Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Title:Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Goodbye Mr. Despair
さよなら絶望先生 (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Shaft
Original Concept - Kodansha Manga Award Winner
One day Nozumu Ishitoki is trying to commit suicide. But that day a girl foils his attempt because she thought it was some kind of play action. To which he replies, ' Are you kidding me? You could've killed me'. You see Nozumu is a high school teacher. And he finds issues with everything in life from subway tokens to the quality of fruit. The girl then says, lets write your name left right instead of top down and that will change everything. Except his name written left right is 'Despair'. The girl says no worries, your name is 'Pink Supervisor.' Now Nozumu is stuck teaching a class with a NEET, a perfectionist, an optomist, a sue happy Gaijin, an illegal alien, a stalker, an abusive emailer, a mangaka, a normal girl, and a girl who just likes tails. (You gotta see that episode).
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Based on a shounen manga by Koji Kumeta serialised in Shounen Magazine.
Animation by SHAFT.

This series is similar to PaniPoni Dash!
[edit] The ↗Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei franchise:
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Buy 9 8 10 8 8 9 Dreamer [series:1655#2279]
Great animation, sick humor and plenty of laughs. What more can you ask for?

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation was unique for sure. Mostly on the darker side but I can still say they were rich in color and details. At times there would be some interesting cuts to talking sillhouettes that gives emphasis to the dialogue at hand. This worked well to dramatize the moment. Character designs were just excellent and definitely unique. The whole classroom of kids were just all twisted... hahaha! I love all the big ears!!

The OP was a death-metal piece that was strangly enjoyable. At least it's a serious stray (for the better) from the norm. The soundtrack were mostly eerily beautiful pieces with some nice death-metal thrown into the mix. Nice contrast. But as well, there was a nice mix of various other instruments... depending on the moment of "despair" scenes overly dramatized by our sensai. Hehehe!

Series and Episode Story
Hahahah! This series is just totally wrong! But I loved it. This series rely heavily on sick twisted sense of humor. If you can appreciate that, you'd love this. In terms of plot, there really isn't one to speak of but rather, the series rely heavily on the episodes. So I guess it's safe to say this series is episodic. The melodramatic moments with the whining violins and cello just had me cracking up with laughter.

Overall, this was a great anime for the laughs and sick humor. It might be an aquired taste for some, for others, fun watch.

Last updated Monday, November 30 2009. Created Monday, November 30 2009.
Watch 7 6 6 8 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:1655#1552]
Hate to say it, but I couldn't really get into the twisted humor of this series like anyone else who reviewed Zetsubou Sensei. For those who may be curious, Zetsubou Sensei's pretty much a satire title that pokes fun of Japanese social problems to an over-the-top level in the form of Nozomu, his students, and the situations they come across. The show divides itself into two halves exploring different situations or introducing another student in Nozomu's class. Events are episodic so no plot line carries over to the next episode.

The big problem that I have with this series is that it tries too hard to be shocking and twisted. The introduction sequence seen in the middle of the series, the breaking of the fourth dimension jokes, and the fan service had nothing to do with the satire of the series which really turned me off. The social issues satirized in the series tended to be hit-or-miss for me. Some pieces like the overhype of various things and the "escape paths" for people avoiding conflicts gave me a chuckle. Others like the benefits of hot springs and the minimum amount of culture for the Culture Festival didn't click for me. The visuals to this series were also a problem as character designs and scenery looked a bit on the simple side and animation was non-existent during a number of points in the series.

One thing I'll give this series kudos for is the freshness of the character types seen in this series in the form of Nozomu and his students. They don't follow traditional archetypes found in regular high school-themed anime titles as they are pretty much walking examples of various social problems facing Japan's youth. And while I was turned off by how twisted this series passed itself off as, the music did a good enough job of blending in with the show's humor.

Still, Zetsubou Sensei's attempts at trying to be twisted and shocking were the biggest weakness in my watch of the series. I find myself strangely wondering how folks can get drawn to this series while I can't fathom its hype, just like folks going giddy for Shakugan no Shana or Toradora!.

Last updated Saturday, June 20 2009. Created Saturday, June 20 2009.
Rent Stretch [series:1655#628]
(All episodes watched):

Reading in a magazine that this series has been so popular in Japan as to merit a second season piqued my interest. Though I had misgivings about the seemingly disturbing premise, this has in fact been turning out to be a hilariously funny comedy. Even the credits at the start of an episode contain a number of jokes. There is an odd mix of stylized animation techniques, which is indeed reminiscent of Pani Poni Dash--sort of a darker, less goofy PPD that parodies Japanese lifestyle in general more than anime and manga. One drawback is that the various girls' character designs lack individuality and I have a hard time telling them apart. But that's a minor complaint, considering this show has been crack-up funny at times. Most of the jokes in most of the anime comedies I watch in fact do little more than get a smile from me; it's actually the exotic, animated nature of the shows which largely make them worth watching. SZS, on the other hand, is genuinely funny and when it comes to being worth watching, the humor is more of a plus than it's nature as anime. All sorts of weird things happen; I think possibly my favorite episode was the one where Nozumu misunderstands the purpose of Comic Market and, with his traditional garb, is mistaken for a cosplayer. That was a rare moment where just the set up was hilarious even before any jokes were read. Another good one was the Cultural Festival which had to have the absolute minimum amount of culture. There is no ongoing, long-term plot, except that Nozumu is continually left "in despair" by various frustrating, nonsensical aspects of life in Japan. However, each episode contains two seperate sub-plots, which is convenient because the tightly packed humor content (including written jokes which repeatedly flash by in the blink of an eye) sometimes leaves me mentally exhausted and half an episode is all I can handle. I was tempted to rate this one as a Buy, but I'll wait and see if the desire to re-watch it strikes me, and if it's as funny the second time around as it was the first. But you must watch it at least once. One thing I never figured out: who was that man who's face appears repeatedly?

My favorite line: "I should be the only trouble-maker in my class" --Itoshiki-sensei

Last updated Wednesday, September 10 2014. Created Monday, January 14 2008.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:1655#1573]
Analysis : 9 Fansubs watched
  • Drama : Low
  • Action : None
  • Comedy : High
  • SciFi : Low
  • Ecchi : Low/Med
First and Foremost, the humor in this is really twisted and sick. Don't watch unless you like crass humor (And probably enjoyed Ping Pong Club)

OMG! My nephew made me watch this. He said it was the funniest thing on the planet. Well not the funniest thing, but DAMN CLOSE!

What happens when you cross PaniPoni Dash! and Azumanga Daioh!

It's so sick, it shouldn't be on the air. It's so funny I can't believe no one else at Mikomi has reviewed this yet. Fall 2007 has been a godsend to me with so many funny yet so wrong shows Kodomo No Jikan

Each episode has been dedicated to one girl (And one to the teacher). Each of them takes a stereotype to the absolute extreme and makes it extremely funny. My favorite is the NEET girl (In the blanket). She has little or no lines but when she shows up I laugh and laugh.

Well as of 9 episodes it's still pretty funny but not as strong as the first 6 epsiodes, #9 introduces a boy that bears a striking resemblance to Nozomu. In fact, 2 of his girls are really jealous and you don't want them to be jealous.


Last updated Monday, November 05 2007. Created Wednesday, October 24 2007.

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