Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Title:Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Goodbye Teacher Despair Extreme
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This series takes place right after the end of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. It consists of 2 parts the first is an 'extreme' episode where they take the main characters and twist them into another plot (the first episode features a cult that likes to pee on people' and the 2nd part is the normal classroom setting. Most of the class has transferred over (or not..hehe) but keep an eye out for a few new faces that make no sense on why they are there.
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Based on a shounen manga by Koji Kumeta serialised in Shounen Magazine.
Animation by SHAFT.
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"俗" ("zoku") is "a mark in dictionary indicating slang, customs, manners, the world, worldliness, vulgarity, mundane things, the laity", indicating what kind of "extreme" content you might have to expect here.
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Rent Stretch [series:1716#628]
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The first half of the first episode struck me as kind of confused; a parody of a (hopefully) imaginary religious cult rather than a genuine aspect of Japanese life. The episodes of the first season took more mental effort than usual to watch, due to the fast moving jokes and need to make sense of things for yourself. This was worthwhile, since they were so funny, but this episode seemed more weird and less amusing. Of course there was the need to reintroduce the characters for first time viewers, which might have been a handicap. I found myself hoping that "vulgarity" wouldn't be substituted for the sort of quality humor the original series had.

Fortunately, things get pretty much back to usual afterwards. The thought occured to me that since this show is so fast moving and witty, a dub might really come in handy, provided it's not too localized. After all, pausing every couple of seconds to read a subtitle kind of messes up the skillful timing of the jokes! Indeed, as funny as it is, I sometimes find myself reluctant to view ZSZS because this is a difficult show to watch. Written jokes flash by literally in a fraction of a second and there's absolutely no way to read them without pausing. Someone watching the show as it is broadcast for the first time would be completely at a loss. Thoroughly watching a complete 23 minute episode can easily take me 45 minutes and leaves me mentally exhausted. Some jokes are so totally Japanese that I haven't a clue why I am supposed to be laughing. I really like the OP song, the "Rumba" one, by the way. This is a bizarre show which experiments with numerous different tactics of comedy. But it is a damn funny one and everyone should watch it once.

An unusually funny show but one which makes you 'work' unusually hard for your laughs (in subtitled form)

My favorite line: "The demons with nowhere to go face no choice but turning to crime to live" --Nozumu

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Unevaluated Forbin [series:1716#1573]
Analysis : 3 Fansubs watched.

I dunno about the 'extreme' side sketches, but the normal parts are great! I still having figured out why he lives in the school in episode 3. Komori FTW

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