エアマスター (Japanese)
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Notables: ASANO Masumi
KOYASU Takehito
SEKI Tomokazu
The red-haired, muddle headed, ex-pro-gymnast Aikawa Maki has found a new sport to keep herself entertained in her first year of high school. She has gotten involved in the back-alley street-fighting scene, and they are now calling her the undefeated airmaster'. At a new high school, she finds friends brave enough to support her as she meets new combatants and struggles to refind that spark of inspiration that drove her earlier success as a gymnast. Maki's combative adventure moves from the martial arts into the mystical arts, as she struggles to find even stronger opponents challenge her natural skills.

Animation by Toei Animation.
27 episodes (each about 24 minutes)

Originally licensed by Geneon Entertainment for dubbed R1 release.

Apparently after releasing 3 volumes of this, Geneon has decided to discontinue it as of 8/31/06 and it's up to Toei to release the final volumes.

Update DEC '07 - this series has not been picked up and appears to have been orphaned.

Read the (English) translated online at Mangafox.
Or view this (subtitled) series streaming online at CrunchyPole.

1:30min Series Opening (LQ Japanese) - YouTube Video
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Buy 8 7 7 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:822#2279]
Ok, so I picked this one up because I ran out of things to watch... my nightly anime fix. Normally I don't care for "fighting" anime, but this one was actually darn good!

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork does show it's age..... oh wait, it's not that old! It's a 2003 production (or release), but it seems much older. It was a bit bland in detail at times lacking thereof. Character designs were equally unimpressive. Our lead characters were quite frankly... ugly.

The OP wasn't bad. It was a rock piece that fit really well with the animation sequence. The soundtrack didn't stand out too much. There was dramatic pieces here and there during the fight scenes. The ED was really kick-ass! It was a nice hard-rock piece with a bit of urban hip-hop blend and male vocals. The accompanying animation sequence was pretty light hearted and comical. Nice touch.

Series and Episode Story
This turned out to be a better watch than I thought. It wasn't just full of one-on-one mindless fight scenes, rather, there was actually some story behind it.

Some of the fight scenes were outrageous. I mean, not in a bad sense but rather choreographed really well and with crazy moves. But for the most part, it's funny as heck with crazy facial expressions, outlandish moves and super acrobatic figures. Some of these moves are just outrageous and really corny. Enough so that where it was suppose to be "cool" or "impressive" actually made me chuckle with amusement.

Of course, this series is not without fault(s). Starting with characters, there were two I couldn't stand. One so much so, I literally yelled out loud, "God, I can't stand her"! That one character is "Renge"... the short little monkey looking ugly as hell pipsqueek of a girl. My God, she was the most annoying little crap of animation I've seen in any anime. Even her voice was just irritating as heck. The other one was "Mina". Although not nearly as bad, she was still annoying... mainly with her infatuation with Maki (airmaster) and her overly bouncy boobs. Then there was the ending. It wasn't bad but sorta was a let down. I think I was expecting a grand fight scene or some climatic ending but unfortunately, there was no such.

Overall, I got pure enjoyment out of this one. Great fight scenes, awesome characters (some), and at times quite comical. If you're a fan of fighting types of anime, then you'll love this one for sure.

Last updated Monday, November 15 2010. Created Monday, November 15 2010.
Watch 6 8 8 5 6 Playful Otter-san [series:822#2104]
I can't really evaluate the series story just yet, because I've only seen the first 4 episodes. From what I've seen it is a good series. Entertaining and exciting. It is another girl kicking butt anime, but in my book there can never be to many of those. Beyond my love of watching girls and women kick butt, I still enjoyed what I saw. The main character, Maki, is HUGE! Yes she's an Japanese Amazon. Although at times it seems the animators don't know how tall to make her, one scene she towers over everyone, then in another she's eye level with someone who recently she had at least two feet on. She's also well proportioned for being like 6'10. I currently only have two faults with this series. 1) The reasons why some of the best street fighters are the best are kind of pathetic. I mean one guy is good at punching because he uses a jackhammer all day? Maki is unbeatable because she's good at gymnastics? It's cute, but it doesn't make as much sense as I would like it to. 2) Rengai: I absolutely hate this character. This little annoying, obnoxious, 2 foot nothing, high school girl thing nightmare come to life. Is almost the bane of my exsistance. I would like nothing more than to watch the Airmaster kick her head clean off her body. Beyond the two faults that I personally have, it's good. I enjoyed it, and I'm going to watch the rest of it, and buy the rest of the series. I really would like to see how most of the characters develop and grow, and I can't wait to see how Maki gets stronger and what kind of opponents she ends up fighting. The fight scenes are fast, furious, and excellent. The animation does a wonderful job making the fights a bit disorienting, but it's probaly because getting into a fight with The Airmaster is disorienting to being with. Maki moves with speed and grace and it's just a joy to watch her kick butt.

Last updated Sunday, October 30 2005. Created Sunday, October 30 2005.
Avoid 5 8 5 4 Alexander [series:822#416]
i saw the first esp. just so you ppl know. i had rented it, 1-4 esp but only saw the first esp.
that said.
i stop after seeing the first esp. didn't like it. basically what got me was, if you look @ the pic. the girl in the purple. she has some E's or something, but they throw that at you, like it was something amazing and worthwild, as if that girl alone will carry the series.
Next the main character is the red head. she's like mMm 7ft. jumps like 2floors in the air. it was not realistic, yeah i know its anime but come on.
I admitt the first real fight that comes up is pretty cool, but that's it. the first seems that only thing that will carry the series. There doesn't seem to be any plot/story. And i didn't even bother to see esp. 2, i even didn't see the whole esp. of the first one.
it was like "hey girl fight me, cuz your the air master!!" "ok." ...fighting.....................................................still fighting................................."argh you got me".."Mmm"..

Last updated Friday, January 21 2005. Created Friday, January 21 2005.
Rent 8 7 8 7 7 Jan-Chan [series:822#967]
After rewatching series, I have had to admit to myself that I really enjoy this series and would rate it a fun (rent+), or perhaps a (buy).

The main character, Maki is really quite fun. She comes across as a very tall and lean teenager, who might be a bit on the slow side, muddle headed, or perhaps even half a sleep most of the time, except for when she is in a fight. It is then, when she uses her gymnastic skills to soar, and those long legs of hers become a pair of most fearsome weapons, does one understand why everyone calls her the 'Airmaster'. Her opponents are fellow back-alley street-fighters, most of whom are caught up in some gimmick or other; there is a guy who wears a Mexican Lucha wrestling mask, a white mask for when he is walking around, and black mask for when he is wrestling. Another competitor is a hardhat construction worker, with arms that mimic the pounding of jack-hammer. There is a younger boy who uses his BMX bicycle as a weapon when in combat. The strangest (and perhaps most dangerous) opponent that Maki faces is a guy who claims to be in love her (even if he is always calling her Jenny?). Maki pounds and pummels this guy again and again, he keeps getting up and coming back for more, crooning romantic catch phrases and promising to take her home with him. When Maki realizes that she might be outclassed and goes to visit her father, a three-year national boxing title winner, for some hints or techniques as how she might be able to take on and best this unwanted suitor. Her father is a real character, and Maki gets to meet a younger sister whom she never knew that she had.

There is a fair bit of fanservice in this series, coming mostly from four other girls who are part of Maki's high school pack. One of them, Mina, is very well endowed, and takes a real liking to Maki. And with Maki always fighting in her short-skirted high school uniform, her overhead airobatic maneuvers always have her spinning and floating about.

Maki's friend Mina has her fans as well. A black suited gang from Hakkido comes to town and they end up kidnapping Mina, with the intent of introducing her to their gang leader. Maki and all of her earlier opponents all gather together to help beat up the two hundred plus members of the Hakkido gang to rescue Mina, and Maki has to take on the gang leader in a very difficult fight.

I think that my favorite fight series is when Maki gets roped with her kinda-friend/kinda-opponent, Sakuya into a woman wrestling competition (aka the World Wide Wrestling events that are always overhyped on TV). Maki and Sakuya are both conned into wearing short waitress uniforms, carrying serving platters as props and calling themselves the 'Fighting Famii's'. And somehow Maki ends up wearing a really silly mask with a big black lions-mane fringe. In a stadium arena, with the different wresting competitors parading around, yelling boasts and bravados at each other, the very tall quiet Maki stands around in a short orange mini-skirt wearing a goofy mask looking kind of lost, at least until the fighting starts.

And then about mid-series (there are 27 episodes total,) the tone of the story changes. Maki gets approached to join a secretive fight club, where the competitors advance or loose their standings or rankings based on how they do in combat. Up until this point in the story all of Maki's opponents have been perhaps a bit strange, but mostly normal. In the fight club, there are some very strong opponents, most of whom have very strange or magical skills and abilities. Maki finds herself facing off against ninjas, weapons masters and some real bizarre opponents.

This series, on the whole, is very light hearted, staying mostly with the different (and colorful) characters and the fights that they get involved in. While there is a fair amount of humor and comedy throughout the entire series, it always occurs around Maki, involving the other characters, so I might not want to flag this as a comedy series. And even at the end of the series when it gets really strange and Maki takes on her strongest opponent ever, it never really gets to dark or heavy. In short, I really find myself enjoying this series a lot. I think that it is well worth he time spent watching.

One of my friends with whom I shared the series writes "Oh... I watched air master... *squeal* this is awesome... Hmm.. it woops Ikkitousen ass... totally. What is getting on my nerves is the Mina girl... *GRrr* ... If she says.. Maki-iii anymore... I'm gonna scream!!!"

If you enjoy this series, then you should check out Tenjou Tenge.

Last updated Friday, December 18 2009. Created Saturday, July 31 2004.

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