to watch if it had been dubbed. This seems to be sort of the reverse of Junjou Romantica, i.e, a "Girl's Love" show--except it may never get serious, it's apparently all for laughs. The occasional profanity is startling. All-in-all, it didn't "wow" me the way I sort of expected; episode six, for example, contained just one LOL joke for me, when Mariya reveals what his sister has been up to. Still, Maria+Holic is fairly fun.

Catch Kanako at Screaming Anime Characters!

My favorite line: "She's often deep in thought and usually collapses after spurting blood"

Last updated Sunday, March 15 2009. Created Thursday, January 29 2009.
Watch 8 9 8 8 Xenoknight [series:1896#2967]
watching now... 10 eps watched...

Ep 1: What in the world... This title is very... strange... It's yuri as hell, yet composed. It's funny as heck, yet sadistic. It's slightly ecchi, yet discreet. I see this title as extremely interesting with a fresh take on the yuri element. This is a very promising title indeed and gets the thumbs up from yours truly. Tell me if all these '09 titles aren't kicking a** right now or what? Twisted ep...

Ep 2: I can't put my finger on it, but I think that was an episode of Maria+Holic I just saw. It was so distorted and straight forward that it came across to me as confusing. I was saying stuff like, "What the hell is this" and "I'm lost" over and over again throughout the entire ep. The only thing I can derive from this ep was that Kanako's life is screwed, Ryuuken was made a fool of by Mariya (what kind of half-a** explanation was that anyway), and a sudden flame was ignited in Kanako's chest for a character that she is so dead set against (according to the sudden narrator). This title is insane, but i'm having fun just watching to see the continued absurdity of it all. I think the intro is enough evidence of how twisted this title really is. Strangely funny ep...

Ep 3: What the HECK is with this title!!!!! I can't possibly hope to keep up with this insanity for much longer. Even the anime itself confirms it's nonsensicality! Mariya gives Kanako her rosemary (very precious and costs an arm and a leg to boot) to see her suffer with pressure. Tired of seeing Kanako get all the attention, some girls play a trick on her and pretend to throw the rosemary out the window and she has to look for it in the rain until Kiri saves her with the real rosemary. It seems that some of the other girls have a thing for Kanako as well. Kiri confesses her profound love for her, using the cover-up of defending her against the jealous bit**es and Ryuuken wants to protect her from harm (she is easily controlled and confused - God bless her). Great ep that walks the forbidden line of romance... This title is going to break many records for sure. Damn those end credits! It's absolutely irresistible and I can't stop listening to it.

Ep 4: Kiri denies loving Kanako and Ryuuken swears to protect her with her life. She does it too well and her fans attack wherever they go. Ryuuken follows her to the bathroom and to the dorms where the dorm master swears to kill her if she doesn’t go back to her own dorm and Ryuuken runs for her life. LOL. Ryuuken tells of a story of her dog and cat and how she was so blind not to see the issues that were stirring up that resulted in the dog’s death. That is why she wants to protect someone to make up for her childhood tragedy. Kiri sees that Ryuuken is too much of a burden to Kanako and she tells Ryuuken that she and Kanako are dating (again?) and Ryuuken decides to leave her alone. Kiri swore to the teacher that she would look out for Kanako and she is determined to keep her promise despite what she wants. The jealous girls still hate Kanako for stealing Ryuuken and they have another marine product that will make everyone in the school suffer along with Kanako this time. The anime recognizes its nonsensicality with the marine products. Funny ep...

Ep 5: Kanako tries desperately to be Kiri's friend with a devastatingly funny outcome!!! Part two of this ep had the dorm keeper grade the students on how well they were able to hide their restricted items (games, make-up, etc...). They can keep the items only if they score high enough (?). Mariya shows Kanako her secret room. Kanako bids farewell to the slime creature living in her bag as there is no way she can really hide it, but it won't leave that easily... My favorite line was when Kanako said, "reverse". I was dying I tell you!!! Crazy funny ep...

Ep 6: More laughs and more yuri fan-service! We meet Shizu (Mariya's twin sister who is acting as a boy in an all boy school) and we learn the whole reason for this cross-dressing madness. Funny and enjoyable ep...

Ep 7: BOOOOORRRRIIIIIIING! The themes for this ep included: jealousy, confusion, friendship, and a birthday party. It was slow to progress and extremely "out-of-place" for this title. Let's just pretend this ep didn't happen. Boring ep...

Ep 8: Regular ep. It's time for the Virgin Mary festival and Kanako doesn't know a thing about it. Aside from her thinking it was a giant cosplay event, she learned of some good things to take away from all this religious stuff. Regular ep...

Ep 9: The conclusion to the Virgin Mary festival. We see how this hatred started between Mariya and her cousin and how another incident sparked a new hatred (LOL). The 7 dorm mysteries were funny as hell! Great ep...

Ep 10: The first half was about Kanako needing to retake a test. The second part was about Kiri having a secret crush and how to reject him nicely. This anime is starting to lose it's impact on me. Somewhat boring ep...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Tuesday, March 24 2009. Created Friday, January 23 2009.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1896#967]
OK ... I will admit that the first episode was amusing ....

As Forbin mentioned ... this series 'feels' like Otoboku that has gone to the darkside ....

The 'girl' named Mariya is one sick and twisted puppy! (Or is it that her maid is the sick and twisted guppy?) And Kanako getting hives when ever she touches a boy (aka Hanaukyo Maid Tai) might be a classic rehash. In any event, this story could have a good telling....

Last updated Monday, January 05 2009. Created Sunday, January 04 2009.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:1896#1573]

Trap, trap, trap, trap. It's like a sadistic Oto-Boku. Lets see if I can handle a 2nd episode.

2nd Episode was BETTER than the 1st. It really went into each cute girl and how Maria isn't the most 'perfect' of them all.

Ok after 3 episodes this is my MUST-SEE for 2009. I can't get enough of this double harem wackiness

Last updated Friday, January 23 2009. Created Saturday, January 03 2009.

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